Seafood in Goa is a quintessential part of the region's cuisine. While Goa is synonymous with its stunning beaches, vibrant parties and thrilling adventures, nothing beats its popularity for its exceptional seafood. 

The region is renowned for its diverse and flavourful seafood offerings, ensuring that no matter where you dine in Goa, seafood will be a prominent feature on the menu. Goa has it all for seafood lovers, from succulent kingfish and prawns to delectable crabs and squids.

So, if you are headed to the beach capital of India, we have a list of the best seafood to eat in Goa.

Famous Seafood Dishes of Goa

  1. Mackerel Recheado
  2. Goan Fish Curry
  3. Prawn Balchão
  4. Crab Xec Xec
  5. Goan Rava Fried Fish
  6. Squid Chilly Fry
  7. Shark Ambot Tik
  8. Crab Xacuti
  9. Mussels Rawa Fry



  • Mackerel Recheado


Mackerel Recheado is a famous seafood dish of Goa, with "Recheado" meaning "stuffed" in Portuguese. This dish features a vibrant Recheado masala, a fiery red paste made from a blend of red Kashmiri chillies, garlic, cumin, peppercorns, and tamarind, all ground into a smooth yet thick paste using vinegar. The masala is meticulously stuffed into the slits on both sides of the fish, typically mackerel or pomfret, before being pan-fried or shallow-fried to a golden brown perfection.

Taste: Mackerel Recheado offers a crispy texture with a medium level of spiciness. It sizzles with flavour, making it an ideal starter or a perfect addition to a lunch platter that includes steamed rice, fish curry, and a vegetable side dish.


  • Goan Fish Curry


Goan Fish Curry is indeed a classic and staple seafood dish in Goa. Whether it's kingfish, pomfret, or mackerel, the fish absorbs all the wonderful flavours of the curry, making each bite a delightful experience. It's a perfect dish with steamed rice, soaking up all that delicious gravy!

Taste: This curry offers a harmonious balance of spicy, tangy, and slightly sweet flavours, perfect for pairing with steamed rice or Goan bread called 'pao.'


  • Prawn Balchão


It is a delicious, spicy Goan delicacy with Portuguese influences and one of the best seafood dishes in Goa. It's essentially a spicy prawn pickle made with a paste of red chillies, vinegar, garlic, and spices. The prawns are marinated in this paste and then cooked to create a tangy, spicy, savoury dish.

Taste: With its bold and spicy flavours, Prawn Balchão is a treat for spice lovers and can be enjoyed as a side dish or with plain rice.


  • Crab Xec Xec


Crab Xec Xec is a popular Goan seafood dish featuring crabs cooked in a thick, spicy coconut gravy. The gravy is made with roasted spices, coconut, tamarind, and jaggery, which give the dish its unique sweet and sour flavour.

Taste: The dish offers a delightful mix of spicy, sweet, and tangy flavours, with the succulent crab meat adding a rich texture to the meal.


  • Goan Rava Fried Fish


Goan Rava Fried Fish is a simple yet delicious preparation where fish fillets are coated in semolina (rava) and spices and then shallow fried to crispy perfection. While it may seem pretty basic, it is one of the best seafood dishes to eat in Goa. Commonly used fish include kingfish, mackerel, or pomfret.

Taste: This dish is known for its crunchy exterior and tender, flavourful fish inside, making it a perfect appetizer or side dish.


  • Squid Chilly Fry


While people usually consider kingfish or prawns to be the famous seafood of Goa, you cannot overlook the flavour of squid. When marinated in a blend of spices, including green chillies, ginger, and garlic, then stir-fried with onions and bell peppers, squid transforms into the irresistible Squid Chilly Fry.

Taste: This dish offers a spicy and slightly tangy taste, with the tender squid providing a unique texture that's both chewy and soft.


  • Shark Ambot Tik 


Shark Ambot Tik is a traditional famous seafood dish in Goa known for its sour ('ambot') and spicy ('tik') flavours. The dish is made with shark meat, cut into cubes and marinated in a blend of spices, including red chillies, turmeric, and tamarind, giving it its characteristic tangy taste. The marinated shark is then cooked with onions, garlic, and more spices until tender. It's typically served with steamed rice or Goan bread, making for a satisfying and flavourful meal.

Taste: It offers a perfect balance of spicy and sour flavours, with the tender shark meat absorbing all the aromatic spices. 


  • Crab Xacuti 


Crab Xacuti is a flavourful Goan seafood dish that showcases the rich and aromatic blend of spices typical of the region's cuisine. The dish is prepared with crabs cooked in a spicy and fragrant gravy made from roasted coconut, red chillies, and a special blend of Xacuti masala. This masala includes ingredients like coriander seeds, cumin, cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom, among others, contributing to the complexity of the dish's flavour. The succulent crab meat pairs beautifully with the thick, aromatic gravy, making it a beloved dish among seafood and spice enthusiasts. 

Taste: It is known for its bold and spicy taste, with a slight hint of sweetness from the coconut. 


  • Mussels Rawa Fry


Mussels Rawa Fry is a popular Goan seafood dish that features mussels coated in a spiced semolina (rawa) batter and then shallow fried to crispy perfection. The mussels are first marinated in ginger-garlic paste, turmeric, red chilli powder, and lemon juice, infusing them with bold flavours. They are then coated in semolina, mixed with a bit of rice flour for extra crispiness, and fried until golden and crunchy on the outside while remaining tender and juicy.

Taste: This famous seafood dish of Goa offers a delightful contrast of textures, with the crispy coating complementing the soft, succulent mussels. The spices add a nice kick, making this dish a perfect appetizer or side dish that pairs well with a cold beverage.

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Well, now that you know about the famous seafood dishes in Goa, get packing. Take a trip there and relish the delicious seafood dishes with your loved ones.

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