Manipur is blessed with lush green hills, vast meadows, rugged stream, cascading fall, aromatic tea estates and many more fascinating natural sites. Located in the far east of the Indian peninsula, Manipur is one of the lesser-visited tourist places in north India but there is a whole new universe that you can explore and waiting to be discovered there.

Whether you are planning a leisurely trip to Manipur with your family or an adventurous expedition with your partner or your friends, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit that will keep you busy and enchanted throughout your stay. If you are struggling to decide the best places for a vacation in North-East India', we have handpicked a few options that are a must-visit.

Tharon Caves

Tharon Caves, which is also commonly known as The Uluan Caves is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Manipur. Located near Tamenglong, the caves are about 650 m long and inside you can find exquisite carvings that are said to be Hovnanian culture from Vietnam.

The Tharon Caves is a popular spot among the locals and adventure-loving tourists who come here for trekking. Every year, the Manipur State Tourism Department organises a cave expedition trip that allows the tourists to walk through the narrow pathway of the tunnels.

Singda Dam

Located about 920 m above sea level, Singda Dam has the distinction of being the highest mud dam in the world. Its scenic beauty is a sight to behold and holds an important position in Manipur's agricultural industry as it provides irrigation to the lush green paddy fields nearby. You can visit the dam for a leisurely picnic and enjoy the view of the beautiful surroundings or you can go hiking or trekking around the hilly trails nearby.

Manipur State Museum

This is perhaps the most popular Manipur tourist place. It exhibits many local tribal items, ornaments, sculptures, and artefacts that gives you a glimpse of the beautiful Manipuri culture and heritage. Established in 1969, the museum also houses a 54-feet long royal boat called Hiyang Hiren, which is a major attraction for the tourists.

Jorebangla Temple

An ancient temple located in Bishnupur, Jorebangela temple was built by Raghunath Singha Dev, a Malla King in 1655. The temple is known for its architectural design. The roof and the walls of the temples have intricate carvings that depict the scenes from the various battles that the King engaged in and his royal lifestyle.


A small hamlet in Manipur, Andro is one of the most popular tourist destinations. The married women in the village practise the age-old pottery named Makhong, Walom and Ngangkha. You can watch the women working their magic with bare hands as they create fantastic pottery works. You can even try your hands at it as the artists help you learn a few basic steps of traditional pottery.

Dzukou Valley

One of the most Manipur famous places, Dzukou valley is located along the Nagaland border and is known for its mesmerising natural beauty. With lush forests that are laced with tall trees, clear waters, and gorgeous valleys, the scenic beauty of the place would make you feel like you are in the most beautiful dream you have ever had.

If you visit the place in summers, you can enjoy seeing the flower valley that looms with countless seasonal flowers and paint a colour picture that you cannot forget.

Loktak Lake

The only floating lake in the world, Loktak lake is one of the most beautiful lakes you may have ever seen anywhere in the world. Located about 53 kms from the capital of Manipur, Imphal, the lake is surrounded by many circular floating swamps. You can enjoy a wide range of activities here like boating or kayaking or you can spend your whole time clicking pictures because you may never have enough of its surrounding beauty.

 Kangla Fort

Among the many Manipur places to visit, don’t miss seeing the Kangla Fort. Located close to the Imphal River, the fort is also known as the Palace of Kangla and it was once the administrative centre of several Manipuri kings.

Today, much of the fort is destroyed, but the remnants serve as a reminder of the glorious lives of the Manipuri Royals, and the state’s rich culture. It is an excellent place for photography, so learn a few different poses and come with a host of memories and Instagram-worthy pictures!

Keibul Lamjao National Park

Located around the Loktak Lake, the Keibul Lamjao National Park is known for its exotic flora and fauna, especially the rare and endangered brow-antlered deer. Spread over 40 sq. km, the National Park is a popular tourist destination in Manipur that attracts wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers, photographers, and ornithologists.

Ima Keithel Woman’s Market

Ima Keithel in the local Manipuri language means mother’s market. This 500-year-old market has the unique distinction of being an all-women's market where more than 500 women sell various local products like Manipuri textiles, ornaments, grains, home décor items, dried fish, and spices. You can round off your trip to Manipur by shopping for some indigenous items and taking a few souvenirs home for friends and family.

Manipur is truly a haven for nature and adventure lovers and an excellent place to seek solitude. So, gather your friends and family and plan a trip to Manipur for a fun-filled vacation.

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