We have a rich culinary heritage, and we are unabashed food lovers. Food is a big part of all our celebrations, be it festivals, birthdays, or just a graduation party. Festivals especially are occasions to indulge and the perfect time to enjoy your favourite sweets. Every region of our country has its own sweet speciality that makes the festive season more joyous. Of course, you can enjoy them any time but they take on a special significance during festivals. Here are eight sumptuous Indian sweets that you can make at home this festive season.

Kaju Katli

Nothing could be simpler than a kaju katli. Nothing can be more desirable than that silver-coated diamond. It has four basic ingredients – cashews, sugar, ghee, and cardamom powder. When these four come together they play a symphony of decadence on your taste buds. It is surprisingly easy to make. You will find an astounding number of recipes, some with a unique take on the original. How about making your own kaju katli this Diwali and enjoying its rich taste and smooth texture?


In a way, rasmalai can be called the richer cousin of a rasgulla. But instead of sugar syrup, it swims in a luscious lake of thickened milk and is topped with a shower of chopped dry fruits. It is made exactly like a rasgulla, except for that one crucial difference of syrup. Both are made from paneer. Ensure three things while making your own; use soft paneer, knead it thoroughly and boil the discs for the right amount of time.

Besan Laddoo

Besan laddoos are little flavour bombs that are a Diwali staple. The shiny brown orbs tantalize you with a promise of roasted, sugary goodness with every bite that melts in the mouth. Made with besan (gram flour), ghee, sugar, and cardamom, it is simple to make. The key to a good besan laddoo is a good roasting. It not only takes the taste to the next level but also enhances the laddoo’s texture. You must surely try it this Diwali.

Indian sweets-Kaju Katli Indian sweets-Rasmalai

4. Kalakand

This milky delight is a darling of dessert aficionados around the country. Born in Rajasthan, this three-ingredient wonder blends full-fat milk, sugar, and cardamom powder into a luscious creation with a melt-in-the-mouth consistency. Making it involves patiently reducing the milk down to its solids, which requires a lot of continuous stirring. However, if you want to make this at home, here’s a short cut. Use homemade paneer with condensed milk and cardamom powder to get the same taste and consistency.

5. Mysorepak

Mysorepak came from down south and earned a place for itself in our hearts with its smooth, sinful goodness. It is made with ingredients we usually have at home; besan, ghee, and sugar. Add some oil to the mix to get its trademark porous texture. There are two versions of mysorepak, and both are delicious. However, the soft version is more popular due to its luxurious texture and sweeter taste. Some versions substitute sugar with jaggery for a healthier indulgence.

6. Malpua

Just like jalebis, malpuas must be served hot. This syrup-soaked pancake is made in many parts of our country. And though each region adds it signature twist to it, they’re all equally delicious. Diwali is the perfect time to make this delectable dessert at home. Flour, milk, and milk solids (khoya) are the basic ingredients you will need. In some places they add coconut to the mix while some versions even have fruits. What is your twist going to be?

Indian sweets-Kalakand Indian sweets-Malpua

7. Badam Barfi

Badam barfi may not be as well-known as kaju katli but it can match its famous sibling for richness and taste. Following the same process as the kaju katli, what you get at the end is a soft nutty fudge that brings a smile to the face. All you need is soaked, peeled almonds, reduced milk, and sugar. If you get almond meal, you can save yourself some effort and time. It is time the badam barfi got its due.

8. Karanji

This Maharashtrian delicacy makes an appearance around Diwali. The crunchy, flaky exterior hides a sweet stuffing that differs from region to region. The stuffing, which can either be dry or wet, and the cover are made separately. The seemingly simple combination of coconut, sugar, and ghee makes for a delicious stuffing which is then placed on a flour pancake, folded into a semicircle, sealed around the edges, and deep-fried. These crispy brown smiles will bring a smile on your face.

Indian sweets-Karanji

Some of the sweets on this list are simple to make while some may need extra efforts. But the fruits of your labour will be sweet. Make at least one of these during this festive season.

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