No trip is complete without savouring the local delicacies of the area you are visiting. Journeying through Rajasthan brings in a theatre of flavors, different from any other part of India.  Whether you do a road trip or fly in, do make a stop at Jodhpur : From dal baati churma and laal maas to makhaniya lassi and ghevar…it is simply a food odyssey in the Blue City, not to be missed. Here are a few famous foods in Jodhpur that you must make space for on your plate when you come to the land of Marwar. On the foodie list, sampling these dishes counts as the most important things to do in Jodhpur

Quick facts on Jodhpur Tourism :

Before you begin your food journey, here are a few quick facts:

  • There is great variety in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes
  • Many food specials in Jodhpur make use of milk and milk products. Vegans, do check
  • Both street side specials and spicy dishes make up your yummy food journey here

For Eager foodies Jodhpur Offers -

Whether you love desserts, or roadside slurps, or spicy specials, Jodhpur is your destination. From mawa packed kachoris to bharwa chillies to makahaniya lassi, the city brings everything to your plate with a delicious twist: 

  • Laal Maas
  • Kachori
  • Makhaniya Lassi
  • Dal Baati Churma
  • Pani Patasa
  • Mawa Ghewar

Lal Maas

The traditional lal maas was cooked with wild game meat. The fiery mutton curry cooked on slow flame in mustard oil and mathania chillies is an absolute classic that simply melts in the mouth, with the garlicky yoghurt gravy. The gulabjamun ki sabzi is deliciously sweet and balances out the fiery element on your thaal.


The kachori brings in an edgy twist in its fried version, with mint and imli chutney. The teekha aloo-pyaaz inside adds to the complete texture. Kadhi kachori is a gravy mix. Ancient trade routes wove their way through Marwar, and this innovation in the kachori slowly came up as it was easy to eat and carry. Try the mawa kachori stuffed with delicious mawa (made from milk) with saffron, cardamom and pounded nuts

Makhaniya Lassi

Cool off with Makhaniya lassi. This is a rich glug of buttermilk topped with yogurt cream and flavored faintly with rosewater and saffron for the cooling effect. Remember, you will need to use a spoon to do full justice to the lassi as it is a thick treat that simply won’t come up a straw.

Dal Baati Churma

Dal baati churma is a spicy ghee laced special. Eat this with the mirchi bada, another spicy, street food special in Jodhpur. Packed with fat chillies, aloo and often gobi, the trio is fried crisp in hot oil and served up crunchy with teekha chutney. Try the shahi samosa too. It comes packed with a yummy aloo, paneer spicy mix with the raisins and cashews cutting the spice level a bit.

Pani Patasa

Pani patasa is Jodhpur’s answer to Mumbai’s paani puri, Kolkata’s puchkas and Delhi’s golgappas. The fried atta puffs are bone dry and crisp. Punched and filled with a sukha matar mix, or spicy aloo and sprouts, these are dipped in a tangy, spicy paani laced with imli, dry mango and chutney

Mawa Ghewar

The mawa ghewar here is easily beats Mumbai’s jalebi and Lucknow’s imarti. This maida dessert is a sweet symphony, drizzled with mawa and pista. Make space for the malai roti that comes slathered with saffron and mawa, and the gulab halwa, that serves matchpoint to Delhi’s dhoda. Laced with mawa and nuts, it blushes as a mithai.

Best time to visit Jodhpur

High Season: October to March

Low Season: April to September 

That’s your Jodhpur travel guide on the food front. This city in Rajasthan is a foodie destination and serves up the best dishes that set the food anthem for everyone who comes to this lovely location. You can stay at Club Mahindra’s associate resort in Jodhpur and live the magic of the land.


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