Coorg, popularly known as ‘the coffee county’ boasts unique cuisine. Inhabited by the Kodava community, the local cuisine of Coorg is inspired by the vast landscape of the region and defined by the wild forest replete with many plants and animals. The Kodava cuisine is all about celebrating the seasonal produce and using fresh ingredients. One such local dish that deserves a special mention is Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma. It is delicious, healthy, and nutritious. 

Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma Recipe

Kadambuttu is basically steamed rice balls that look and taste similar to rice dumplings. Made from grounded rice, coconut, and local spices, the dish is an inherent part of the Kodava community in Coorg, and a local favourite.  

It is usually made during special occasions like festivals, or marriages. The dish is served with a side of a gravy like Pattani Kurma that is made of fresh peas and coconut milk.  

Did you know? 

Traditionally, when marriages were a family-members-only affair, all the ladies in the family would gather one day before the wedding and roll the Kadambuttu to be served to the guest. It was a way for the ladies to catch up on gossip, the latest happenings in the community, and contribute to the wedding preparation.  

Preparation time of Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma

  •     Kadambuttu – 15 minutes
  •     Pattani Kurma – 25 minutes 

Ingredients needed for Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma

  •     Peas
  •     Ginger, tomatoes, green chillies, and onion (finely chopped)
  •     Turmeric powder
  •     Coconut milk
  •     Coconut oil 
  •     Coriander and curry leaves
  •     Rice rava 

How to Make Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma Recipe 

First make the Pattani Kurma 

  •     Heat 2 tbsp coconut oil, add cumin seeds, curry leaves and ginger and temper. 
  •     Add onions and sauté it for a couple of minutes and then add tomatoes and the fresh peas. 
  •     Let the peas cook for a couple of minutes, and start to get soft, add coconut milk to the pan. 
  •     As the peas cook in the milk, add turmeric and garam masala powder, and salt to taste, and mix them well. Let the gravy boil, and simmer.
  •     Add coriander and a couple of spoons of desi ghee and cook until you get a thick consistency.
  •     Transfer the Kurma in a fresh bowl, add some fried curry leaves on top and keep it aside.  

Prepare the Kadambuttu

  •     Heat water in a pan, add ghee and salt to it. 
  •     When the water is hot, slowly add rice rava, and continuously stir it to avoid forming lumps and until the water evaporates. Reduce the heat and add a few spoons of desi ghee, and mix well until you get dough like consistency, and transfer it to a fresh bowl. This would be the dough for Kadambuttu. 
  •     Now wet your hands with water, and once the rava dough is cool, make medium-sized balls. 
  •     Steam the dumplings for about 10 minutes and serve it hot with the Pattani Kurma.  

About Kadambuttu and Pattani Kurma 

Originating in Coorg, Kadambuttu has been an integral part of the local cuisine for a long time. In its most traditional form, the dish is served with spicy Pandi Curry, which is a pork meat-based curry that the local Kodava community loves. The combination of Kadambuttu and Pandi Curry is quite popular in the region and is sure to be on menu at Kodava community marriages.

Gourmet Getaway by Club Mahindra  

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About Club Mahindra chef – Debraj Bhaumik   

Trained in many international cuisines like Italian, Mexican and Lebanese, and having worked in the middle east under eminent chefs of the world, Chef Debraj Bhaumik is a culinary master in the kitchen. With over 26 years of experience under his belt, Chef Bhaumik has won many coveted awards, including the National Award – Chef of the Year in 2007.   

Currently the Cluster Executive Chef at Club Mahindra Tamil Nadu and Karnataka resorts, Chef Bhaumik has an undying passion for Indian cuisine. He has done extensive research on the different regional cuisines of India, and has been using all knowledge, skill, and techniques to curate the best menu for the patrons at Club Mahindra resorts. 


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