What comes to mind when you think of the magical kingdom of Sikkim? Are your tastebuds tingling in anticipation of sweet, spicy momos and hot Thukpa noodle soup? But do you know, the food of Sikkim has a lot more flavours that can surprise your tastebuds in more than one way. 

The majority of the state has an ethnic Nepalese and Tibetan majority with the former overpowering the latter. Due to this reason, you can find a variety of dishes that are different in taste, texture, and aroma from each other. 

Here’s more information out about the food of Sikkim that goes beyond Momos and Thukpa.


  • Phagshapa


Generally a dish for the summers, phagshapa is a pork-based dish served with rice. Food from Sikkim is generally regarded to be very spicy and even though this dish contains its fair share of heat, it is still easier on the palate than the rest. 

The star of the dish is the pork, cooked with subtle spices, chilli and radish in oil. The pork fat is left on the meat to give it the dish’s primary flavour. 

  • Dhindo

Dhindo is one of the famous dishes of Sikkim that is quite popular amongst locals and tourists. This food of Sikkim originates from Nepal but is quite a rage in many parts of Sikkim and Darjeeling as well. 

The preparation is that of flour mix added to boiling water while continuously stirring it with a ladle. Clarified butter or normal butter is optional. The flour is traditionally prepared from buckwheat or millet. Grains like wheat and cornflour are common as well. One can use almost any grain provided that it is ground into flour. 

The utensils used for its preparation are usually an iron pan called Palame Tapke, and an iron spatula or ladle called the Dabilo. The latter helps stir the mixture and bring to the creation of a tasty comfort meal that almost all of Sikkim’s population loves. 

  • Kinema Curry

A unique dish, the star ingredient of this dish is fermented soya bean. It is one of the most popular dishes of the state for its taste as well as its high protein value. A tadka of turmeric powder, onion, red chilli and tomatoes is added to the gravy to further enhance the taste. The dish is served with rice. This is a great food for vegetarians visiting the state.  

  • Gundruk and Sinki

Gundruk and Sinki are dishes of Nepalese origin. The former is made of a combination of radish leaves and cauliflower. The mixture is then cooked with spices and tomato sauce. For the latter, taproots are utilized as the main ingredient. The next process is fermentation to lend it a sour taste. Mustard leaves and oil are added to Gundruk to lend it a nice taste. 

The food of Sikkim is rich in roughage and helps maintain one’s metabolism. Traditionally, this dish is made in an earthen pot. With modernization, other utensils are now used for their preparation. Out of the many dishes of Sikkim, both these dishes are quite popular for their taste and health benefits. 

  • Kodo Ko Roti

A Nepali dish, kodo ko roti has been adopted through Sikkim as a dish of its own. The dish is a simple bread meal, typically served with pickle. With kodo flour or finger millet flour, the batter is kneaded and spread across a banana leaf. The leaf is then covered and baked on a tawa. The dish is known to taste best when a tomato pickle is served as an accompaniment. 

  • Masauyra Curry

One of the famous Nepali cuisines, Masaurya curry is a favourite local food of Sikkim. The main ingredient that it takes to make the curry is the fermented black gram. It looks like a ball and is spicy condiments. Don’t forget to try this amazing cuisine while you are in Sikkim. This dish is best served with cooked rice. 

  • Bamboo Shoot Curry

Tama Curry, or Bamboo Shoot Curry, Sikkim's authentic dish, is made with bamboo shoots, turmeric, methi seeds, and red chilli. 

The dish is cooked by sautéing onions, garlic, and spices before adding bamboo shoots and simmering until flavours meld. Served with rice, it is a popular lunch or dinner option. This flavourful curry highlights the unique taste of bamboo shoots and the aromatic spices of Indian cuisine. 

  • Dal Bhat

Dal Bhat is a staple Nepali dish enjoyed by both locals and trekkers in the Himalayan region. This traditional food of Sikkim comprises lentil soup, known as dal, and boiled rice, referred to as bhat. Accompaniments for Dal Bhat can vary, often featuring steamed or sautéed vegetables, vegetable curry, popadoms (thin, crispy bread), pickles, and curd (yoghurt). The combination of ingredients in Dal Bhat provides a well-rounded and satisfying meal, making it a popular choice for those living in or exploring the Himalayas. 

  • Sel Roti

Sel roti is a sweet rice bread from Nepal, shaped like a ring. People make it during big Hindu festivals like Dashain and Tihar. It's also popular in Sikkim and Darjeeling in India where Nepalese communities live. You can eat sel roti by itself as a tasty snack or with yoghurt, hot drinks, or fried veggies. It's best when fresh, but it stays good for up to a week, so it's a long-lasting and versatile bread. 

  • Chhurpi Soup

Chhurpi soup is a traditional food of Sikkim often served at various events. It's made from chhurpi, a fermented dairy product from cow or yak milk, known for its soft texture and mild sour taste. Chhurpi can be a snack or used in soups and pickles. People especially enjoy it in winter for its warm and comforting qualities. The main ingredient, homemade cottage cheese, is dried and smoked, giving the soup a unique flavour typical of the Eastern Himalayan states. 

  • Gya Kho

Gya Kho, also known as Chimney Soup, is a flavourful meat stew featuring a variety of vegetables and meats. With its origins in Tibet, this dish has become an integral part of Sikkimese cuisine. The name Gya Kho is derived from the traditional serving bowl's resemblance to a coal chimney. These unique bowls are designed with a compartment for holding coals, which not only keeps the stew warm but also imparts a distinct taste. This hearty and comforting dish showcases the rich culinary traditions and flavours found in the Himalayan region. 

  • Eromba

Eromba is a food of Sikkim and a well-loved dish in Manipuri homes, bringing together fermented fish, chilies, and veggies like buckwheat, colocasia, lady's finger, potato, tree beans, and bamboo shoots. Though the way it's made can differ, the main ingredients stay the same. Since rice is a common food in the region, Eromba goes great with a traditional rice meal. You can also enjoy it with hot phulka/roti and a slice of raw onion, showing how versatile the dish is. The mix of flavours and textures in Eromba highlights Manipur's special cooking traditions.

So, which of these foods of Sikkim are you most excited about experiencing on your trip? Well, why not sample all? 

Also, along with the food, it is necessary to choose the right place to stay as well. It will help you easily enjoy the local food of Sikkim. Comfortable living space in beautiful areas makes your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

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  • Mountain Haven

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