Nature knows a million tricks to charm us with its stunning beauty, creations, and mystery. Wherever you go, nature will throw at you something unexpected or you never knew it existed. One such nature’s magical creation is the fireflies.

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Firefly Festival – What is it?

Every year, during the pre-monsoon period, as the excitement of the arrival of the showers is in the air, the Fireflies take centre stage in Maharashtra. Fireflies are essentially bioluminescent beetle bugs that glow in the dark. These flies glow to attract their female counterparts for mating. And, generally, these bugs stay in a herd and millions of them gather together in and around Maharashtra, creating a stunning spectacle in the night as they glow in the dark. 

The fireflies, which are known as ‘Jugnu’ in Hindi have a very unique and special ability, i.e., they use different blinking patterns to attract the attention of the opposite gender and impress them. According to researchers there are more than 2000 unique blinking designs that these fireflies can display and when the female firefly is impressed she replies with the same pattern to complete the match. 

To celebrate this amazing natural phenomenon, many people in Mumbai organise Firefly Festival trekking and camping trips. You can go on a night trek to Rajmachi Village, Prabalmachi Village, Bhandardara, Ghatghar, Purushwadi, Kondane Caves, Kothaligad and many more locations. 

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Firefly Festival – When is it?

Unlike other festivals, the firefly festival is not celebrated on a specific date. The firefly festival 2024 has already begun and it will continue until the end of June or early July. But the best time to witness this magical event is before the arrival of the seasonal monsoon, which is known to be the mating season for these little flying LED lights. 

Firefly festival – Where to go to witness this phenomenon?


One of the most stunning Firefly festival events is Bhandardara Camping. If you visit Mumbai or Pune during June, going on this campaign is one of the best things to do in Maharashtra. Imagine setting up a camp in a dreamy landscape near the shimmering lake, clear blue sky decorated with a million stars and in the distance are thousands of fireflies that lit up the entire area in neon. 

While you can go camping overnight to witness the fireflies, Bhandardara is also a great place for trekking, fishing and boating. The stunning beauty of the place attracts several tourists all year around and it is a great place to relax in the laps of nature. 

Its close proximity to Mumbai and the slowly increasing tourist infrastructure makes it an excellent weekend picnic spot. 


Located between Panvel and Matheran in Raigad district, Prabalmachi is a quaint town that is also the base camp for the Prabalgad Fort trek. Every year, many people organise firefly events and take tourists on a night walk around the Plateau near Prabalgad fort. Since it is a night walk/trek, make sure that you dress appropriately and carry a torch with you. 

The fireflies gather here at night during the pre-monsoon period and create a stunning sight that would leave you in awe. 

The Firefly Festival is LIT, quite literally. So, grab this opportunity to witness something magnificent that you may not have seen before. 

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