When we plan to visit a museum, we usually think about having a cultural and educational experience. There are innumerable museums around the world, which display precious artefacts, manuscripts, sculptures, paintings by legendary artists, as well as objects of historical, artistic, scientific and cultural interest. But, have you ever heard about a hair museum or a toilet museum for that matter? Yes, you heard that right, such lesser-known and unique museums do exist! Whether it is their unusual subject matter or odd architecture, such bizarre museums have also been attracting travellers from far and wide that too for a very long time. And, which is why we hereby present to you a list of 10 unusual unique museums across the globe, which are worth visiting.

The Hair Museum of Avanos: Located in Turkey, the Hair Museum of Avanos is considered to be one of the weirdest museums around the world, which makes it a must-visit. Founded by Chez Galip, this museum is said to house nearly 16,000 samples of differently coloured hair. Quite impressive, right! Attracting visitors from different corners of the globe, entry to this unique museum is absolutely free.

Toilet Museum: Want to know about the history of sanitisation and toilets? Then, the Toilet Museum in Suwon, South Korea, is a must-visit for you. Also known as ‘Mr. Toilet House’, this bizarre museum was founded by Suwon’s ex-mayor Sim Jae-duck, who is quite renowned for his efforts in improving the city’s public toilets. Designed in the shape of a toilet, the Toilet Museum showcases the history of squat toilets, water closets and public urinals from across the globe.

Toilet Culture Museum - South korea Ramen Cup Noodles Museum

Cup Noodles Museum: Dedicated to cup and instant noodles, Cup Noodles Museum in Osaka is one of a kind. One of the most peculiar museums around the world, this museum was founded by Momofuku Ando. Absolutely worth visiting, it boasts of diverse exhibits and attractions that showcase the history and profound knowledge of instant ramen noodles. This museum also houses a tunnel that displays packages of more than 800 noodles varieties. People visiting this museum also have the opportunity to take part in a workshop for creating and packing their favourite variety of ramen. Intriguing, isn’t it!

 Cancun Underwater Museum: Based in Mexico, Cancun Underwater Museum is absolutely a sight to behold. Showcasing nearly 500 sculptures and statues underwater, this museum witnesses a large number of visitors annually. Founded by the British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor, this museum aims to promote marine diversity. This unique museum can be explored via snorkelling, scuba diving or through glass boats.

Spam Museum: Dedicated to Spam, the processed tinned pork (and not the unsolicited messages) made by Hormel Foods Corporation, this museum showcases the history of the company, precooked meat products and what place it holds in the international arena. Based in Austin, Minnesota, this unusual museum even lets you have a taste of different varieties of Spam. Attracting visitors from across the globe, the unique museum is worth visiting.

The Spam Museum - Austin Minnesota View of Leeds Castle

Dog Collar Museum: Located in the magnificent and beautiful Leeds Castle in Kent, Dog Collar Museum is known for exhibiting different types of canine neckwear, which are both historic and fascinating. Spanning nearly five centuries of canine fashion, this unique museum is a must-visit for dog lovers. Known for attracting hundreds of visitors annually from both regionally and overseas, this museum intends to showcase the collection in a creative and entertaining manner for kids and adults alike.

Lunchbox Museum: Ever thought that a museum exists, which is dedicated to lunchboxes? Yes, you heard that right! A museum in Columbus, Georgia, named Lunchbox Museum showcases a wide variety of lunchboxes and thermoses, which can be found in different shapes and sizes. Owned by Allen Woodall, this museum instils a sense of nostalgia and helps you revisit your childhood memories, thereby making it worth the visit.

 International Spy Museum: Aiming to provide comprehensive knowledge about spying and espionage in an engaging manner, International Spy Museum explores the challenges, successes and failures of the world of intelligence. Featuring a stunning collection of spy gadgets, this museum is located in Washington DC. One of the greatest attractions in the U.S., this museum has amazing collections that include fake currencies, spy cars and lipstick pistols.

International Spy Museum Washington, DC Gold Museum - Bogota Colombia

Gold Museum: Located in Bogota, Colombia, Gold Museum showcases a large number of gold artefacts, which are a part of the country’s heritage. One of the most famous and fascinating museums in South America, Gold Museum is sure to leave you enchanted. Spread over three floors, the preserved archaeological collections can be found in four permanent galleries, information pertaining to which can be found in English and Spanish.

Barbed Wire Museum: Another unique museum across the globe is the Barbed Wire Museum, which is located in Kansas. Showcasing more than 2000 variants of barbed wire, this museum also displays the equipment used for fencing. Sounds interesting, right? Also depicting the history of barbed wire since its invention, this museum is sure to leave you amazed.

So, have you paid a visit to any of these weird museums? If no, then make sure to add these bizarre museums to your bucket list and get ready to be amazed!

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