It’s February, time for the month of love! Get ready to be greeted with pink and red decorations, hearts all around and lovestruck couples so deep in love as though Cupid himself has showered his blessings on them. Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most celebrated days of love and is also one day when Valentine's Day gifts are exchanged. 

If you are running late, as usual, and looking for good Valentine’s Day gift ideas, then read below for some much-needed inspiration! Invest in any of these best Valentine’s gifts, and be sure to be showered with love, affection and lots of hugs on the day! 

Best Valentine’s gift ideas

  1. Experiences
  2. Fragrances
  3. Jewellery
  4. Personalised Gifts
  5. Pens
  6. Workshops or Classes
  7. Financial Investment
  • Experiences:

One of the more unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas is giving your partner an experience is bound to leave an unforgettable memory. A unique, specially curated romantic holiday at a Club Mahindra resort, a candlelight dinner, a romantic night under the stars or even something as small but special as a personal home-cooked meal, an experience is a rare and coveted Valentine’s Day gift. 

Club Mahindra has some lovely resorts that are very romantic, and we organise bespoke events to make the occasion more special for you and your loved one. Be it Valentine’s Day or any other day, a stay at any of our lovely properties is guaranteed to satisfy you and keep you coming back for more. Some of the most romantic Club Mahindra properties are:

Apart from a holiday, even something as simple as a special home-cooked dinner is a wonderful and good Valentine’s Day gift and ensures that you spend quality time with your partner! 

  • Fragrances:

Another popular Valentine’s Day gift idea is fragrances. We all love to wear perfumes and fragrances, and there is something very special about wearing one that has been carefully chosen by your partner.

While it is easy to find gifts for her, the fragrance is one gift item that can be gifted to men too. Perfumes can be the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him and for her. They are a good way of showing love, care and affection, and it is easy to buy/order. It is a unique experience sampling different fragrances and then choosing one that reminds you of your partner, and a smell that you would and could imagine them wearing.

  • Jewellery:

While people usually look for unique Valentine’s gifts, jewellery is a classic that rarely fails to impress. A very popular Valentine's Day gift, jewellery is a great option, for both men and women. There are very few women who don’t like jewellery, and not just rings, but other accessories like bracelets, necklaces and earrings are popular too. Gift your partner a beautiful piece of jewellery, and this will be a gift that they will remember and cherish for many years to come. 

  • Personalised Gifts:

In today’s digital age, it is very easy to get a personalised Valentine’s Day gift for your partner. Personalised gifts are the biggest form of flattery and show that you listen to your partner and know what they like. For your coffee/tea-loving partner, get a coffee cup with a photo of the two of you; for a games lover, get a personalised board game; or get some cheesy, but adorable personalised night suits for both of you to twin together!

Making for a good Valentine’s Day gift for him and for her, cute photo frames, bobble toys, passport holders and keychains are very popular ideas. Choose your design, and place your order. These gifts are often delivered very fast and are hassle-free, but a very affectionate way of showing love and affection.

  • Pens:

For those looking for different but useful Valentine’s Day gift ideas, pens make for ideal gifts. These are items that are used by almost everyone, and while it is a practical gift, it is very useful and can be customised too. You can get your partner’s name or any other message etched on the pen, making it special and personalised.

Shop online or go in-store to choose from the many available models and designs. The old school charm of ink pens, the smoothness of the ballpoint pen and the absolute joy of seeing a customised message from your loved one during a hard day at work, pens are good Valentine’s Day gifts. 

  • Workshops or Classes:

Help your partner explore their passions or develop new skills by giving them a unique Valentine’s Day gift - an online class or workshop. There are countless online courses available, covering everything from cooking and art to photography and language learning.

This is one of the best Valentine’s gift ideas. Gifting an online class shows your support for your partner's interests and goals, and it could even be something you do together as a couple. Choose a subject that aligns with their hobbies or aspirations, and watch them enjoy the process of learning and growing. 

  • Financial Investment:

Help secure your partner's future with one of the best Valentine’s gifts. Make a financial investment in their name such as a fixed deposit. This thoughtful gift demonstrates your commitment to their financial well-being and can provide long-term benefits for both of you as a couple. Consider discussing with your partner their financial goals and preferences before making the investment to ensure it aligns with their interests and risk tolerance.

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