The calmness of the Himalayas, accompanied by the charm of an old British colony, have been the motivating factors that drive numerous travellers from around the world to Mussoorie  The Queen of Hill Stations.The Queen of Hill Stations. What was earlier established as a favourable destination for the British to spend their summers in India, now has a completely different story to tell. The architecture from the era still remains, but is now either being used as the premises of a premier school in the country, or as a tourist guest house!

The age-old history of Mussoorie, coupled by the cosmopolitan nature of a tourist city has allowed a lot of influences to touch this place. This has also led to a unique twist in the gastronomical experiences you can hope to find here, deriving the best of British, Indian, and Pahari styles of cooking. As the true essence of the city’s culture can very well be felt through its food, taking a dive deep into the eateries of this hill town is a brilliant idea.

If you agree with us on this, and would like to hog your way in to the hill town, then follow us, as we lead you to some of the best restaurants and cafes to excite your taste buds.

Lovely Omelette Centre:

Ask anyone living in the vicinity of the hill station, and they will all know the exact point where you can find these Lovely Omelettes indeed! This is a small little eatery that does not give in to the pressures of the modern world, and chooses to live the laidback lifestyle by starting the day at its own convenience! They then prepare the most scrumptious, fluffy omelettes you can find in all of India. Their specialty is the Cheese Omelette, made with onions, chillies, and their secret masala. A chocolate omelette can be prepared on request too.

Maggi Point:

The connection between Maggi and mountains is something like a match made in heaven. The large school-going student community present in Mussoorie turns this connection into a celebration witnessed at numerous Maggi points lined on the Dehradun-Mussoorie road. Young boys and girls, tourists, and everyone who takes a drive along this mountain road finds it impossible not to stop for some Maggi while experiencing the scenic beauty of the place. You can also find numerous other roadside snacks to accompany your Maggi here.

Chetan Puri Wallah:

Located around 30km away from Mussoorie is the Chetan Puri Wallah. Famous for its steaming hot Puris and Kachoris, which are served along with spicy potato gravy, the shop is a traditional eating joint. You can see grandfathers and grandsons eating here with the same levels of enthusiasm. Making a trip to this joint from Mussoorie is totally worth the effort!

Imperial Square Restaurant:

Famous for the continental food that the Brits first brought in here, this place still maintains some of the highest standards of culinary ethics that were passed on. And one doesn’t have to wait for the food to be able to see that. Everything, from the décor to the food here, transports you to the era of the British Raj. Try their waffles, pancakes, or sizzlers, to fulfil your craving for authentic continental food. Given its close proximity to the Club Mahindra Resort, one can surely take an early morning walk for breakfast to this place.

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