Eid al-Adha or Bakri Eid as it is commonly known in India is the second most important event in the Islamic calendar. It is the ‘Feast of sacrifice’ and Muslim communities all over the world celebrate this festival with great zeal.  

Bakri Eid celebrations last for about three days in the honour of the Prophet Ibrahim’s devotion to Allah. During the festival, people exchange gifts, visit each other's house, and enjoy a feast. The festival also marks the end of the holy Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.  

Why is Eid al-Adha celebrated?

As per the holy Quran, Prophet Ibrahim and his wife Hagar had a son after many years of praying to the Almighty. However, once when Allah asked Ibrahim to sacrifice his son as an act of devotion, he did not hesitate. He and his wife travelled to Mecca to perform the sacrifice and when he was about to sacrifice the child, Allah told him to stop and provided him with a lamb to sacrifice.  

Thus, on Eid al-Adha, Muslims sacrifice a goat, sheep, or camel to the God to honour the great prophet’s act of devotion. Generally, the sacrifice is done at their home or specific spots. For the good deed of sacrifice to be counted, the family must divide and distribute the meat to family and friends, the neighbours and one portion to the poor. 

How is Eid al-Adha celebrated?

The festival celebrations start with a special prayer for the day called Salat al-Eid and it is followed by another sermon – Khutbah. Later, in the day, people visit friends and families and exchange the Arabic greeting – Eid Mubarak, and exchange gifts and share a meal.  

Sharing a meal and feasting is a significant part of the Eid al-Adha celebrations. Although the dishes are prepared based on the local culture, most of the families in India prepare specific mutton dishes like mutton kebabs, Haleem, mutton biryani and mutton curries and korma. 

With Eid al-Adha 2023 just around the corner, which falls on June 29, you may be already looking forward to enjoying a delicious feast with your friends and families right? Well we don’t blame you for jumping in joy with anticipation about the feast. If you are wondering about the dishes you can have, here are some of the delicious mutton dishes you can try. 

Delicious Mutton Dishes to Try

Mutton Biryani


It is not an Eid al-Adha feast or festival if there is no mutton biryani on the feast menu. The centrepiece of the feast and the undisputed king of all biryanis in the world, mutton biryani is not just any other ordinary dish, it is an emotion; it is a state of bliss! 

Just thinking of the sweet aroma of the long grains of the basmati rice, mixed with the tender and spice-infused meat is enough to send you into a food coma! If you are a biryani lover, you would know that there are several varieties of biryani, and there is no single best mutton biryani recipe; each has its distinct flavour and taste. 

But, when it comes to Eid al-Adha, a Lucknowi, Awadhi or Hyderabadi-style dum biryani is much loved by one and all. 

Seekh Kebab

Is there a person who eats meat, and does not love Seekh Kebab? Probably not. Loaded with spices, and cooked to perfection so that the meat just melts in your mouth like a cotton candy, this utterly delicious mutton dish is an integral part of every Eid meal.  

Typically, this dish is served with freshly made mint or coriander chutney or with spiced yoghurt and some veggie salad. The spices in the meat, and the freshness and sweet aroma of the mint, combined with the coolness of the yoghurt make for a divine combination that makes you crave for every bite.  

Mutton Korma


An Eid al-Adha feast without mutton korma would be like a lake without fishes. One of the most loved mutton dishes, mutton korma has a separate fan base; from kids to adults love it. A royal curry, mutton korma is made with the goodness of rich spices and a melange of meat.  

The meat is marinated for a few hours in a medley of spices, and it is cooked to perfection until the meat is tender, juicy and falls off the bone. If you are a fan of mutton or lamb, there are not many dishes that can compare with it as the best main course dish.  

There are literally thousands of mutton recipes for korma. In fact, every family has its own secret recipe that is passed down from one generation to another and most recipes use at least one or two secret ingredients that elevate the taste to the next level. There is Awadhi-style mutton korma that is heavy on spices, and there is the South-Indian version, which is more coconut-based and both are equally tasty; you can choose any of the version that best suits and appeals to your palate.  

Mutton Kaleji


Just the mere mention of Mutton Kaleji can make anyone’s mouth water and leave them drooling! One of the many mutton dishes that is full of flavour, nutrition and taste. Kaleji is basically the Hindi word for liver, and the dish is made of lamb liver.  

It can either be cooked as a curry with rich gravy or it can be fried and served as an appetiser, and it is usually a part of Eid al-Adha feast meal. The meat is first cleaned and rubbed with different spices and then it is stir-fried until it is soft, and then thrown into a rich gravy to further infuse the flavours of all the spices in the gravy.  

Usually the dish is served as an appetiser but you can also have it as a side with naan or chapati. But make sure that you squeeze a lime on top before popping the kaleji in your mouth. The lime juice gives that much-needed zing to the dish that makes all the other flavours sing! 

Rogan Josh


A mutton dish that comes straight from the royal kitchen, Rogan Josh is one of the most popular dishes of all time. A meat lover’s delight, in this dish the meat is first marinated with fragrant infused yoghurt and the meat is allowed to soak in the flavour for a few hours, usually overnight and then it is slow cooked in a pressure cooker, which allows the spices to seep in and allows the meat to absorb the aroma.  

It is a part of the main course and it is usually served with plain rice or naan bread. Dip your naan in the thick, rich, and super decadent gravy, grab a piece of meat with it and feel the riot of flavours bustling in your mouth. Every mouthful will make you thank the great Lord for giving you a chance to enjoy the feast.  

End the Celebration on a Sweet Note


They say, all that starts well, ends well. There can be no better ending to a delicious Eid al-Adha feast than gorging on the Sheer Khurma, a rich vermicelli-based sweet pudding or kheer that is made with milk, sugar, dates, and nuts.  

The festive meal seems incomplete without having a bowl or two of this heavenly goodness to drain down all the greasy, rich gravies and masala-laden dishes you had in the feast. The sweetness of the milk and sugar, and the richness of the nuts and dates in the dish refreshes your taste buds, leaving a sweet hum in your mouth. 

There you have the best mutton dishes that you can try during the Eid al-Adha feast. Happy Feasting! And Eid Mubarak!

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