With the increasing number of coffee houses, cafes, and coffee ads on TV, many Indians are shifting their preferred beverage from tea to coffee. However, there is a lot that happens before that cup of coffee is made and a lot of it has got to do with the lush plantations of Coorg—the coffee cup of India. Read on to find out more. India ranks fifth in the world in terms of coffee production and 71 percent of this coffee comes from Coorg. So, don't miss out on the coffee plantation tour while visiting Coorg. The smell of coffee in the air especially as it is being harvested is something everyone in the family will relish. A trip here will also help your kids understand some of the world’s best varieties of coffee which are grown here. These are Robusta and Arabica. You can also get the rare and expensive Civet coffee in Coorg.

Plantations and the coffee-making process

For kids in high school and teenagers, this beverage is very popular; be it for late night studies or hanging out with friends. Watching how it is grown and processed is just as fun.

Initially, the coffee beans are green. When they are ripe, they turn red. It is great to be in one of the Coorg resorts at this time as you will get a first-hand experience of seeing the coffee being picked. Some plantation owners even let guests try their hand at picking coffee.

You and your family will even get to interact with the planters and gain more knowledge on the history of coffee, differences between major coffee types, coffee planting and picking techniques, as well as sampling some authentic Coorg coffee. Also, while touring the plantations, do keep an eye out for the elephants that can be found roaming freely about.

After picking, the beans are sent to be processed, milled, and then exported to be roasted and ground. From here, they find their way to shops, coffee houses, and even Coorg resorts before they land in your refreshing cup of coffee!

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Filter coffee

The freshly ground coffee beans are used to make filter coffee, one of the two most famous ways to brew this beverage. The other one is boiled coffee. Brewing filter coffee is known as a traditional method, popular among South-Indian households. Manually, the coffee is brewed with a metal device that looks like two cylindrical cups put together. This type of coffee mainly uses fresh coffee beans. It has higher levels of caffeine. Also, as per the National Center For Biotechnology Information (NCBI), filter coffee leads to lower cholesterol levels, in comparison to its boiled counterpart.

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Civet coffee in Coorg

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