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Children must have a balance of mental and physical activity for their all round development. A variety of activities like reading story books, having playdates with their group, playing outdoors, etc. enhance the overall growth of a kid. But monsoon is a season when it may get difficult for kids to go outdoors to play.

Asking your kid to remain indoors when they want to go run outside can sometimes get challenging. So what do you do? You get innovative and find indoor activities that not only engage your kids but help them learn and grow. 

You do not have to rely on television to keep him distracted because we have listed some fun indoor activities for children that your kids will love doing indoors and bust their boredom.

List of 8 indoor activities for children during monsoon

Below is the list of 8 indoor rainy season activities for kids that will keep them occupied for hours:


  • Let them dress themselves


If your kids are slightly younger, letting them dress themselves could be the best idea. Kids love wearing their mommy's beautiful saree or papa's big shoes. Encourage the imagination of your kid by opening up the cupboard for them and letting them dress up as any individual, maybe a certain character from popular culture. The more quirky and colourful the costumes, the better. This will keep them engaged while having fun.


  • When bored, board


With the world moving towards a digital life, the rains are the best way to reconnect with board games. You can also participate in the board play. Classic games like Pictionary, Ludo, Pictionary, and a host of other strategy-games. Playing board games would enhance your family time as well as act as a great bond-building exercise. Such activities for children also develop your kids’ thinking abilities and skill sets.


  • Play the pinching paisa game


Some of the best kids monsoon activities are indoor games like pinching paisa. The fun game is an engaging way to improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination. You give each player five coins and place a few cups on a table or floor. Each player then takes turns to toss the coins into the cup. Children can stand nearer while adults can stand away. Each time a coin falls into the cup, a point is earned. The player having the most points at the end wins.


  • Play treasure hunt


Treasure hunts can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Plan and hide certain items in a secure place. Then make up clues using various locations or objects in your house to lead your kid to the treasure. Write clues starting from the last one and work your way towards the first one. Hide the pieces of paper with a series of clues around the house for your kid to figure out. Trust us, this would be fun!


  • Play the game of whispers


Are your kids making too much noise indoors? Why not play the game of whispers? Before starting the game, write down a few phrases on a piece of paper so that you can refer back to them. Tell all the players, big and small, to sit in a circle. The objective of the game is to pass on a message verbatim through whispers till it reaches the last person. If the last person recites the message in the original form the team wins. A whisper master would be needed as well to whisper the original sentence to the first player.


  • Let them be master chef


While this might get messy, it is sure to keep your kid engaged for a long haul. Kids are often fascinated by their parents working in the kitchen, and are attracted to cooking. You can give them expired items from the kitchen and necessary utensils to make whatever they want.


  • Group storytelling game


Storytelling drastically improves your kid’s thinking skills. The storytelling game is just what you need. One of the super kids monsoon activities, storytelling game can be played indoors while you and your kids snuggle up in a blanket and have a cup of hot chocolate. Playing it is simple. Just pick a theme that will be the starting story point. Older kids can start the activity and you can leave it on younger kids to continue midway.


  • Build a castle with blanket 


Do you remember the fun we had building castles and houses with blankets and sitting inside cozily. You must remember that ad in which the kid makes a blanket castle! The great individual activity would boost your kids' imagination of putting pillows and tying up the blankets. 

You can also give them colourful papers and ask them to make a paper collage artwork, play hide and seek, let them have an in-house party with neighbouring kids, or put them to work to do household chores

Final word

Children have little to do with themselves. While it is raining out, it is your responsibility to get them to work inside. This occupies them constructively as well as instills valuable lessons in accountability and responsibility. 

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