India is a land of exotic natural beauty and surprises, which is why it rightly earns its moniker of ‘Incredible India’. It is a unique blend of beaches, mountains and serene forests, with ice-capped peaks on one side of the country and extended warm seashores on the other. During the many years of the colonial rule, the British often tried to find solace in India’s hill stations due to the otherwise warm climate of the rest of the country.

Many hill stations thus flourished and grew into beautiful tourist destinations. However, it is possible that none were as gorgeous as Ooty. Regarded as the ‘Queen of the Hill Stations’ Ooty gives tourists a breathtaking opportunity to embrace nature at its best. The Nilgiri Mountains and the lush green dense forest cover make for an extraordinary biodiversity spot and there are many Ooty tourist places that will make you fall in love with this place. Here we will tell you all about the places to visit in Ooty so you can enjoy the richness on offer in this beautiful hill station to the fullest.

The following is a list of the top 38 places to visit in Ooty and during your trip, be sure to not miss out on any of the following. Each of these sites is unique in their own way and each poses an opportunity for you as a tourist to explore further into the wealth of nature. Some happen to be lakes and forests while others are remarkable museums of parks or other natural spots. But each of these below mentioned items would be totally worth all your time and efforts.

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38 Best Places to Visit in Ooty

  1. Nilgiri Hills
  2. Kalhatti Falls
  3. Dolphin’s Nose
  4. Tiger Hill
  5. Kotagiri In Coonoor
  6. Kamraj Sagar Lake
  7. Annamalai Temple
  8. Droog Fort
  9. Lamb’s Rock In Coonoor
  10. Simi’s Park
  11. Upper Bhavani Lake
  12. Bison Valley
  13. Avalanche Lake
  14. Pykara Lake
  15. Wenlock Downs
  16. Thunder World
  17. Ketti Valley View
  18. Cairn Hill
  19. Adames Fountain
  20. Elk Hill Murugan Temple
  21. Wax Museum
  22. Kandal Cross Shrine
  23. Stone House
  24. Government Museum
  25. Pykara Falls
  26. Lake Park
  27. Katari Falls
  28. Halashana Falls
  29. Honey And Bee Museum
  30. Ooty Flower Show
  31. Doddabetta Peak
  32. Botanical Garden
  33. Ooty Lake
  34. Nilgiri Mountain Railway
  35. Rose Garden
  36. Tea Factory
  37. St Stephen’s Church
  38. Thread Garden

1. Nilgiri Hills: Ooty is blessed with a wide wealth of natural beauty. The mountains in the form of Nilgiri Hills and the beautiful valleys covered in lush green forests provide enough opportunities for tourists to take part in some form of trekking. It happens to be a very popular activity in this region and adventure enthusiasts visitors make sure to sign up for it in the course of their visit to Ooty. Apart from the thrills that are sure to spark up the adrenaline in you, there will be some of the most beautiful scenes en route. Think spring waterfalls amidst remote forest land or the sight of some exotic rare species in the biosphere reserve. These sights are sure to leave you stunned and asking for more. Pack your bags with the essentials and get a good understanding of maps and demography of the region. Just that and you are good to go. Set off in search of some of the exciting natural assets and gain some riches in the form of some experience that is unique to this land. Come and fall in love with trekking all over again here in Ooty.

2. Kalhatti Falls: This tourist site happens to be located about eight kilometres away from the main city and is a spot of great significance for the tourists. It is even more alluring to lovers of nature, especially animal and bird enthusiasts. Be prepared to see birds you have so far only seen in the pages of books and on television. This place is so located that you can get a fabulous bird’s eye view of the entire valley underneath. It indeed happens to be a pleasure for the eyes and this is one of the places to visit in Ooty that will bring you the much-needed peace in the monotony of regular life. The lake here presents a unique chance to tourists–to enjoy the best of Ooty and Bellikkal at the same time. The calmness and serenity of the place will feel like you are meditating. Peace can be seldom served better than here in Ooty. But even among the several attractions in Ooty, this is among the more peaceful and quieter ones. Plan a short trip like a picnic and enjoy the day curled up in the safe abode of nature.

3. Dolphin’s Nose: Dolphin’s Nose in Ooty is basically a rock which protrudes outward like that of a nose of a dolphin. You might think this is nothing very appealing, but think again! You will feel absolutely amazed when you visit this place. The sight on offer is among the best in Ooty,albeit you will first have to make the challenging climb on top. The struggle and the hard work will be totally worth it once you reach the top. The pictures you will get from this spot will be good to go for travel magazines, even. The Catherine Falls, that lie hundreds of metres below this point, are also visible from here and make for a pretty sight indeed. You will also be able to experience the wonderful union of the Coonoor and Katagiri streams from this point. Do take the trouble of visiting this place while you are out on a tour around Ooty.

4. Tiger Hill: This is one of those places to visit in Ooty that is popularly known among travel enthusiasts all over the world. It happens to be among the most breathtaking sights on planet Earth and surely in Ooty, it is one of the star attractions for tourists. The spot is towards the east of the main city and somewhat along the lower ends of the Doddabetta peak. Tiger Hill is a tourist spot that can make everyone happy. The nature lover in you will relish the natural richness around the place. The rugged terrains surrounded by some astounding greenery make for a pretty sight indeed. The adventure lover can trek up to the Tiger Hills. Just a mere 6 kilometres away from the main town of Ooty is this surprisingly beautiful spot where you can have it all. At the top, you will find a water reservoir which holds all the water to support the city. The trekkers, too, get an opportunity to quench their thirst. Another exciting thing about this place is a well-carved cave. There are many folklores and tales surrounding religious myths and legends which are associated with this cave. As a picnic spot or simply as a place to gather with family and friends and experience a pleasant afternoon there are few places that match up to the pedigree of this place. So while you are in Ooty it would not be wise to miss out on a visit to this legendary place.

5. Kotagiri in Coonoor: How do you feel about a warm cup of tea amidst the chilly wilderness around Ooty? As warm as the thought itself is, this can be a reality during your visit to Kotagiri in Coonoor. This is among the oldest of all the hill stations around here and also the third largest hill station around the Nilgiri hills. There are abundant tea plantations around this place which produce some of the finest tea in India. Most of the expensive and fancy residential schools of this region are from here which is also a major boost to the local economy. As a tourist, it would be exciting for you to take part in some trekking expeditions in this place. It will be an opportunity to step into the Nilgiris. Previously when the transport networks weren’t as well-developed, people had to cross this on their way to Ooty and this significantly increased the footfall. While that is no longer the case, the tourist count has reduced significantly. Yet, it continues to be such a natural wonder that it would be a crime to miss out on this place while you are at Ooty.

6. Kamraj Sagar Lake: Among the many places to visit in Ooty, the Kamraj Sagar Lake holds its own special place and importance. If you are looking for a cosy picnic spot, then this place has little competition among the Ooty tourist places. It is, in fact, a dam that is constructed on the suburbs of the hill town. The region is a treat for the nature lover with the scope of observing the wilderness of the woods around here from close quarters. The proximity to the woods, in fact, is one of the main advantages of this spot. Here you can enjoy a quiet afternoon engrossed in your thoughts or enjoying some fun games and snacks with your family and friends. Do remember to keep the place clean while you have a great time around here. Every traveller during his or her visit in Ooty must visit the Kamraj Sagar Lake at least once.

7. Annamalai Temple: Although dedicated to Lord Murugan, people of all religions come to the Annamalai Temple and perform their prayers and ceremonies. It is not among the most popular spots in Ooty because of which you can spend time praying in a lot of peace and quiet. There is, in fact, an ashram that is located next to the temple and the entire place offers you picturesque views you cannot miss. Vast stretches of greenery await you behind the temple along the hills. The fresh air is refreshing as is the overall atmosphere this place presents. So regardless if you are religious or not, do pay a visit to this fine temple in Ooty which also happens to be the 7th Hill House of Lord Murugan. It is little wonder that this temple features in our list of the Ooty tourist places.

8. Droog Fort: There are so many stories that surround this finely constructed fort in Ooty that it is a natural addition to the list of places to visit in Ooty. It is located in the areas surrounding Coonoor.It was once a military outpost and was manned by Tipu Sultan’s forces. With the view it presents of the surroundings, it surely was a sensible idea to create this fort. Lovers of trekking are in for a real treat as you can only reach the fort after a bit of trekking. The history of the fort awaits you but apart from that, you do have another thing to look forward too. The view from the fort, of which only some walls remain now, is exceptional. It is surely going to satisfy the nature lover in you such is the wonder and magic of this place. Legend has it that the mythical demon Bakasur also was a dweller of this fort. Mythology or history, whatever be your favourite, do make it a point to visit the fort during your visit so that you can enjoy the tour to the fullest.

9. Lamb’s Rock in Coonoor: This place is located around five kilometres from Coonoor stream and the view it presents can be expressed only by the best of poets. Whenever you visit this place you will find large crowds of tourists enjoying the scenic beauty on offer. It is among the most popular Ooty tourist places because of the kind of picnic spot it is. The Lamb’s Rock should be a must in your list of places to visit while you are at Ooty. While most of Ooty is well-known for scenic beauty, this particular spot is surely among the leaders in the charts. Spend some quality time here and bask in the golden sunlight amidst the greenery and rugged terrains. It makes even the most practical person a thoughtful philosopher, such is the charm of this beautiful place. Ooty is incomplete without a day spent here.

10. Simi’s Park: Simi’s Park in Coonoor is among those Ooty tourist places that will interest the young and the old alike. It is a botanical garden which has been established way back in 1874. The variety of trees and plants that you will encounter here is phenomenal and it is one of the better botanical gardens in the country with such a rich collection. Go and be a part of the fabulous show that they put up. Get to know plants as you have never known before. Identify the rare species, the common ones and once you are out of here you will come out wiser about the plant kingdom. If you are vacationing in Ooty, a visit to this place is on the must-visit list. You will not regret your decision in this regard thanks to all the richness on offer.

11. Upper Bhavani Lake: This is a place that you will remember forever once you pay a visit. Surely among the best sceneries in the list of Ooty tourist places this lake requires quite a journey to reach. First, you have to avail private transport and take a long drive from Ooty to reach here. Once you are here you can get into one of the authorised buses and cars that take tourists out there. During your journey, you will be not only treated to some stunning natural beauty but also some animals that you do not usually get to see. Tigers, too, can be spotted if you are lucky and peacocks and other jungle animals are a common sight. While passing the bus will make brief stops at the Cauliflower Forest, the Bhavani Amman Temple, Upper Bhavani Backwaters etc. You will not be allowed to touch the waters of the lake; such is its pristine value. Due to the strict rules enforced, this happens to be one of those places in Ooty where nature has remained intact all throughout. Do visit for the experience and abide by all the rules and regulations of the place. We, on our part, promise you an unforgettable experience if you pick this place among your travel destinations.

12. Bison Valley: The popular tourist spot in Ooty gets its name from the abundance of bison in this region. You will, in fact, get to see a lot of other wildlife in this part of Ooty. Tigers, bears, deer, and elephants, among others, are found here, too. The forests provide some narrow meandering alleyways which make great walks possible in the midst of nature. In Bison Valley, you will experience wildlife from close quarters and it would be a fascinating experience for all. The cardamom forests here will not disappoint the nature lover in you what with the breathtakingly exciting landscapes on offer here. The birdwatchers, too, are in for a treat. Here in these parts of Ooty, you will find some of the exotic and rare bird species besides the common ones. Bulbuls and woodpeckers are spotted occasionally. Be on your guard while roaming in the forests due to the presence of some wild animals. However, other than that, it happens to be a place where you can freely roam around and enjoy the best of nature and wildlife. Make sure to not skip this destination while you are planning the places to visit in Ooty.

13. Avalanche Lake: Ooty cannot be imagined without the Avalanche Lake which happens to be one of the main crowd pullers in this region. As much as the nature lovers are attracted by the wonders of this place, photographers too have a splendid opportunity to click some mesmerising panorama pictures of the landscapes around the lake. They can even capture the lake in their cameras in its various looks and moods. You will have to undertake a 26 kilometre-long journey from Ooty to reach this place but once you are here the journey will be totally worth it. There is a growth of innumerable beautiful flowers around the lake which only heightens the beauty of this place. It has the serenity to bring the element of calm to your soul. It even has waterfalls falling from the mountains located nearby. Avalanche Lake is also famously remembered for the activities that tourists can partake in. From horseriding to taking rides in open jeeps through the lakes to simply trekking your way through this place, the options are plentiful. Ooty is beautiful, no doubt, but this place is indeed special.

14. Pykara Lake: Located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu, the Pykara Lake is the kind of spot that you will rarely find elsewhere. The beautiful Pykara Village is what will greet you first after your journey from the city of Ooty. This one of those Ooty tourist places that has everything to offer to the tourists. From adventure to living on houseboats for a few nights, you can have it all here. The houseboats can be tried out and you will experience the unique living on the waters. There is also the beautiful Pykara Falls which further add to the glory of this lake and Ooty as a travel destination. Forests surround the lake on all sides and make for a pretty picture for your eyes. The tired eyes used to the pollution and concrete jungles will find a welcome relief with such an abundance of greenery and nature. Visit this place and explore it to the fullest. Also, don’t miss out on these other lakes in Ooty while planning your family vacation here!

15. Thunder World: This is a must visit place among the several places to visit in Ooty. This one is particularly for the children who might not have enjoyed some of the serene and natural beauty rich spots like the elders. Thunder World is basically an amusement park for kids but even adults can enjoy their time during their visit to this place. It would be like a fun break between your visits to some breathtaking spots in and around Ooty. This amusement park is located near the North Lake Road beside the bus stand. Activities like the Big Foot, rainforest and the haunted house are a huge hit, so is the 5D theatre that offers you a different experience altogether. The amusement park has a dinosaur zone which happens to be exceedingly popular with kids. During your travels in Ooty and especially if you have your kids along, this is a must-visit place for you. The cafeteria here serves snacks and beverages, very essential after a tiring day at the amusement park! The pricing to enter Thunder World is reasonable enough with INR 800 for all rides and INR 450 for just the water park. The park is open from 10 AM in the morning and you can be here and have fun till 5:30 PM after which the park is closed.

16. Wenlock Downs: Ooty is known for possessing the best of landscapes and meadows. That is precisely what Wenlock Downs is all about. These vast stretches of grasslands extend from here to as long as the eyes can see. They are en route to Pykara Lake and it is a smart idea to stop here for some rest and in the meantime let your mind’s eye capture some of the best images ever. Ooty would feel incomplete without such places. Among the Ooty tourist places many people might not speak of the Wenlock Downs in particular but we will advise you to take this road less travelled. Your experience will tell you how right we were in recommending this place. Find some peace in Ooty between your travels and spend some time here at the Wenlock Downs.

17. Ketti Valley View: As the name of the place suggests, this tourist attraction offers you a spectacular view of the Ketti Valley below. This happens to be one of the most celebrated Ooty tourist places because in very few places in Ooty will you be treated with such a view. It simply happens to be a treat for tired eyes and you can gaze endlessly at it. All you will see are stretches of greenery covered in clouds and mists, making it appear like an excellent artist has been at work creating it all. There is also a telescopic room here on top of the hill. For just a fee of INR 10, you can gaze through the instruments and have a clearer view for yourself. It is a treat to be here which is why tourists always make sure they come here at least once during their trips to Ooty. Nature seldom disappoints you with its rich bounty that it has to offer and this clearly is like the richest of the lot.

18. Cairn Hill: Work hard but always manage to spare some time for your soul. If you happen to adhere to this useful piece of advice then your Ooty visit would be incomplete without a trip to the Cairn hill. The artificial forests here will make you believe that as much as we can damage the environment, we can recreate some of it as well. As far as accommodation is concerned, this place has more options for you compared to most other places to visit in Ooty. There are many hotels and resorts around the place but what is so amazing is that it has not hampered the natural aura of the place in any way. All rules of construction have been adhered to and the end result is this fascinating tourist spot in the middle of nowhere. There is also a trek trail which goes around a hillock and it is extremely popular among the tourists who arrive in Ooty and then spare some time here at Cairn hill. It would be really unfortunate if you do not visit this particular place while you are busy exploring Ooty.

19. Adames Fountain: When you visit a hill station like Ooty, you usually have to travel some distance for a significant tourist spot. However, in the case of Adames Fountain, you will enjoy it right in the middle of the city. This is among those Ooty tourist places which you can cover on the first day of your reaching Ooty. It is a gorgeous fountain and you will find it at the Charring Cross Junction. It was constructed way back in 1886 in honour of the Governor of Ooty. Even after all these years the place has not lost out on its charms and offers a great sight for the traveller. It is also of significant importance as far as places to visit in Ooty are concerned. Buy a coffee in one of the cafes around this place and enjoy the view of the fountain as you sip on your hot beverage.

20. Elk Hill Murugan Temple: This temple is on top of the Elk hill and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. However, you will also find the deities of Lord Ganesha, Shiva and Shakti here. The Elk Hill Murugan Temple is known for its exquisite architectural work and is easily among the few temples known for their stunning views. The temple remains open from 9 AM to 6 PM and there is no entry fee for tourists. At the Elk Hill Murugan Temple, you will not only experience spirituality but also soak in beautiful nature. It is, in fact, a unique synthesis of nature and spirituality with vast stretches of wilderness and forests around the temples. For those keen on meditating, you will find no better places in Ooty. This is thus another one of those Ooty tourist places where tourists can enjoy everything at once. Even wildlife enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to during their visit to this temple in Ooty. The wildlife’s richness is great and a wide variety of animals can be spotted here round the year. So whichever of these reasons attract you, be sure to visit the temple while you are enjoying a fine trip of Ooty with your family and friends.

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21. Wax Museum: This is yet another of those Ooty tourist places which you can finish off during your first day at Ooty. The Wax museum is a good tourist attraction located in the old ancient manor in Ooty. While most wax museums around the world only have replicas of prominent personalities, here at the wax museum in Ooty, you will find that they even have wax replicas of Indian villages among other things. What makes it so important among the places to visit in Ooty though is the life-sized wax models of some prominent Indian figures. From Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam to the great Mother Teresa, there are wax statues of them all. You are in for a real treat during your visit to this fascinating place. As for the entry fee, adults will have to shell out INR 20 while the fee is INR 10 for kids. If you are keen on carrying a camera, you will have to pay INR 50 more and in case you plan to shoot videos with a video camera, this wax museum in Ooty will charge you INR 100 for it. The museum remains open from 9 AM to 8 PM, so you can drop in as per your convenience.

22. Kandal Cross Shrine: During your visit to even the most scenic places there are some who feel that without some religious value the trip is not much of a success. For them, the Kandal Cross Shrine in Ooty will offer some solace with its rich history and stories revolving around the shrine. You have a life-sized Jesus here at the shrine. This place is termed as the Jerusalem of the East, and Christians offer their prayers in front of this holy shrine. It is a welcome change from what you usually see at a tourist spot in Ooty. There is no entry fee for this place but the timings change and do remember to go when the shrine is open. On Sundays it is open from 9 AM to 12 PM. From Monday to Saturday, the timings are from 10 AM to 1 PM and then again from 3 PM to 5 PM.

23. Stone House: Every place that you visit has certain places with which there is a rich association of history. It speaks volumes about the place without you realising the essence of the structure thanks to its simplicity. Stone House is one such place for Ooty. It is one of the most historical Ooty Tourist places and holds a lot of local history and even the history concerning the origin of the very hill station. This bungalow was the first house that was built in the hill station of Ooty by John Sullivan. The building still stands tall and proud and is visited by tourists while they are in Ooty. You must pay a visit to this place and become a part of the creation of the beautiful hill station of Ooty. Now it acts as the residence of the Principal of the Government Art College in Ooty. You can visit this place free of cost.

24. Government Museum: If you happen to be someone for whom the origin and history of the place you visit hold utmost importance, please do not miss out on the Government Museum during your visit to Ooty. Almost every traveller before setting off for the outskirts of Ooty pays a visit to this museum located on the Mysore Highway. The local history is brought to life here at this museum which houses some of the rarest relics of tribal history. There are specimens of local tribal art and crafts that can be found in this museum. Not only does it excel in showcasing the local history, but even national history and things from that era are stored here. So you will get to know more fascinating details about our freedom struggle in this informative and beautiful museum in Ooty. There is no entry fee required to visit this place and the timings are from 10 AM to 5 PM in the afternoon. Instead of lazing around in the hotel, do take a brief ride to this museum and learn more about the country, and the region in particular.

25. Pykara Falls: Pykara Falls are yet another glamorous specimen of natural beauty that Ooty has to offer. Like the Pykara Lake, this is a major tourist attraction. The nearby places–the Shooting Point, for instance–where many movie scenes have been shot by famous directors is yet another tourist favourite. The Pykara Dam, or the Chocolate Museum, around here only adds to the attraction. While you are here you can indulge in activities like boating in the beautiful Pykara Lake. The Pykara Falls drop in two different sections and make for a great sight for someone who is an admirer of nature. The entry to this place in Ooty is absolutely free and the place remains open from 8:30 AM to 5 PM. So while you are planning your trip to this beautiful spot in Ooty make sure that you sync with the timings. Arrive here with a few hours in hand and lose yourself amidst the heart of nature.

26. Lake Park: Any traveller who visits Ooty surely goes to pay a visit to Ooty Lake. It is one of those things that come with the finest hill station in India. The Lake Park is located right adjacent to the Ooty lake. Go for a fine afternoon stroll here with your kids and have some fun in the sun. Many people pick this spot for sunbathing and Lake Park is among the few Ooty tourist places for which you do not have to do much travelling from Ooty. There are beautiful and colourful flowers dotting the sideways of the park and the pink carpet makes it the ideal place for a fun afternoon. Children enjoy this place a lot because of the abundant open spaces and the dinosaur statues that are stationed around here. Join them in their make-believe games and rediscover your youth in the freshness of Ooty. Do drop by at the Lake Park while you are staying in Ooty. Although it might not be much in comparison with the exotic places around Ooty in terms of natural beauty, it surely is a source of great and simple joy and fun for you and your family. There is no ticket required for entry to this place and it is absolutely free for you to enjoy.

27. Katari Falls: Katari Falls in Ooty features high in the wish list of tourists when it comes to the best places to visit in Ooty. It is located in Adikarratti in Ooty and you will see hundreds of tourists each day making their way from Ooty to check out this beautiful falls. The Kattari Falls provide the perfect opportunity for the ones who are in love with trekking. The sight that awaits you on top will make the huffing and puffing during the trek worth it. You will be witness to one of the best panoramic views in your life from the top of the falls which overlooks the valley underneath. Ooty is a hill station of surprises and this waterfall is just another gem in its arsenal of natural beauty. Famous among the several Ooty tourist places, the Katari Falls are something to marvel at for all tourists visiting Ooty. There is no entry fee for this place and neither is there a specific timing during which you have to visit. Pick your time and make the plan to experience this paradise on earth.

28. Halashana Falls: For most people visiting Ooty, it is more about the natural wealth than the usual tourist attractions like museums and art galleries and other such conventional forms of attraction. Halashana Falls for them is just the ideal destination. It is located along the Nilgiris with close proximity to both Ooty and Coonoor. Ooty has several waterfalls but some really stand out among others.It is also why it is counted among the Ooty tourist places that a traveller must visit while he explores Ooty. 150 meters above the sea level this waterfall presents an unforgettable view of the valley below and the surroundings. All you need to do is avail the transport from Ooty and get to this remarkable place. Once there just stand and enjoy and let the sensations of the beautiful sight sink in. Such priceless natural beauty is available free of cost as there are no ticket charges to visit the Halashana falls in Ooty.

29. Honey and Bee Museum: The Sargan Villa Club Road houses the unique Honey and Bee Museum place in Ooty. You must have tasted honey. Have you ever wondered how it got made in the first place though? Take the informative walk at this museum in Ooty and enlighten yourself about all of this. You will also become knowledgeable about the bees after a visit to this place. They will let you know all about the anatomy of the bees and how exactly honey is made. From the collection to the formation the entire turn of events are well elaborated here in this museum in Ooty. While you scan through the Ooty tourist places this museum at the heart of Ooty surely will feature highly in that list. Do not leave the list incomplete by missing out on experiencing this unique and rare museum while you are here in Ooty. No entry fee is required for the entire experience and you walk out with the wealth of knowledge. Good deal, we would say!

30. Ooty Flower Show: There are few people in this world who are averse to flowers. They are considered to be one of God’s finest Creations and Ooty that is home to such richness and wealth in general when it comes to nature does not disappoint when it comes to flowers as well. There is a Flower Show that those who plan to visit Ooty in the near future must know about. It is held in the month of May and for 2019 the dates have been fixed already. If you happen to visit Ooty in May try to visit by 3rd as the event begins on the 3rd of May and ends on the 5th. The entry fee for this event varies between INR 20 to INR 100 and is held at the Botanical Gardens. Last year, an astounding 30 lakh people attended the event and it was a grand success. There is a wide variety of flowers on offer, but that isn’t all. The organisers will also inform you about some good gardening practices and knowledge regarding these flowers so that once you are back from Ooty you can recreate the same in your own home gardens.

31. Doddabetta Peak: Located about 10 km from Ooty is the breathtakingly beautiful Doddabetta Peak. Doddabetta – meaning ‘big hill’ – is the highest peak of the Nilgiris, and the view it offers is one of the highlights of sightseeing in Ooty. Standing tall at 8650 feet above sea level, it’s something to tick off of bucket list, especially for trekkers. This ultimate mountain treat can be reached both by vehicle and on foot. Lined with fields of aromatic herbs and the vibrant rhododendron flowers along the way, the telescope tower here offers a panoramic view of the Ooty skyline. Also, have a look at other best trekking routes in Ooty which are a must visit for all trekking enthusiasts!

32. Botanical Garden Situated on the lower slopes of Doddabetta Peak, the 55-acre Government Botanical Garden in Ooty was built way back in 1848. One can find several rare species here, such as the cork tree – the only one of its kind in India. Some interesting features in this garden are the fossil tree trunk of the paperbark tree and the monkey puzzle tree, which are around 20 million years old! Another must-visit spot here is Toda mund (hill), which offers visitors an insight into the lives and culture of the Toda tribe. Found at the top-most part of the garden, this part of the garden was provided to the tribes for housing.

33. Ooty Lake No family vacation is complete without some fun activities. Situated about 2 km from town, Ooty Lake is where you should head. The boathouse lets you rent pedal boats, row boats, and motor boats; there is also the option of a mini-train ride for a quick tour around the lake for kids. The lake is surrounded by lush greenery and is home to water birds, making it an ideal spot for photography enthusiasts.

34. Nilgiri Mountain Railway The Nilgiri Mountain Railway opened in 1899 and continues to be a key attraction of Ooty. The train ride starts from Mettupalayam and proceeds to Ooty via Kellar, Coonoor, Wellington, and Lovedale. It takes about five hours to cover the distance of 46 km. Experience dense forests, long tunnels, and the rich flora and fauna while taking a ride on India’s steepest rail system, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2005.

Fun fact: the youngest X class loco of this train is over 50 years old, whereas the oldest is 80!

35. Rose Garden Perched on the slope of Elk Hill and spread over four hectares, this is home to more than 20,000 varieties of roses, many of which have been sourced from different parts of the world. One of the largest rose gardens in India, it won the ‘Garden of Excellence’ award by the World Federation of Rose Societies. Families can often be seen enjoying a picnic amidst this colourful haven. If you happen to visit during peak season, you might get to catch the flower show as well. This takes place sometime during April-May, when this part of the country sees the highest production of fragrant roses.

36. Tea Factory This is a must-visit place in Ooty for all chai lovers. The tea factory is located about 4 km from Doddabetta Peak and sprawls over an acre of land brimming with tea plants. The factory offers a first-hand experience of observing the entire manufacturing process of tea, right from the plucking of the leaves to its curing and packaging. The factory also houses a tea museum, where you can learn about the different kinds of tea from all over the world along with the history of tea in India.

37. St Stephen’s Church Considered an architectural marvel, the St Stephen’s Church is located on the road from Ooty to Mysore. It was built by the British government in the 19th century, and the structure is a striking example of colonial architecture. The wooden bean and other timber components of this church were actually taken from the palace of Tipu Sultan, in Srirangapatna. The famous stained-glass windows featuring paintings of ‘The Last Supper’ and angels are a popular tourist attraction.

38. Thread Garden Your sightseeing in Ooty will be incomplete if you don’t visit the unique Thread Garden. Antony Joseph, the creator of this magnificent concept, worked alongside 50 talented helpers and took 12 years to build this place. Located right across the Ooty Lake, it’s difficult to believe that all these varieties of artificial plants and flowers are made of just thread. What’s more, no needles were used in the making of this garden. Instead, the flowers were created using stiff cardboard, with steel and copper wires aiding in the creation of the stems.

The planters and bouquets that are made of thread are also available for purchase, making for a unique souvenir to take home from this trip!

Want to explore the best of Ooty with family? Have a look at this Tamil Nadu tourism to ensure you don’t miss out on anything during your family stay in Ooty.

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Best Time to Visit Ooty

Ooty is a place with pleasant weather and climate all through the year and you can visit whenever you want. Most Ooty tourist places are natural spots which are available all around the year. However, if you have some preferences regarding the famous festivals that take place around this region then the winter months of October to February would be an ideal time to visit. The Tea and Tourism festival, in fact, has quite a fan following and people are usually keen to attend it.

For just the scenic beauty in its prime and some peaceful moments with yourself and your loved ones, we would suggest you visit Ooty during the summer months of March till June. While many might not find it appealing but even the rainy season here in Ooty has an aura and charm to it. Pick your choice and visit during the times that are convenient. Ooty with all its wealth awaits you.

Know more about best time to visit Ooty with family to experience family vacation like never before!

Where to Stay at Ooty?

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The resort is equipped with comfortable, well-furnished and spacious rooms equipped with modern amenities. The property houses very friendly and courteous staff who is willing to go the extra mile for the sake of your comfort. You can avail of their services 24x7 and no matter what the requirement they will serve you with a smile.

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The view from the resort is soothing to the eye with mountains and forests all around the place. Have a nice cup of coffee in the morning with the chirping of birds falling on your ears like music. Gaze at the endless stretch of greenery while you are at it. It feels like paradise on earth indeed and you must give it a try in your next vacation!

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Places to Visit in Ooty

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