Sweets and dessert of Goa are a delightful blend of traditional flavours, textures, and ingredients, reflecting the region's rich cultural heritage. Key ingredients include coconut, jaggery, rice flour, and spices like cardamom and nutmeg.

Those visiting Goa focus on drinks, seafood, and other spicy, savoury dishes. And they miss out on the delicious desserts in Goa. A big reason for that is also the lack of knowledge about the best sweets in Goa.

We would not want that to happen to you.

Here are 10 famous Goan sweet dishes for you to relish when you visit.

Best Sweets in Goa

  1. Goan Dodol
  2. Goan Fenori
  3. Goan Bebinca
  4. Goan Letri
  5. Goan Patoleo
  6. Alle Belle (Goan Pancakes)
  7. Perad (Guava Cheese)
  8. Sannas (Goan/Mangalorean Idlis)
  9. Goan Doce
  10. Baath Cake (Goan Coconut Cake)
  • Goan Dodol 

Goan Dodol is a traditional sweet with a soft, pudding-like texture that melts in your mouth, bursting with flavours. This dessert of Goa is made primarily from ragi (finger millet), coconut, and palm jaggery. This ancient Goan dessert is enjoyed all year round, especially during Christmas. To achieve its melt-in-your-mouth consistency, the right proportions of coconut milk, jaggery, and rice flour are essential, with cashew nuts adding to its rich flavour. Dodol is a staple dessert in Goa, readily available in markets and shops, particularly popular during the Christmas season.

  • Goan Fenori 

Fenori, a famous sweet in Goa, is known for its crispy, layered texture and is soaked in sugar syrup. These flaky, crunchy puris are a delightful treat for any festive occasion, especially Diwali. While traditionally white, some add food colouring to make Fenori look like beautiful roses. In Maharashtra, a similar sweet called "Chirotta" is popular. The beauty of Fenori lies in the layers, which are more pronounced with more chapatis used in its preparation. Making coloured Fenori requires extra time and patience, but it's enjoyable.

  • Goan Bebinca

Bebinca, the Queen of Goan sweets, is a staple at most Goan celebrations, including Christmas, Easter, weddings, and christenings. This layered dessert of Goa requires patience, as each layer must be cooked before adding the next. Typically made with seven layers, Bebinca's ingredients include flour, eggs, sugar, coconut milk, and spices like cardamom and nutmeg. It's considered one of the best sweets in Goa, offering a soothing dessert experience that demands mindfulness and patience in its preparation.

  • Goan Letri

Letri, or Fios de Ovos, is a famous Goan sweet introduced by the Portuguese, traditionally served during Christmas. It involves egg yolks pulled into thin strands and boiled in sugar syrup, creating a delicate golden hue. The same syrup combines These strands with coconut and bread candies. Letri is a luxurious dessert rich in coconut, nuts, and raisins. The preparation process is lengthy and requires assistance, but nowadays, ready-made rice flour is often used for convenience.

  • Goan Patoleo

Patoleo, or Patoli, is a traditional Goan sweet prepared for festive occasions like the Feast of the Assumption, Sao Joao, and Ganesh Chaturthi. These steamed cakes are wrapped in turmeric leaves, which impart a unique aroma and flavour. They are made from a mixture of rice flour, coconut, and jaggery. Turmeric leaves are aromatic and have Ayurvedic properties, making Patoleo a healthy and delicious treat. It is one of the famous Goan sweet dishes enjoyed during special celebrations.

  • Alle Belle

Alle Belle, traditional Goan pancakes, are filled with sweet coconut and palm jaggery. These thin, soft pancakes are particularly made on Shrove Tuesday, marking the beginning of Lent. Alle Belle is a beloved dessert in Goa, cherished for its delicate texture and sweet filling. Yet, it remains less commercialized compared to other Goan dishes.

  • Perad

Perad, or Guava cheese, is a fudge-like sweet made from guavas, sugar, and a hint of lemon. This long-lasting treat is a classic recipe and a sought-after delicacy in Goan Kuswar, the assortment of Christmas goodies. It pairs wonderfully with cheese and crackers, offering a sweet and fruity flavour. Perad is a famous sweet in Goa, enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

  • Sannas

Sannas are the Goan/Mangalorean version of idlis, made from a fermented batter of ground red rice and freshly grated coconut. Traditionally fermented with toddy, yeast is commonly used as a more accessible alternative. These spongy steamed rice cakes are enjoyed with spicy curries for lunch or dinner. Sannas are a unique dessert of Goa that showcases the region's culinary diversity.

  • Goan Doce

Doce, meaning 'sweet' in Portuguese, is a traditional Goan confection made from chana dal (Bengal gram), coconut, and sugar. This soft fudge requires patience and continuous stirring but is worth the effort. Doce is a popular sweet in Goa and parts of Bombay, available in bakeries and sweet shops during festive occasions like Christmas and weddings. It is one of the best sweets in Goa, loved for its simplicity and delicious taste.

  • Baath Cake

Baath Cake, a traditional Goan Christmas sweet, is part of the Christmas Kuswar platter. Rich in coconut and flavoured with rose water, this cake boasts a nutty and floral fragrance with a moist and tender texture. Also known as Batica or Batk, Baath Cake is commonly made in Goan households during Christmas, using desiccated coconut and semolina (rava) in its recipe. It is a famous sweet in Goa, enjoyed by many during the festive season.

Goan sweets are a beloved part of the local food culture, with many shops and bakeries specializing in making these traditional treats. The sweets of Goa are enjoyed not only in Goa but also in other parts of India and around the world.

However, the best place to enjoy them is in Goa. The sun, the sand, the sea, and the famous Goan sweet dishes- what a combination!

If you are staying at any Club Mahindra Resorts in Goa, inquire about these sweet dishes.

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