Have you ever heard of people saying Khichdi is the national food of India? Well, there isn’t just one National food in India as we have vibrant regional cuisines across the country. And khichdi being one of the most comfort food tops the list of National food in India.

Indian National Dishes showcase a rich and diverse culinary tapestry of India, where flavours, aromas, and traditions converge to create an unparalleled gastronomic experience. From the aromatic spices of North India to the savoury delights of South India, join us as we explore the essence and diversity of Indian dishes, showcasing the timeless recipes and culinary traditions that continue to captivate food enthusiasts around the globe.

National Food of India

  • Khichdi: The ultimate desi comfort food!
  • Idli and Medu Vada: The dynamic duo of South Indian cuisine.
  • Butter Chicken: Worth every calorie!
  • Paneer Tikka: The party starter for vegetarians.
  • Chhole Bhature: The spicy power couple of Indian cuisine!
  • Vada Pav: The burger of Mumbai.
  • Chaat: The life of every party!

1. Khichdi

Did you know in 2017, the Indian government had announced a plan to promote khichdi as a ‘Brand India’ dish and had organized a World Food India event in which 918 kg of khichdi was cooked and served to the public. 

Khichdi is a classic comfort national food of India that has been enjoyed in India for centuries. It's a simple dish made with rice, lentils, and some spices, but it's bursting with flavour and warmth. Whether you're feeling under the weather or just need a comforting meal, Khichdi is always there to lift your spirits. 

Every bite of this soul food feels like a warm hug from our mother, doesn’t it? Who knows, maybe one day this dish will be known as ‘Khichdi National Food of India’. 

2. Idli and Meduvada

The next closest candidates for becoming India's national food are idli and meduvada. You will also find these at every Club Mahindra resort in India. The idli is as fluffy and light as a cloud while the meduvada is a fried indulgence. You can have either the idli or the meduvada or have one of each to get the best of both worlds. The idli is a pocket-friendly any-time snack, which is one more argument in its favour for becoming India’s national food.

3. Butter Chicken

A rich, mellow gravy married to tandoor-roasted pieces of boneless chicken is a match made in heaven. The ubiquitous butter chicken marks its presence in all resorts in India. Liked by young and old equally passionately, it is a successful representative of Indian cuisine abroad, making it a strong contender to be the India national dish. The best part of this dish is that every restaurant has its own interpretation. With soaring popularity, the butter chicken is an apt choice as India’s national food.

4. Paneer Tikka

Paneer is a versatile ingredient that takes on the colour and flavour of every dish it graces. Soft, flavourful, and decadent, every bite of paneer tikka is a sheer delight. The soft bouncy cubes, marinated in an aromatic medley of spices and grilled to perfection in a tandoor, make a mouth-watering snack that can be enjoyed anytime. Available by the roadside, in regular restaurants and in the poshest resorts in India, paneer tikka has a strong claim to the title of national food of India.

5. Chhole Bhature

There’s hardly a food lover in India who has not tasted chhole bhature. Break off a piece of the deep fried bhatura and scoop a generous helping of chhole. The hearty chickpea gravy packs a punch of flavours in every bite. This heavyweight contender for India national food can be enjoyed at any time of the day. If you have it for breakfast, it will give a powerful start to your day and as dinner, it is an indulgence that can be enjoyed leisurely.

6. Vada Pav

Starting out as a pocket-friendly snack, vada pav has carved a place for itself in India’s culinary hall of fame. It presents a strong case for its claim to be the national food of India. It packs a lot of flavours and is easily available almost everywhere around the country. It can be eaten with one hand and is a perfect on-the-go sustenance. There are countless variations of this humble snack and the taste changes around every corner of the country. Have you had a vada pav yet?

7. Chaat

Our last contender for national food of India is not a single dish. It is a rather large food group that boasts of famous family members, such as sev puri, bhelpuri, pani puri, and samosa chaat. The tangy, sweet, and spicy flavours have a fanatical fan following around the country. While they may take on different names in different parts of the country, their popularity remains unchanged. In an unbiased election, the chaat is more likely to win than any other dish in our list.

While the Indian foodscape is a vast territory, some dishes stand out with their flavours and textures. These are our choices for national food of India due to their unequivocal popularity and wide availability.



1. Is kichadi National food of India?

A. As it is the most comfort food and is prepared all across the nation with different variations, it can be called the National food of India.

2. What is the National Sweet of India?

A. Jalebi is the National sweet of India. Although India has over 200 desserts Jalebi is the dessert which has 20 different types.

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