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Dindi is a quaint village by the Godavari River in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This riverside spot is the perfect family getaway due to its hidden natural abundance and tranquil backwaters that uplift the soul and calm the agitated mind. Located about 80 km from Rajahmundry town, Dindi is the perfect solution for the tired soul with the refreshing River Godavari on one side and wilderness on the other. The backwaters also act as a home for several rare and migratory birds which amplifies your experience of visiting this village.

In this article, we explore a little more about what are the things to do in Dindi, how to reach Dindi and where to stay here.

Things to Do in Dindi

When you reach Dindi, there are quite a few places you can drop by for quick sightseeing:

  • Antarvedi Beach

This is geographically a very important location as it connects River Godavari with the vast Bay of Bengal. Aside from a spectacular view of the skyline changing colours as the sun rises and sets, the place offers a windy and refreshing getaway perfect to enjoy a coconut drink with your family or a go on a romantic walk with your loved one.

  • Antarvedi Temple

The Antarvedi Temple is also popularly known as Dakshina Kashi and is a celebrated pilgrimage site near Eastern Godavari. Due to its location, the water near this temple tastes sweet and is therefore hailed as a holy bathing site. The temple timings are 6 am to 7 pm.

  • Peruru Heritage Village

This village as the name suggests is notable due to its vegetation and historical buildings that will both bring you closer to nature and transport you back in time. When you visit this village, you will be able to sense the lost glory of the once very influential ancient Tamil culture. You can also engage in dialogue with the locals and learn more about their culture and cuisine.

Things to Do in Dindi Dindi food

These are some of the places to visit in Dindi. You can either do this by renting cycles or on foot. When you speak of things to do in Dindi, going on a gastronomic adventure makes a feature on the itinerary list. Here are some of the bespoke dishes to try:

  • Andhra Style Chicken Curry

A hot and spice masala chicken curry dish served with freshly chopped coriander leaves along with steamed plain rice.

  • Andhra Jackfruit Curry

Jackfruit is also known as Panasa Puttu Koora is an indulgent vegetarian dish made by marinating jackfruit in a spicy marinade mix and served with chopped cashews.

  • Andhra Eggplant curry

A traditional coastal eggplant curry that you can try in Dindi made with lots of spices and fresh herbs.

  • Andhra Pepper Chicken

A wonderful dish made by marinating chicken pieces in a mixture of ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, lemon juice and green chillies. It is cooked until the pieces are tender and juicy, it is then served with crispy onion rings along with rice.

  • Crispy Andhra Bhindi

Made with coconut, fresh spices and garlic, often served as a side dish.

  • Hyderabadi Biryani

A treat for biryani lovers and should not be missed at any cost when visiting Dindi. It is made with curd, butter, saffron and spices.

  • Shikampuri Kebab

When in Dindi, do try these juice pieces of kebab that are made with exotic pieces, chana dal, yoghurt and minced mutton meat.

  • Boorelu

This is a kind of stuffed dumpling that is deep-fried. The stuffing consists of coconut and chana dal and is a must-try in Dindi.

  • Gonguru Mamsam

One of the most popular dishes amongst locals and travellers alike, this flavoursome lamb curry is infused with spices and garnished with red chillies that are fried.

How to reach Dindi

  • By train

To reach Dindi from any city in India, you must get down at Narasapur Railway Station which is located about 15 km away.

  • By air

The nearest airport to Dindi is the Rajahmundry airport which is about 80 km away. You can also arrive at Vijaywada airport but it is located a bit farther away, approximately 175 km.

  • By road

Out of the three options, air, road and train, travelling by road is the best option, as Dindi, Andhra Pradesh is well-connected to all major metropolitan cities via the following highways:

  1. Raichur- 675 km via NH65
  2. Khammam-263 km via NH16
  3. Vijaywada-180 km via NH16
  4. Guntur-215 km via NH16/NH216

Best time to visit

To make your visit to the coastal village memorable and comfortable the best time to visit Dindi will be as follows:

  • January-April:

The moderate humidity is about 80% and is probably the best time to visit Dindi as the weather is not too extreme.

  • May-June

The average humidity is about 78% and can get a bit hot and humid this time around the year.

  • July-August

This is the peak tourist season in Dindi where the humidity is about 85% and the average precipitation is about 234.47 mm

  • September-October

This is a pleasant time when the humidity is not on the higher side, you can expect the precipitation to be around 231.54mm

  • November-December

This is a good time to be outdoors in Dindi, sightseeing as the weather is moderately humid. You can expect the average precipitation to be around 45.19 mm.

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