Coorg, a hill station in Karnataka, has become a hot favourite among holiday goers for its calm and beautiful vistas and salubrious weather.

If you have never visited Coorg before, here are a few reasons why you should book a vacation to this spot soon:

* It is too beautiful to pass up. If there is heaven on Earth, Coorg is certainly it. It has babbling brooks and beautiful rivers like the Cauvery, hills and hiking trails, ancient spots of historical significance, small markets and restaurants serving authentic local cuisine. It is ideal for a short break away from the city chaos and pollution.

* Coorg is well connected with many cities. Hence, if you’re wondering on how to reach Coorg, then read on as we have it covered for you a little further down in this article.

* It helps you regain your peace of mind and composure. You can visit many temples located here or simply take off alone and hike to the nearest point to watch the sunset. Catching the sunrise or sunset at Coorg’s hilltop points is a divine experience one mustn’t miss. The beauty of the location and the hushed silence that follows you wherever you go, will calm your nerves and help you unwind.

* If you love coffee, you will love going to Coorg. The hill station is one of the foremost coffee producers in the country, with high quality coffee coming from vast plantations at different locations. Coorg coffee is characterised by the blue beans that give the coffee a distinct colouring, as well as easy liquoring qualities. Just a walk through the plantations will give you a passing whiff of coffee, which is great for mental alertness. You can buy some coffee packs to take back home or gift to friends as well. There are also some accommodation options like home stays and small hotels located on private coffee plantations – these offer a wonderful forest stay experience.

* If you are a non-vegetarian, then you should head to Coorg pronto! The earliest residents of Coorg, the Kodavas, are said to be descended from Alexander The Great. Their cuisine featured a variety of non-vegetarian fare which is why many restaurants in Coorg serve authentic cuisines that foodies die for. Read on to find out different ways to reach Coorg.

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How to Reach Coorg By Air

Coorg does not have its own airport. The airport closest to Coorg is in Mangalore, which is located about 145 km away. You are advised to book your flight that lands at Mangalore airport, instead of Bengaluru airport. Bengaluru airport is even further than Mangalore airport, which is approximately 290 km from Coorg. However, both Mangalore and Bengaluru airports handle international flights, so you have a diverse choice of airlines, both domestic and foreign.

While booking your tickets to Coorg, make sure you book at least two months prior to your flying period if it coincides with the peak season (between October and March). You may book a month before flying if you are going in the off-season, but even then, tourist numbers are relatively high. Generally, the later you book your flight tickets, the more expensive they will be. You might also not get good direct flights or may have long layovers in between connecting flights.

How to Reach Coorg By Road

It is almost mandatory that you will do at least a part of your journey, i.e. from Mangalore to Madikeri district in Coorg, by road. Coorg is a small hill station that is accessible by most roads. Do note these distances if you are driving to Madikeri from other cities in Karnataka:

From Mysore: 118 km

From Mangalore: 139 km

From Hubli: 454 km

From Bengaluru: 249 km

From Ooty: 246 km

You can also drive to Madikeri from other States like Maharashtra, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

From Mumbai: 1026 km

From Pune: 883.5 km

From Panaji: 499.6 km

From Chennai: 585.6 km

From Thiruvananthapurum: 572.3 km

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How to Reach Coorg by Train

Another way to reach Coorg is to take the train. The nearest railway station from Madikeri in Coorg, is Mysore junction. It is about 116 km away. You can get taxis outside the railway station to take you to your hotel or resort. Check the local Coorg travel guides on latest rates as per distances and locations before you accept the ride – there are cases of unethical charging of tourists who don’t know the local fares. Or you can ask your Coorg resort to arrange for a transfer at a certain fee.

Several daily ordinary and Express trains halt at Mysore Junction, especially in the tourist season. So you have a fair choice in getting train tickets from your hometown.

Now that you have booked your travel tickets and accommodation in Coorg, do note the following points about having a safe and enjoyable Coorg holiday: -

The best time to visit Coorg is the typical winter season as seen in the rest of India, i.e. the months of October to March. However, Coorg is quite pleasant at most times of the year, even during the summer season. You may even visit during the monsoon season, but this place receives heavy rainfall in July and August. The rainfall might scupper your sightseeing plans. Driving on wet, winding roads in the countryside is also not entirely safe. In our opinion, you are better off visiting Coorg during the tourist season.

- As mentioned earlier, do book your flight tickets at least a month in advance of your trip, if you’re planning to visit Coorg in the tourist season. There is always an uptick in flight ticket demand, so you should snap up tickets quickly before they become expensive. The closer you book to your departure date, the dearer the tickets become! Here’s a tip: browse for flight tickets in ‘Incognito’ mood so that airline sites cannot place cookies on your search and offer you surge pricing.

- Ticket prices are normally the lowest during the monsoon season spanning late June to end of August, because Coorg experiences heavy rainfall. Most tourist spots and hiking trails are shut at this time, so there are fewer options in sightseeing. However, there are still many things to do in Coorg, despite the monsoon, such as taking a walk in the markets, visiting museums and forts, etc. You can walk around in (somewhat squelchy!) peace but get lower rates on shopping, accommodation and even food at most restaurants in Coorg.

- Get your car primed with oil change, brake fluid and tyre pressure checks, and your car insurance validated when you make a road trip. Some of the national highways are not in the best of shape during the monsoon seasons, so your car will have to be in good condition to deal with the uncertain terrain.

- The best places to visit in Coorg are those that match your interests. If you like exploring or walking in environs that offer crisp air and virtually no noise, you should check out Coorg’s hiking and trekking trails, or its river sites. You can also visit temples and other places of worship, small bazaars, charming cafes and restaurants, and so much more.

- Book yourself into a reputed resort that promises luxury and every comfort you can think of. Once you return to your room at the end of a long day, you will love to have a leisurely shower, a sumptuous dinner and the delight of a cosy bed. We recommend the Club Mahindra Madikeri Resort or Club Mahindra Virajpet Resort, for the ultimate level of comfort, luxury and service during your stay in Coorg.

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