While India is known worldwide for its flavoursome curries and spices, it is equally known for the amazing and creative things it has done with vegetables. The wide variety of popular Indian vegetarian food available across different states and regions makes our vegetarian cuisines extremely popular among both international and domestic travellers.

Most Indians, even those who swear by their butter chicken, mutton biryani and kheema masala, can scarcely resist the allure of vegetarian dishes like paneer makhani, sarson ka saag, kaali daal and other regional specialities. And at Club Mahindra resorts, we have such a delightful variety of popular Indian vegetarian dishes that even the most hardcore non-vegetarians will be tempted.

And the good news is that these mouthwatering authentic vegetarian dishes are available at all our restaurants. Every Club Mahindra resort combines luxurious stays, with finger-licking veggie food that leaves our guests wanting to try everything on the menu!

Dig in to Local Authentic Vegetarian Delicacies

Does the sight of farm-fresh vegetables and freshly foraged mushrooms and berries leave you rubbing your hands in anticipation?  Does the thought of a rich, creamy paneer gravy, hot, buttery naans or crispy pakodas and vegetable kebabs sound tempting? Then you’ll be delighted to know that Club Mahindra’s kitchens only source the freshest vegetables and fruits from local farmers, thus turning popular Indian vegetarian dishes into an unparalleled gourmet experience! This also helps us support rural livelihoods by building a farm-to-table relationship with local farmers.

Popular Indian Vegetarian Dishes Vegetarian Indian Dishes

If you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, or simply someone who enjoys a satiating meal of mixed vegetables in various forms, Club Mahindra is where you need to be. Whether it is enjoying a steaming hot plate of veg momos with a dreamy mountain backdrop at Club Mahindra Gangtok (Sikkim), or savouring rich vegetarian biryani at Club Mahindra Corbett, Uttarakhand, your taste-buds are surely in for a treat with our authentic vegetarian dishes!

One of the best parts of travel is trying out unheard-of dishes. For eg., Club Mahindra Gangtok, Sikkim serves some Sikkimese authentic vegetarian dishes. Our chefs recommend the Ningro Churpi curry. A simple yet utterly scrumptious dish, this has Ningro, an alpine fiddle-head fern and Churpi, a cottage cheese made from either cow or yak milk. The two are sauteed together to form a delicious vegetarian curry, native to the Sikkimese. Delicious!

If Sikkim is not on your immediate agenda, then choose one of our Southern, Western or Central Indian resorts to access some of the best, most unique Indian vegetarian dishes.

For instance, have you ever tried Yam chops? Club Mahindra Puducherry (Tamil Nadu), offers you a culinary experience like no other! Dig into local delicacies that have become popular Indian vegetarian dishes, as you enjoy the quaint property and make memories to last a lifetime.

Authentic Vegetarian Dishes Vegetarian Food

Feeling adventurous? The Kaccha Aam Kebab at Club Mahindra Corbett, Uttarakhand, is one of the Indian vegetarian dishes you’ll keep yearning for! Club Mahindra resort restaurants use only the best quality local ingredients and team up with world-class chefs to give guests a gourmet experience like no other!

So the next time a friend or colleague complains about the “lack of variety” in vegetarian food, show them this article. At Club Mahindra’s restaurants, you can experience the best vegetarian delicacies, while supporting local farmers and enjoying our beautiful, remote locations! Why wait? Head to one of the 60+ Club Mahindra resorts in India now!

Indian Vegetarian Dishes

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