Have you wondered what would bring you real joy traveling across India? It is the ever-bustling dramatic streets. Believe it or not, when it comes to street food, the country has it all. At any point of the day, one gets to see street food vendors peeling, boiling, frying, or simmering diverse eateries to lure the passers-by. And if you are a food lover, you would very well know that you can do nothing but stop by to sample a few of the delectably rewarding eats.  

These hole-in-the-wall eating shacks are legendry as they churn out specialties honed over generations. And if you happen to roam around streets across India, here are some top street food picks you shouldn’t miss relishing!

Aloo Tikki from Delhi

Spice-it –up with this tangy and savory epic snack meant to tantalize your taste buds completely. Prepared by mashing boiled potatoes with bread crumbs and added spices, Aloo Tikki comes into shape when frizzled. Served hot on your plate, it tastes best when tossed in a mishmash of tamarind and coriander chutney. One of the all-time favorite tidbits is popularly served across the streets of Chandini Chowk, Old Delhi.

Vada Pao from Maharashtra

Discover an Indian twist in a veggie burger by taking a big bite of this mouth-watering street dish. Vada Pao featuring a deep-fried potato dumpling stuffed in a bun is a snack that defines Mumbai. This quick to cook authentic Marathi munchy is best nibbled with potions of garlic chutney and spicy green chilies. Don’t miss to taste this classic culinary delight of Aamchi Mumbai.

Tundey Kebab from Lucknow

Drool over this exceptionally scrumptious non-vegetarian appetizer famous across Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. Prepared by finely minced meat added with a variety of aromatic spices and ingredients, Tundey Kebab is sure to fulfill your long dreamt cravings. Pop-in this divine delicacy meant to take you on a short trip to heaven. Remember to take pleasure in this must-try morsel from the streets of the Nawabo Ka Shehar.

Ragada Pattice from Gujarat

Sink in this zesty roadside victual which is sure to take you on a gastronomic ride. This popular Gujarati roadside dish comprises two mashed potato cutlets (pattice) served in piping hot white peas gravy (ragada) garnished with tamarind chutney, sev, coriander leaves, and chopped onions. Tempting as it is, Ragada Pattice is a mini-feast high up on the eating list.

Litti Chokha from Bihar

Sizzle in this palate teaser meant to satiate your hunger. Litti Chokha featuring Sattu, a traditional staple food of Bihar is enjoyed with aloo curry or baigan ka bharata and curd. Double up the taste of this conventional delight by adding a little Desi Ghee to your plate. Coming straight from the streets of Bihar this one starter is sure to make you ask for more. 

Jhal Muri from West Bengal

Gnaw away this crispy and tasty street food popular across Kolkata. A perfect on-the-go snack, this one is made by mixing puffed rice with an array of spices. Peanuts, sev, fried lentils, green chilies, coriander leaves, chopped onions, and tomatoes offer Jhal Muri a great taste. Adding a dash of lemon juice makes this dish irresistible. Super-quick to cook, this snack is wholesome and incredibly light on your tummy.

Idli Sambhar from South India

Chomp on this luscious and incredibly succulent treat famous across Chennai. This one makes up an enticing meal comprising of soft and fluffy fermented rice cakes (idli) served with a vegetable lentil stew (sambhar). Tangy and toothsome, Idli Sambhar is best served with coconut and tomato chutney. Dip the spongy rice cakes into a bowl full of steaming sambhar and gulp it in. Feel the squishy pieces melt in your mouth lending you a foodgasm.

Mirchi Ke Pakode from Rajasthan

Experience a snack attack as you munch on this delectable yet a bit spicy grub. A popular street snack of Rajasthan, Mirchi Ke Pakode will surely appease your hunger. Devour big-sized green chilies stuffed with fiery potato filling dipped in besan batter and deep-fried. Sample this piquant finger food doled out with coriander chutney.  

Sampling street food across India will be no less than a quintessential way of exploring diverse cultures. If you haven’t been a part of such a distinctive experience, then now is the time to do so. Hit the fantastical lanes and begin your culinary adventure with some hors d'oeuvres. 


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