Bihar chhath-puja Bihar Diwas

A land of rustic and robust flavors, there is more to Bihar than it’s ever-bustling capital Patna and ubiquitous cuisine. Bihar Diwas also called the Bihar Day, observed each year as a public holiday in Bihar, throws light upon the spiritual context, distinct culture, and rich heritage of the state. 

 Chhath Puja, Pataliputra Mahotsava, Rajgir Mahotsava, and Sonepur Mela seem to be the major draws but Bihar Diwas is no less an attraction for ardent rovers. Let us know more about the grand legacy of this conventional state of India, its significance, and its origin. 

Bihar Diwas, A Historic Account

Back in the year 1764, following the Battle of Buxar, the British East India Company on defeating the Mughal Empire obtained the right to administer and collect tax for Bihar, Odhisha, and Bengal. It was on March 22, 1912, the state of Bihar was carved out from British India’s Bengal Presidency. Hence this day was later announced as the Bihar Day or the Bihar Diwas. This day is being officially observed since 2011 and has become a widely celebrated festival in the state. 

A Dose of Festivity

 Celebrated with immense gusto and aplomb, the Bihar Diwas gives way to a multitude of events that are hosted at public premises and educational institutes. Locals along with numerous prominent figures take part in the festive fervour depicting the captivating essence of Bihar. 

Bihar state government issues an official declaration of the day. Government offices and schools remain shut. It is a gala time for the entire state during which cultural functions full of vibrance are organized at the town and village level. A large number of residents participate in numerous events showcasing the rare art forms, traditions, and ethos of Bihar. In some places, festivity lasts for several days. One can spot out streets teeming with stalls displaying a variety of home-grown stuff worth bagging and lip-smacking delights worth savouring. If you are the one fond of festivals, Bihar Diwas is sure to offer you ample merriment. It’s a win-win situation for Bihar tourism, as this occasion pulls in a good chunk of tourists to the state. 

Golghar Mahabodhi Temple

Exploring Bihar 

The birthplace of Buddhism and the seat of the most revered Buddhist circuit of Bodhgaya, Nalanda, Rajgir, and Vaishali, Bihar intrigues roamers in several ways. Herds of tourists’ journey to this state to experience the extraordinary spiritual atmosphere and throng places of religious importance. Bihar being a pastoral pocket of India characterizes unexpected highlights compelling explorers to enjoy tracking down this off-the-beaten-track destination. 

A representative of traditional India, men are seen wearing dhoti kurta while women wear saree. Most of the signboards outside the big cities are in Hindi. Maithili is the only dialect in Bihar though Magahi, Bhojpuri, Bajjika, Angika, Hindi, and Urdu are also spoken.  

What to See? 

An eclectic mix of some of the fascinating spots waiting to be discovered, there are plenty of places to visit in Bihar. Your Bihar itinerary must include sightseeing of 

Mahabodhi Temple

 UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mahabodhi temple is the spiritual heart of Bodhgaya. Built in the 6th century AD by Ashoka the Great, it is the sacred spot where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.  

Nalanda Ruins

The evocative ruins of Nalanda well preserved amidst grassy lawns and shrubs are worth witnessing. These remains in red brick consist of six temples and eleven monasteries that are extremely impressive. 


Built by the British in the year 1786, Golghar is a huge bulbous granary that was constructed to avoid the crises that cropped up during the awful 1770 famine. 

Mundeshwari Temple

Dating back to 625 CE, Mundeshwari Temple is a primeval temple dedicated to Devi Durga. It is considered to be one of the oldest Hindu temples in India.

Parasnath Hill

The most revered Jain pilgrimage site in north-central India, the devotees here have to hike to the top to reach the holy spot. The views caught from Parasnath Hill are undoubtedly surreal. 

Nalanda Ruins Parasnath Hill

Mausoleum of Sher Shah- architectural beauty that arrests the eyes, Mausoleum of Sher Shah, Mughal ruler of the Suri empire is an epitome of excellence. Designed by Mir Muhammad Aliwal Khan, this red sandstone mausoleum (122 ft high), stands in the middle of an artificial lake and is known as the second Taj Mahal of India. 

Bihar Museum- one of the largest museums in South Asia, Bihar Museum features 3 history galleries and gripping displays on ethnic groups of Bihar and contemporary art.  

Betla National Park- perfect for wildlife and nature lovers, Betla National Park offers the golden chance to spot out a myriad of bird and animal species. Elephants, leopards, and even an odd tiger can be seen lolling around in the wilderness. 

What to do? 

Travellers have endless options to choose from when it comes to top things to do in Bihar. Characterizing dramatic typography, travellers must arrive in Bihar with an open mind and a sense of adventure. 

  • Enjoy trekking in Rajgir.
  • Indulge in birdwatching at Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary.
  • Set off for a hike to Telhar Waterfall.
  • Try kayaking in the River Ganges. 
  • Track the Tiger Trails in Valmiki Tiger Reserve.
  • Take part in a Heritage Walking Tour in Gaya.
  • Sample lip-smacking local delicacies. 
  • Plunder the bazaars and shop for famed handloom silk from Bhagalpur and Madhubani paintings. 
  • Partake in the Bihar Diwas or other enticing fairs and festivals.
  • Watch the Laser Show at Mangal Talab.

There is much more to Bihar than it is visible to the naked eyes of a wanderer. You would know once you step in this charismatic state adorned with cherry-picked lures. Melange in the nuance of Bihar, travel to this fascinating destination only to expect the unexpected!

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