To be on a jungle safari is an exhilarating feeling. You get the chance to spot animals that up until then, you had only seen on television or read about in books. The feeling of embarking on an expedition in the wild is almost surreal!

During these gush of emotions, what if we were to add a surprise element? A unique species—one that can’t be found anywhere else in the wild than the location where you are in now? That is exactly what you will encounter in the forests of Gir! When you choose to spend your family vacations at the Gir Forest, you and your kids will get the chance to spot the famed Asiatic Lion!

A glimpse of Gir

Here’s a glimpse of what a forest safari feels like first-hand. The thrill begins when you wake up at dawn and make your way to the Jeep. The excitement increases even more as you drive into the thick forests, eagerly looking on either side of you for some sign of wild beasts and exotic birds. Someone then spots a lion pugmark and says that the majestic creature could be somewhere behind the deciduous trees that surround you in Gir. You look around quickly and maintain absolute silence so that the animals aren’t frightened away.

On the way, you will spot other animals that the Gir Forest is also famous for like Sambar deer, jackals, Chowsinghas, leopards, and striped hyenas but your eyes search for the one and only—the Asiatic Lion. Finally, just when you least expect it, the beast makes itself known! What a sight it is to behold. There are murmurs and gasps from the children and all you can do is pinch yourself and ask, “Am I dreaming?”

Best time to visit and how to reach

The best time to visit Gir is during the months of April and May. This makes it perfect for family vacations during school’s summer break.

The closest city is Junagadh, which is about two-and-a-half-hours away by road and well-connected by train to Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Rajkot, New Delhi, and other places. The other option is to fly into Ahmedabad, which is a large airport that connects to almost every city in India, and then head to Gir on an approximately seven-hour drive.

Where to stay in Gir

Club Mahindra Gir is a wonderful property to spend your holiday this coming summer. Although designed like a jungle lodge, it offers all necessary modern amenities and is spread across a beautiful four-acre complex. It is considered to be one of the most luxurious Gir resorts. Club Mahindra organizes safaris regularly and also boasts an array of activities like nature walks, hobby sets, bird-watching trails, and lots more for those on family vacation.

jungle safari at gir

About Club Mahindra

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