A city that never sleeps, Bangkok has a vibrant character with a bucket load of cultural activities to engage in. Boasting some of the best shopping, nightlife, restaurants in Bangkok, historical sights and beautiful monasteries, this is a city that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

People have their own version of the best time to go to Bangkok but the ideal time is November to february. That’s because the city boasts some of the best shopping, nightlife, restaurants, historical sights, and beautiful monasteries in Bangkok. This is a city that has a little bit of everything for everyone.

The capital city of Thailand might be known as the traffic-jam capital of the earth, but it comes within good reason. It has over 8 billion people living in it and also attracts hordes of travellers towards places to visit in Bangkok, which results in a massive boost to the Bangkok tourism industry.

We have a guide to help you choose the best time to travel to Bangkok.

Best Time to Visit Bangkok

Busting all year round, anytime, is considered the best time to visit Bangkok. However, the city does have different weather conditions during different times of the year, making it suitable for travellers as per their convenience and preferences.

  • November to March

These months are considered the peak season and the best time to visit Bangkok overall. Weather conditions are more relaxed and drier, which brings in a massive influx of tourists, especially during Christmas and New Year. Bars and restaurants are packed, and the many fancy rooftop pubs remain busy. The best way to visit during these months is to book your hotels and excursions well in advance. This might take away the spontaneity of a holiday but ensures a comfortable trip.

  • July to August 

July and August are considered peak months in almost all of the Western countries, but in Asia, these months bring in scorching heat and humidity. These months also mark the monsoon season, and it can rain continuously, putting your plans on hold. In addition to that, the places to visit in Bangkok can be quite tedious. A large number of holiday goers still choose to come during this season as one can get fabulous deals on luxury Bangkok resorts, making it worth their buck. However, if you want to escape the rains, this would not be the best time to go to Bangkok.

  • April to June & September to October

The shoulder months bring in a reasonable amount of vacationers to the city. The best part about this time of the year is that it is neither peak season nor off-season. April to June is quite hot and bring in soaring temperatures, so air-conditioned rooms are an absolute must. Fortunately, many Bangkok resorts have air-conditioned rooms. 

September and October mark the beginning of fall and are a lot more cooler than their preceding months. It saves on both accommodations as well as airfare, and the best part is, it is comparatively lower on the crowds of tourists otherwise swarming through the city. This makes it the next best time to travel to Bangkok.

Where to Stay in Bangkok

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How to Reach Bangkok

The capital city of Thailand is trendy throughout the world for tourism. It is well connected by all means of various transport systems. Let's take a look at some ways of how to reach Bangkok.

By Air
The best way to reach Bangkok, especially when travelling across international borders, is by flight. The city is well-connected to the rest of the world by air and has two major airports. Suvarnabhumi airport is situated at a distance of 25 kilometres from the city centre. Don Mueang is the other airport and is located 24 kilometres away. 

These also mark connections to other famous islands such as Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui, and many more. Mainly Suvarnabhumi airport caters to both domestic as well as international flights. It also has a high-speed train service that takes you to downtown Bangkok.

The offseason, which is from July to October, would be the best time to visit Bangkok by air for cheaper prices.

By Train
Bankok's central railway station called Hua Lampong, is the main hub of connections between cities nearby as well as many neighbouring countries. Malaysia, Laos, and Cambodia can often take the train from their countries to enter the city via rail. To access the many places to visit in Bangkok, the domestic train station called Thornburi has fantastic connections. Serving its visitors well, train travel is also quite economical as compared to taking flights.

By Road
Many surrounding islands, such as Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Koh Samui as well as other neighbouring countries, can access Bangkok via road. There are three prominent bus terminals in the city. Mo Chit is the northern terminal, Ekkamai is the eastern terminal, and Sai Tai is the southern terminal. One can also book their tickets directly at the stations, whereas many can also book in advance online or via travel agents. Various Bangkok travel guides will give you detailed schedules of the times and routes of different buses.

Things to do In Bangkok

The reason Bangkok tourism has grown leaps and bounds over the years is the fact that the city has so much to offer. Ranging from a vibrant culture in the forms of its temples to the vibrant nightlife, the city is house to some of the most exotic monuments in the world. Some of the places to visit in Bangkok, along with the things to do in Bangkok are listed below, and when there, one must experience them.

1) Wat Pho – An absolute must for any traveller, you should visit Wat Pho – home to a 15-meter-tall reclining Buddha statue. This 46-meter-long statue is completely covered in gold and looks stunning, especially when you are up close. There are over 108 bowls inside the temple, which you can fill with coins that you buy from the many stalls on the way. The history that follows this is the fact that Buddha finished 108 positive deeds before he was deemed perfect.

2) Grand Palace – Compared to all the other places to visit in Bangkok, the most popular of the lot is the Grand Palace. At one point, this used to be the King's residence, and now the Thai government carries out its work there. Make sure you have enough time when visiting this site as it is vast, spanning over 214000 square meters. Its intricately carved-out architecture with a colour theme of white and gold makes it a very glamorous building. You should beware of potential scammers and only buy entrance tickets from the legitimate kiosk at the point of entry.

3) Floating Markets – The city has over 15 floating markets, and visiting at least one of them should be on the top of your list of things to do in Bangkok. Being Thailand's biggest attractions, these markets exhibit the country's preserved culture with its offerings. 

Most of these are not centrally located but can easily be reached via boat. Covering a variety of items ranging from accessories, jewellery, local home-cooked delights, and a lot more, you will have a unique experience of shopping like never before. Whether you are looking to gorge on savoury local food items or even just cruise around in the boat while buying souvenirs, floating markets should not be given a miss.

While the best time to travel to Bangkok to experience the floating markets would be all-year-round can be visited year-round, the cooler months are more comfortable for exploring the markets by boat and enjoying the local food and shopping.

4) Traditional Spa – Thai massages are world-famous, and you most certainly would have heard of them. Internationally, Thai massage parlours are famous, and people tend to go there to relieve stress and muscle aches. However, when getting a local massage in Bangkok, you are in for a treat. Ranging from economically priced massage parlours to top-of-the-line spas, one of the positive things to do in Bangkok is engage in at least one.

5) Sky Train – The best way to beat the traffic and get around from one place to another is by hopping onto the high-speed sky trains. With well-furnished air-conditioned carriages, you will get the comfort of time as well as value for money while you cruise over the roads and watch the bustling city pass you by.

6) Chinatown – There are some extremely incredible restaurants in Bangkok, including Michelin star ones, but for the street food lover, Chinatown is the place to be. You will know the moment you reach; there are the ceremonial Chinese gates open into the vast archipelago of food joints. With numerous street food stalls and restaurants, you will get to try a large variety of different types of Chinese food like nowhere else in the world. Not just food, but if you want to buy gold in Bangkok, this is the place to get it from.

7) Night Markets – A wonderfully weird concept comes in the form of night markets. As if the crazy amount of shopping in the mega massive malls wasn't enough retail therapy! One of the most enjoyable ways of getting up close and personal with locals comes in the form of visiting these markets. After dark, you can visit any one of the many that the city exhibits and immerse yourself amidst vibrant items. You have to bargain here, and you can get some of the things for a great deal. These are usually out in the open, so consider the fall or winter seasons as the best time to visit Bangkok to experience these markets.

8) Rooftop Bars – Imagine witnessing a breathtaking city view from atop a beautiful open-aired restaurant while sipping on a delicious cocktail. At the same time, a cold wind brushes part of your hair. If this is your idea of an ideal vacation, head over to one of the many rooftop bars that the city offers. 

Bangkok tourism is on a high during the fall and winter months, and hence the best time to go to Bangkok to enjoy these bars. Some of the must-visit places include the Vertigo and Moon bar. However, the winner here is the 61st-floor abode of Banyan Tree hotel from where you can see the glamorous skyline in all its glory along with a 360-degree view.

9) Nightlife – Exploring the nightlife as a city such as Bangkok is sure to leave you reeling in the glamour and glitterati of that world. Exciting nightclubs, incredible rooftop bars, hip bars, and cosmopolitan pubs come awake after sunset and stay on till sunrise. There is also a substantial adult-themed party culture in the city. In addition to these, various shows involving maverick theatrics that will blow your mind. The colourful scene at Khao San Road is a sight to see, with people roaming around while the others dance the night away. The right way for first-timers is to join a bar crawl.

The places mentioned above to visit Bangkok barely even touch the surface of what this glamorous city has on offer to all its visitors.

Gastronomic Indulgence

Thai food is widely loved all over the world. There are Thai restaurants in practically every city in the world, and the cuisine is bold and flavourful. Indulging in some of the scrumptious delicacies is one of the most important things to do in Bangkok. Let’s take a look at a few of these;

  •  Tom Yum Goong – Spicy shrimp soup
  •  Som Tam – Green papaya salad
  •  Yam Pla Dook Foo – Green mango salad with fried catfish
  •  Pad See Eiw  -Thick noodles
  •  Pak Boong – Morning glory
  •  Khao Pad – Fried Rice
  •  Panang – The universally loved Thai curry
  •  Khao Soi – Thick creamy coconut curry-based noodle soup
  •  Gai Tod – Fried chicken
  •  Kai Keow – Thai omelette
  •  Kao Niew Ma Muang – Sticky rice and mango
  •  Pad Krapow – Fried basil
  •  Pad Thai – Local friend flat noodles
  •  Pad Phuk Tong – Stir-friend pumpkin
  •  Laab – spicy salad
  •  Tom Kha Gai – Chicken with coconut soup

These dishes are an absolute delight to the taste buds, and anyone with a penchant for Thai cuisine will be in seventh heaven after devouring any or all of them. Known for its splendid service industry, a vast number of restaurants in Bangkok will serve these in addition to various international cuisines.

Bangkok is a travellers paradise with its innumerable activities and marvellous sites. The currency used there is Thai baht, and the local language spoken is Thai. However, with the travel industry booking and travellers from the Western world encroaching upon them, most people also speak English. So, whether you go to the mall, movies, markets, and even the restaurants in Bangkok, you will always have a comfortable and memorable experience. With attributes like these, practically any time of the year is considered the best time to enjoy places to visit in Bangkok.

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