A hint of jaggery diffusing a spicy Sambhar, the crisp golden edge of a dosa, the tang of tomato that blooms in rasam, the spicy mix that soaks into a piece of chicken. Karnataka’s cuisine will tease you with a variety of flavours. Ingredients tangle, clash and meld, creating a delicious dish for your pleasure. No matter which corner of Karnataka you decide to visit, you’ll find some flavour, some dish, some ingredient to tempt you. Oota aaitha? (Have you eaten?) If not, then prepare for some wholesome, flavourful food coming your way.

A Slice of Karnataka

Karnataka – the 7th largest state in India – shares its borders with Tamil Nadu in the Southeast, Kerala in the South, Maharashtra in the North and Andhra Pradesh in the East. Why is this important? Because flavours can’t be contained by borders. Karnataka’s cuisine features hints and influences from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra (and vice versa). However, these influences are spun into dishes that are uniquely Kannadiga. Each region offers up a unique take on the cuisine. Mangalore and Uttara Kannada will serve you the tangiest seafood, South Karnataka will feed you plate after plate of different Baths (rice-based dishes). Finally, North Karnataka brings the spice and fire to its dishes. Rice, ragi, urad dal, semolina, palm jaggery - if you look down at your plate, you’re more than likely to spot one (or more) of these popular ingredients.

A Hearty Serving

If you’re indulging in food from the state, be prepared to pile it onto your plate. Food in Karnataka is wholesome, delicious and leaves you wanting more. Its most popular dishes speak to the cuisine’s generosity. The famous Mysore Masala Dosa, with its crispy shell coated in a red spice mix and stuffed with cooked, spiced potatoes. The marriage of sweet and spicy in the traditional Chow-Chow Bath (the spicy vegetable upma known as Khara Bath with saffron tinged sweet halwa known as Kesari Bath). The bottomless flavour of Bisi Bele Bath – rice, lentils, vegetables cooked in a tamarind paste and dry coconut. The richness of thick Pandi Curry (made from succulent cubes of pork in a spicy curry). The soft, snowy whiteness of Neer Dosa, just waiting to soak in any kind of curry, kurma or saggu. Or the stringy tangle of white noodles, known as Nul Puttu (string hopper) accompanied by fresh coconut chutney. When it comes to Karnataka oota, it doesn’t matter which dish you choose. You’ll leave the table sated (and a bit sleepy).

A Touch of Sweetness 

Welcome to the sweet side of Karnataka, where ghee, jaggery, nuts and milk reign supreme. While its savoury dishes are well-known across the country, Karnataka’s desserts leave your sweet tooth aching for more. The iconic Mysore Pak – a magical mix of ghee, besan and sugar – is one of the most beloved desserts in the state. For a sweet and coconut flavoured treat, look no further than Haalbai – made from rice, coconut and jaggery and molded and shaped into delicious squares. If golden goodness is what you are looking for, then that’s what you’ll find, in a bowl of Rava Kesari – made from semolina, ghee, dry fruits and kesar (saffron). For a variety of flavours and ingredients, savour a spoonful of Payasa (milk boiled with sugar, spices and a variety of ingredients - semiya, poppy seeds, rice and more). Every savoury kick deserves to be followed by a sugar rush, right? Karnataka cuisine gifts you both.

The Club Mahindra Flavour

So, if your taste buds are tingling, now might be the time to consider visiting our Club Mahindra resorts in Karnataka. Set in the vibrant and verdant district of Coorg, our resorts in Virajpet and Madikeri offer the kind of wholesome, nutritious and delicious food that sets Karnataka cuisine apart from others. Indulge in the age-old recipes of the region at Aromas restaurant in Club Mahindra Virajpet. Explore the variety of flavours at the three restaurants in Club Mahindra Madikeri – Green Cardamom, Coffee Blossoms and Mercara.

Just wear your masks and sanitise your hands before entering the restaurant. We’ll handle the rest. The spaces of all our restaurants have been realigned to ensure that you maintain the 6-feet distance from other diners. All cutlery and crockery are disinfected in UV cupboards. Our servers, cooks and staff are all equipped with PPEs (including masks, gloves and face shields) and we conduct daily temperature checks for anyone entering the resort. So, don’t let your worries overtake your appetite. You have everything from Manga Curry, to Pandi Curry to NulPuttu to Bella Payasa to enjoy.

A little spice, a little sweet, and a whole lot of deliciousness – that’s what Karnataka’s cuisine has to offer you.

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