The culturally rich state, West Bengal is known for its sophisticated literature, music, movies, and most importantly their delicious cuisine, including the endless varieties of delectable sweets. Unlike the north Indian sweets, which are mostly made of khoya, Bengali sweets are mostly made of chhena, which is essentially sweet cottage cheese. 

Home to some of the most iconic libraries, monuments and bridges in India, you can travel to West Bengal only to indulge in its delicious food and sweets. The state is sure to give you a culinary experience like you have never had before. If you have always wanted to try Bengali sweets, we have put together famous sweets of Bengal that would surely leave you drooling.

Kheer Kodom

They say, good things come in small packets, and this sweet wonder from West Bengal is the ultimate proof. These round balls of goodness looks like mini rasgulla, and is made with milk cream and coated with grated khoya. 

The sweet, which looks like an ordinary laddu from the outside, holds a delicious surprise inside. As you bite into it, you would get a hit of chenna filling, that would instantly make you go back for more. It is a small bit of big happiness!


Talking of sweets of Bengal, you cannot leave this little sweet dynamite out. Shondesh is a staple served during all Bengali celebrations. Made with sweetened chenna, there are different varieties of Shondesh. While the base ingredients remain the same, you can find different Shondesh of different flavours like Mango, Chocolate, Pista and more. 


The king of all Bengali sweets, Roshogolla has become synonymous with Bengali food. These soft balls made from Chenna have a spongy texture and are soaked with sugar syrup. Generally, served during special occasions in Bengal, you don’t need a particular reason to have Rasgulla. The heavenly taste is sure to lift your spirits and mood almost instantly.

Chenar Jeelapi

Imagine the humble Jalebi having a royal makeover, and that would be Chenar Jeelapi. Made with (Chena) fresh paneer, maida (all-purpose flour), and khoya, Chenar Jeelapi is a mouth-watering delicacy that you can never say No to. 

It is deep fried, and soaked in sugar syrup. When it is fresh, it has a delightful crispy texture on the outside and is soft on the side, which literally melts in your mouth. It is not overly sweet, yet it will satiate your sweet cravings. 

Lady Kenny/Lengcha

As fancy as the name sounds, these delectable oblong balla made of maida that is deep fried and soaked in sugar syrup, has an interesting history. Legend has it that the wife of Lord Lanning, the Viceroy of Bengal in the 19th Century was deeply impressed with this sweet, and hence came the name. It is also commonly known as Lengcha among the locals. 


Pati Shapta is a traditional Bengali sweet that is part of every Bengali’s childhood food memory. Typically, it is made only during special occasions like the Bengali New Year, it is made of rice flour, semolina, and stuffed with coconut jaggery or khoya, and has a delicious filling of sweetened grated coconut. It is basically, a Bengali version of sweet crepes.

Bhapa Doi

Doi, in Bengali language means curd or yoghurt. It is made by blending yoghurt and condensed milk, which is then steamed. Though it looks like a pudding and has a panna cotta like texture, it does not contain gelatine or any other setting agent. 

It is cool, refreshing, and delicious. It is one of the best Bengali sweets that you can enjoy straight out from the refrigerator. Have one spoonful of this delightful sweet, and you cannot stop yourself going in for the second helping, we bet!

Nolen Gurer Paayesh

Gur is Jaggery in Bengali, and Nolen Gurer Paayesh is a famous Bengali sweet that is made most on all special occasions, be it a festival or a family function. This dish is made by boiling aromatic basmati rice in milk and is mixed with palm jaggery until the jaggery melts completely and a thick concoction is left behind. It can be served cold or hot with garnishes of nuts. When you are in Bengal, you must definitely try this sweet, a bowl of pure bliss!

Bengali Sweets = happiness! Try one of these sweet dishes and you will know we are not exaggerating.

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