Adventure travel is a huge part of everyone’s life today and planning a great trip with friends that truly makes you escape a hectic routine is key, in such cases. Not only does it keep you rejuvenated for the rest of the year, it also adds up as quality time spent with your best mates. Traveling with your friends or family friends is invariably very different from taking a vacation with family or just your better half. Here are a few things to keep in mind, that work well when you take a trip with your oldest buddies.

• Let It be Spontaneous

Keeping the trip spontaneous is a better way to go about the itinerary than planning everything to the T. Most people are more prone to change plans and routes and take up newer activities along the way or cancel a visit to a monastery or a tourist spot to just lie around in the hotel. Being spontaneous and not being head strong about the things that have to be done on a particular day will keep everyone happy and relaxed. Most of the Club Mahindra resorts come well equipped with a spa, a pool and an entertainment zone that also houses indoor games and other activities. While making sure you visit the tourist attractions is always on the list, just lounging around at the pool deck and sipping on a cocktail in the heated summer sun can be immensely tempting as well. Try to accommodate everyone’s request and organise an itinerary that works well for the entire gang.

• Good Food Takes Preference

No matter where you decide to head, the resorts come with trained chefs who are bound to ensure that your daily food is well taken care of. Not only will you experience the joys of indulging in meals that are fresh, tasty and filled with flavour, these are also very specific to the region that you stay at. Most local delicacies are served every day and one thing that you need not be wary of is the possibility of food poisoning or falling sick while on vacation. A lot of people are not very immune to local food items and the eating joints across India cannot always be trusted for hygiene. For instance, staying at Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort in Coorg, means you do not have to worry about the quality of the food you are consuming and have the ultimate dining experience.

• Include a Hiking Expedition

Including a hiking expedition is a good way to keep the vacation enjoyable and adventurous. Hiking is something most people really enjoy and it can amount to a fulfilling experience when on a vacation. Keep a tab on the various hikes that take place at the destination you are at and contact the operators in advance for a booking.

• Go on a Digital Detox

Switching off your phones during the majority duration of your trip will prove to be a great exercise. Keep just enough contact with your family to let them know about your whereabouts, disconnect and revel in the beauty of the place you are at and take it all in. Play a sport with the boys, explore the wilderness or the city life and take in everything that the trip has to offer. We are always hooked to our phones and this can take away from the actual experience of the trip. Going on a detox can being out numerous realisations and help one to reflect, ponder and get perspective.

• Make It a Budget Trip

Making it a budget trip is something that can be done very well when it comes to travelling with friends. Cut down on excessive and unnecessary costs and ensure that you stay in hostels or low-cost accommodations wherever necessary. Making the trip pocket friendly and reasonable is easy when you travel with friends, make sure you use your money wisely. For children who have parents who own the Club Mahindra membership, it can be very easy to manage the entire trip at a minimal cost as the cost of accommodation is saved. This saves up a tremendous amount and all you need to do is book your flight or train tickets well in advance and you are good to go! As a Club Mahindra member, you can enjoy family holidays across numerous Club Mahindra resorts for 25 years. You can check out the numerous Club Mahindra reviews online for more information.


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