A spectacular mix of spiritual beliefs, culture, and traditions, India has the ability to exasperate, thrill and inspire. Diverse rituals and devotional celebrations hold testimony to the country’s inevitable religious history. Its contrasting calendar from bright & brash merriment to more sober carousing allure travelers from far and near. Spirituality indisputably is the omnipresent thread in our country’s exquisitely varied tapestry. 

And then there are festivals! One of which is just around the corner. Eid – ul- Fitr, a major Islamic festival marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Apart from brand new clothes, gifts, and family get-togethers, there is one facet that is impossible to resist. The sizzle of cumin seeds, the smell of spices, and an array of meats marinated masterfully. An elusive traditionally prepared banquet characterizing riveting colors, flavors, and smell is sure to loosen up your belt. While we can’t travel this year due to COVID-19 curfews/lockdowns in several states, we can surely prepare some of these popular Eid-ul-Fitr dishes at home.

Haleem from the lanes of Hyderabad 

Second - to- none, this delicacy traces its roots back to centuries. Earlier known as ‘harees’ or ‘harissa’, it was the first dish prepared in the Arab for the Nizam of Hyderabad in the 1930s. A staple legendry cuisine, Haleem in Hyderabad is prepared by cooking rich mutton stew with lentils and broken wheat sprinkled with a dramatic mix of Indian spices. Slow-cooked for long hours, it is a mouth-watering dish best served with rice. 

Tangri Kebab from Lucknow, the city of Nawabs 

Lip–smacking appetizers, popular in Lucknow, no feast ever seems complete without Tangri Kebabs. One among the most tempting starters, this easy-to-cook dish is every food lover’s favorite. The preparation involves roasting chicken drumsticks on glowing tandoor with generous amounts of butter and ghee. Best enjoyed with onion rings, green chutney, and lemon wedges, tangri kebab from Lucknow sure to make you reach out to the table, more than once. 

Kolkata Biryani from Calcutta, the cultural capital

This delectable dish, as soon as it lands on your plate, is going to take you on a gastronomic ride. At the very first instance, the aroma of it will completely make your mouth water. Discover deliciously delicate rice playing hide-and-seek with juicy and tender morsels of chicken/ mutton. Roasted potato braised in rice is the unique ingredient that makes the Kolkata-style Biryani stand out from the rest. You can best relish it with raita and your favorite salan. 

Chicken Korma from bustling lanes of Delhi

 Scrumptious and extremely palatable, Chicken Korma is a Shahi dish (royal dish) that serves no less than a topping on the festive cake. Rich, luscious, and extra creamy it features the perfect matrimony of chicken with yogurt, seeped with aromatic Indian spices and cashew nuts. If you haven’t tried it yet, there is a lot you have been missing. Chicken Korma of Delhi tastes best when combined with flavored rice, tandoori roti, or butter naan. 

Bhuna Gosht from Jodhpur, the medieval Blue City 

Succulent and one of the epic dishes, Bhuna Gosht is something one should not miss out. Its cooking calls for a lot of diligence which involves pan-frying pieces of mutton in munificently flavored gravy. To enhance its richness, the dish is added with yogurt, coconut milk, almonds, and saffron. Bhuna Gosht is a must-try recipe from Rajasthan that is best served with rumali roti or naan. 

Hyderabadi Sheer Khurma 

Desserts are inevitable when we talk about celebratory meals. Your Eid party is incomplete if you haven’t heard the cravings of your sweet tooth. Prepared especially during Ramadan, Sheer Khurma is a customary dessert which is a vermicelli pudding. This festive sweet dish is prepared by simmering fine vermicelli with dates, nuts, sugar, and milk. Savoring this delicious delight after a festive meal is a must. 

Shahi Tukda from the gullies of Purani Dilli

Nothing can save you from getting lured to this piping hot dessert being served at numerous stalls in Chandni Chowk and Jama Masjid, Old Delhi. Easy to make, this tasteful sweet dish is made by dipping deep-fried bread crumbs in sugary milk. Sprinkled with saffron, dates, nuts, and khoya, this amazingly prepared dessert is nothing short of a trip to heaven.   

If you are a real foodie at heart, then Eid-ul-Fitr is going to be the ultimate time for you to sample indefinably soul-quenching Indian delicacies. Do try one of these dishes at home on this Eid-ul-Fitr and let us know your experience in the comments.

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