Life after Covid is different from the way we used to live before the virus took the world by storm. It has been over nine months since Covid was declared a pandemic and life as usual is still months away. Along with our day to day life, Covid has impacted the way we travel and vacation. But, that doesn’t mean people are not vacationing. Check out what new moms have to say about taking vacations at Club Mahindra resorts.

Review #1 – Jyotika Atree

It was Jyotika’s birthday, which she thought was going to be boring because of the lockdown. But instead, she was gifted with a family trip to Mussoorie. Throughout the Mussoorie trip, Jyotika’s priority was safety. Her family reached the destination using their personal vehicle. She was happy to see the safety protocols followed at Club Mahindra Mussoorie resort. The Covid safe resort in Mussoorie follows all the safety precautions like contactless check-in and multiple sanitisation stations.

Jyotika enjoyed breathtaking views from her room. She was particularly impressed with the food and was happy to see interesting and new food dishes for kids. She also admired the various activities available for kids in a sanitised area at the Mussoorie resort. Conclusively, she was happy with the hospitality, general safety, and trust that comes only with Club Mahindra. All in the times when it is utterly important to feel safe and well looked after.

Review #2 – Arpita Ahuja

Arpita had the best weekend ever, not by staying at home and binge watching some show, but by going on a perfect weekend staycation. She has been a member with Club Mahindra for years and knows the precautions taken at the resorts. Arpita and her family had a wonderful time taking the road trip to Club Mahindra Udaipur Resort. The moment she and her family reached the resort they knew it was going to be an amazing holiday experience.

Arpita was impressed with the contactless check-in and sanitized rooms. Common areas as well as play areas followed complete safety precautions. In their three-day stay, Arpita and family experienced nature at its best with rainfall and hot pakoras. She enjoyed having the food at Club Mahindra Udaipur. She was surprised by the way the chefs at the resort customise food for kids. Arpita urges us to experience the perfect weekend getaway and experience magical holidays with family by taking the Club Mahindra membership.

Review #3 – Zahra Jani

Zahra emphasizes that Covid has been a very difficult time for her family, especially for the kids. And that is the reason she decided to go on a long due family vacation. Zahra is a strong believer of safety first. While we might be thinking that a holiday in these times might not be safe, Zahra talks about the two most important things she kept in mind while planning her trip:

Traveling by road, by going on a road trip on your own vehicle is safe and flexible.

Finding a resort with the highest safety standards.

Two of her friends are Club Mahindra members for many years. They recommended her to stay at Saj, Mahabaleshwar. Also, Club Mahindra Saj Resort is certified by Bureau Veritas for its safety protocol implementation, which convinced Zahra!

It was a picture perfect holiday for Zahra and family. Every inch of the place was fully sanitised and safe with #CMSafeStay. Staying in super cosy rooms offering breathtaking views was blissful for her. There were many activities for her kids as well. It was a beautiful and happy experience for Zahra and family.

As clear from the reviews, Club Mahindra has left no stone unturned in offering the best and safe holidays to its visitors. Vacation from over 50 reopened Club Mahindra resorts and have the vacation of your life.

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