DIY Gift Ideas for Kids

It’s that time of the year. The temperature is dropping, and Christmas is around the corner. One of the oldest and most joyful Christmas traditions has been exchanging gifts. A gift can be more memorable if it’s homemade, especially if made by a kid.

So, following are some easy but effective DIY gift ideas for kids you can consider this Christmas.

1.      Christmas Cards 

Among all the homemade gifts for children ideas, Christmas cards can be one of the easiest to implement. Sending customised Christmas cards can never go out of fashion. If your children have an artistic bend of mind, you can encourage them to draw Christmas cards with a wide range of themes like family, wildlife, scenery, or Christmas.

Alternatively, children aged 10-12 years can make Christmas Cards with simple electric circuits to amaze the receiver.

2.      Snow Jars

Christmas is essentially a winter festival, and anything depicting snow goes with the season’s mood. So, a snow jar can be one of the best DIY Christmas gifts for kids, especially if your child loves snow. 

You can use the old pickle or honey jars, preferably small glass jars, in the house to make some really cool snow jars. All you need is white cotton, some miniature toys or models like a Christmas tree, a small house, Santa Claus, etc.

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Place some cotton at the base. Now plant a Christmas tree and a miniature model on that base. Use transparent glue to hold all the pieces in place. Your customised snow jar is ready.

3.      Photo Frames 

A customised photo frame can be one of the easiest DIY Christmas gifts you can make with your kids. The best part is you don’t require special tools or materials to build the frame. From simple plyboard pieces and discarded tiles to intricately carved bamboo frames, you can let your imaginations fly based on your skill set.

You can use watercolours, oil paints, or other decorative items to decorate the frame as per your taste. Put a photo in the frame and see the receiver's reaction on unpacking the gift.

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4.      Paperweights 

A paperweight is one of the simple, yet classy Christmas gifts children can give to their fathers. Besides, it can be a great learning process as your kid learns to transform an ordinary rock into a paperweight. Choose medium-sized rocks with no sharp edges and a side as flat as possible. Help your kid draw patterns on the rock and paint it with oil paints or nail polish. 

The lucky father can use this paperweight on his office table. Apart from expressing love, it will remind him to come home early every day.


Reading books is never going out of fashion. So, making a bookmark can be one of the simplest yet elegant kid-made gift ideas, especially if the gift is for a book lover. 

You can use heavy paper or cardboard. Cut it into a proper size. If you’re into art and craft, you can cut the bookmark in simple shapes and sizes to add a personalised touch. Use vibrant colours to give it a joyous appearance. You can further use different fabrics, beads, or vinyl to add detailing. 

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Remember, beauty and love are all about imperfections. So, a little inaccuracy or an imperfect colouring in a homemade Christmas gift made by a child can always score over a purchased product. So, use these Christmas gift ideas to create happy memories this Christmas.      

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