Did you know that 71% of the world is under water? Did you also know that the world’s ocean holds more than 96% of all of Earth’s water? Here’s another fun fact, more than 94% of the world’s living creatures live underwater. It’s safe to say that our oceans are very important. That is why the United Nations created World Oceans Day. Celebrated on 8th June worldwide, this is the day when we celebrate oceans and spread awareness about their wellbeing and how we can better take care of our oceans.

Our planet is home to these beautiful oceans, and it is up to us to ensure we maintain ocean health. With a few lifestyle changes and mindfulness, every person can make a difference. Here are some things we can do to celebrate World Ocean Day and take better care of our oceans.

Reduce plastic consumption

Over 14 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans every year. This plastic is hazardous as it resembles food that the marine creatures try to eat, which causes their death. Most of this plastic found in the sea is from the land. If we reduce plastic consumption, especially single-use plastic, we can recycle, reduce plastic pollution in the oceans and protect marine life. 

Reduce your energy consumption & carbon footprint

Did you know that fossil fuels and burning carbon dioxide can cause water pollution? It destroys the corals that live under the sea. It is up to us to reduce the use of fossil fuels so that marine life can thrive. Taking a bicycle, walking whenever possible, and using public transportation can reduce your carbon footprint and indirectly help save the oceans. Every step matters. Switching off appliances at home when they’re not in use can also help save energy. 

Take part in and organize beach clean-ups

A day at the beach sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Next time you have a beach day, you can carry a couple of reusable bags and collect trash from the beach. You can also distribute the reusable bags to other visitors on the beach and ask them to join in. A dip in the ocean sure feels better after a good workout picking up trash on the beach.

Practice responsible tourism

The next time you’re planning a vacation, make mindful choices. Many eco-resorts across the country have made energy-conscious decisions to ensure that they and their guests don’t adversely affect the environment and the ecosystem of the location. Club Mahindra has 100+ resorts across India, many of which are eco-resorts offering the best of amenities for a comfortable stay while ensuring little or no damage to save the environment.

Use eco-friendly products

From clothes and appliances to floor cleaners, we need to be conscious about our choices of products. Only pick products made ethically using all-natural ingredients. Organic products made with all-natural ingredients usually last long and cause less waste compared to fast-moving products that utilize a lot of plastic. 

Support marine protection organizations

There are many Ocean Foundations and Ocean Conservancy Organizations that aim at protecting the oceans. As responsible citizens, we can educate ourselves and join in the movements to help protect oceans. This International Ocean Day, we can also educate ourselves about sustainable ways of living that will help us reduce waste leading to less water pollution.

We all love to enjoy the turquoise blue waters and silver sands on our beach vacations. It is up to us to keep our oceans clean so that marine life can thrive. This World Ocean Day, let us make some conscious changes in our lifestyles that will help us protect our beautiful oceans.



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