India offers several delights to travellers. And the desert state of Rajasthan enjoys a wonderful legacy as one of India’s foremost states for tourism. Of the many delights that Rajasthan has in store, the grandest one is arguably the city of Jaisalmer, a true utopia for tourists.

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan was founded in AD 1156 by Maharawal Jaisal Singh. The city’s denizens have striven to maintain the same royal culture and ethos from the time it was established, and the effort shines through.

There are several things for family vacationers to do in Jaisalmer, owing to the city actively engaging and promoting tourism. Jaisalmer also has beautifully maintained ancient monuments, structures, and museums that are very popular with travellers.

Club Mahindra Jaisalmer resort in Rajasthan is an excellent place to set up base during a family trip. The resort itself serves as a place to have a mini-vacation during your stay, thanks to the innumerable activities you can enjoy.

Here’s a list of things you and your family can do at Club Mahindra Jaisalmer Resort:

1. Indoor Games at Jaisalmer Resort

Sometimes one feels the need to rest while on family vacation. In fact, you should totally take a day off from sightseeing and travelling in Jaisalmer just to unwind and relax. Club Mahindra’s Jaisalmer resort in Rajasthan recognises this need and has come up with an exciting Thrill Zone within the resort. Indulge your inner child with games such as foosball, air hockey, chess, carom, and table tennis. The Thrill Zone even comes equipped with myriad video games.

2. Outdoor Activities at Jaisalmer Resort

If you’re not the indoor type and yet want to have some fun, Club Mahindra has got you covered. The Jaisalmer resort in Rajasthan boasts of a large, open playing field where you can play cricket, football, or badminton. The Thrill Zone offers you the right gear for the sport of your choice, and once you get it, you’re all set for a day of outdoorsy fun. If you are looking for a less strenuous activity, simply take a walk around the Jaisalmer resort with a trusted local guide.

3. Evening Revelry at Jaisalmer Resort

Evenings and nights at Club Mahindra resort in Jaisalmer promise to be full of fun, with folk music and dance performances. Enjoy the essence of Rajasthan without having to leave the resort. You could ask the performers to teach you a dance step or two if you are so inclined; the moves you learn can be demonstrated back home to impress friends!

Resort Rajasthan is as celebrated for its architecture and heritage as it is for its pageantry. The resort has a large collection of Rajasthani costumes suitable for every occasion. Try them out and engage in a leisurely photo shoot – it’s bound to make you look like descendants of the royals! There are also regular performances by puppeteers that will enthral children and adults alike.4. Costumes and Puppet Shows at Jaisalmer

Also, explore other thrilling & exciting things to do in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan during family vacation.

Club Mahindra Jaisalmer resort comes with an in-house restaurant that serves authentic local cuisine prepared by talented chefs. The rooms are equipped with modern amenities, and the staff prides itself on ensuring that you and your family have a memorable holiday. Check out the countless Club Mahindra Reviews online that echo this sentiment before you book your tickets!

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