“Mountains are calling, and I must go.” If your idea of travelling or holidaying is seeking peace and solitude in the mountains, then places to visit Spiti valley should be at the top of your to-do list and must-visit places in India. A cold desert mountain, located in the north-eastern part of Himachal Pradesh, the valley, divides Tibet and India. 

One of the most popular tourist destinations in India, Spiti Valley has one of the harshest winters in India and is not be the best time to visit Spiti. The roads here remain closed for about six months due to heavy snowfall. So, if you are planning a trip to Spiti, the best time to visit spiti valley is in summers between May and October. Let us look at some of the best places to visit in Spiti Valley.

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Suraj Tal

The third-highest lake in India with an altitude of 16040ft, Suraj Tal is a pristine lake that is revered by the locals and the tourists and is a must place to visit in Spiti valley. It is a common belief among the locals that anyone who takes a dip in the emerald waters of this lake, will be cleared of their sins.

Whether you want to visit the lake for spiritual reasons or enjoy nature being uninhibited, you will surely revel in the spellbinding beauty that surrounds it.

Tabo Monastery

Founded about one thousand years ago, the Tabo Monastery is one of the most wonderful monasteries in India and a must-visit in the Spiti Valley. The holy site for the locals and the monks, it houses relics of the Buddhist culture, and traditions that are centuries old.

Tabo Caves

Located near the Tabo Monastery, the Tabo Caves is a national treasure that attracts tourists from all over India and overseas. If you love history or like to delve deep into knowing the topography of the place, you would surely love visiting this cave.

Pin Valley National Park

The highest cold valley National Park in India, this place was initially constructed to preserve the exotic flora and fauna that is indigenous to Himachal Pradesh. The Pin Valley National Park is named after the Pin River and acts as the bridge between the Lahul and the Spiti Valley.

Set against the gorgeous backdrop of snow-covered peaks and rugged mountains, this National Park is spread over an area of 675 square metres and is home to rare and the endangered snow leopards, Siberian Fox, and other exotic animals.

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Key Monastery

While there are many monasteries in Himachal Pradesh, and in around Spiti Valley, Key Monastery deserves a special mention. Also known as Kye Gompa, this beautiful Tibetan monastery is located on a picturesque hilltop and is home to more than 200 Lama, the spiritual leaders of Tibet and serves as a training ground for them

Apart from its spiritual importance, the Monastery’s architecture, the 14th century mural and paintings inside are inspired by the Chinese culture, the surrounding tranquillity, and the long-winding roads leading up to the Monastery with the snow-capped Himalayan view will give you an unforgettable travel experience.

Dhankar Lake

Tucked away quietly at about 4100 metres ASL, the Dhankar Lake with its clean and azure blue waters presents the perfect backdrop for clicking some Instagram-worthy pictures. The cool wind, the water reflecting the sun and the peaceful surrounding is sure to give you goosebumps.

Legends say that Lord Shiva once stayed by the lake and blessed it for quenching the thirst of his beloved companion Nandi. With a place in the mythology, it is as mystical as it sounds in reality.


Situated along the Sutlej River near the Indo-Tibetan border, Tashigang is a quaint village, which is also the highest point in Spiti Valley. The village is home to just six families and a population of around 40.

The roads leading to the small hamlet give you the most amazing mountain views that you may have never seen before. Apart from being the perfect place to relax and unwind amidst natural beauty, Tashigang is known for having the highest polling booth in the world and should be in your list of spiti valley places to visit.


If you have a knack for exploring off-beat places, you ought to visit the Hikkim village, which houses the highest post office in the world. Located at an altitude of about 14,400 feet above sea level, you can see the Buddhist flags hung outside the houses, symbolising the Buddhist influence in the village.

Like most other small hamlets in the valley, the Hikkim village is rich in fossil life. While you are here, a must-do thing is to send a postcard to your loved one from the local post office.

Komik Village

Situated at a height of 18,000 ft, Komik has the unique distinction of being the highest motorable village in the world. It is one of the lesser-popular places amongst the tourists, but the scenic beauty of the place is surreal.

Spiti River

The Spiti River captures the true essence of the region’s natural beauty. The beauty of the charming lake with clear blue waters is amplified by the glaciers and the barren and rugged mountains surrounding it. It is a perfect place to spend some alone time amidst the beauty and revel in the tranquillity.

Best Time to Visit Spiti Valley

It is best to travel to this stunning landscape in Himachal Pradesh between May and September, as for the rest of the year all the routes leading to the valley are covered in a thick blanket of snow and remains closed.

Only during the summers, as the snow melts, the roads open up and the weather is warm enough for you to easily make your way to the valley and enjoy its mesmerising views. The average temperature during the winters in the Spiti region can be quite harsh and reach up to -30 degree Celsius.

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Where to Stay

If you are visiting the Spiti Valley, you can enjoy other amazing places in Himachal Pradesh like Manali If you are in Manali, you have two staying options, the Club Mahindra White Meadows, and Club Mahindra Snow Peaks. Located strategically, these Club Mahindra resorts in Manali will take your travel experience to the next level.

The divine ambience, captivating surroundings and the warm and friendly locals will make your visit to the Spiti Valley one of the most memorable ones. So, pick your bags and camera and brace yourself to witness nature at its best. As Gilbert.K. Chesterton famously said, “One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak” perfectly sums up the beauty of the Spiti Valley. 

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