A holiday is the best antidote for hard work, a relief from the daily grind and never-ending routines. But following the enforced lockdowns of the last year, a holiday has gained a special significance. After almost a year of being cooped up, the call of the outdoors is hard to resist. So, if your heart yearns for the crisp mountain air, rolling green hills and the sedentary pace of a laid-back holiday, head to the beautiful Munnar. The ‘Tea Capital’ of Kerala is refreshing in the literal as well as figurative sense.

Three days may not be enough to explore all the delights of Munnar, but they’re certainly enough to reenergise a tired soul. Book a holiday at Munnar with Club Mahindra GoZest! for a serene vacation. It’s a 3-year lifestyle privileges membership that gives you a taste of Club Mahindra’s amazing holiday experience. It opens up access to 61+ holiday resorts in India and around the world. In case you are wondering what kind of a holiday you can expect; we will tell you what to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 days. All you have to do is be there.

What to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 Days?

Club Mahindra Munnar

A holiday at Club Mahindra Munnar, Kerala is a vivid canvas of lush green landscapes, endless blue sky and colourful houses that cling to the hillsides. It still retains its old colonial charm and life moves at a deliberate pace, allowing you to stop and smell the flowers. A holiday takes on a magical quality when you don’t have to rush through everything. Here’s our pick of what to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 days.

Day 1 - Tea Plantation

tea plantation

It would be only right to start your holiday in Kerala’s tea capital with a visit to a tea plantation. You wouldn’t even have to travel far. There are scores of tea plantations around the resort that offer an immersive experience into the fine art of tea making. Appreciate the hard work that goes into the art of tea picking as you explore the green-carpeted slopes of the tea estate. Follow the journey of tea from plant to packaging.

Metre-long Tea

Enjoy the ‘Metre-long Tea’ as experienced hands cascade the piping hot liquid gold from a great height to transform it into a cup of frothy indulgence. After an active morning, return to the resort for a relaxing dip in the pool and a Sadhya Lunch. Dedicate the afternoon to aimless pursuits in Munnar Town. In the evening, it is back to the resort and a rejuvenating tea leaf massage at the resort’s Svaastha Spa. So far, it’s been a good answer to, “What to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 days?”

Day 2 - Safari

safari at Eravikulam National Park

Dedicate the second day to adventure and set out on a safari at Eravikulam National Park. It will introduce you to the park’s residents in their natural habitat. From elephants, deer and leopards to around 132 species of birds, it is a thriving ecosystem. For a more hands-on experience, choose the Dark Forest Tour that takes you trekking under a thick jungle canopy that blocks even the brightest sunlight. You will be trekking over some of the trickiest trails in Munnar.

Zip through greenery

Let the adventure continue at Wonder Valley Munnar amusement park. Zip through greenery at breakneck speeds and let the adrenaline surge as you test your mettle with rock climbing, commando net, rappelling and rope cycling. Head back to the resort for a relaxing swim and a flavourful dinner at Barbeque Bay. End your day with a thrilling Kalarippayattu performance.

Day 3 - Sightseeing

sightseeing around Munnar

With a full itinerary so far, we’re sure you’re no longer wondering what to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 days. The last day of your holiday should be no different. After a pampering early-morning massage, follow the spice trail with the Half-day Spice Valley Tour. It takes you on an aromatic journey of discovery through Munnar’s spice plantations.

If you’d rather just do some sightseeing around Munnar, hire a cab to take you around the beautiful hill station. The Echo Point gives you the quintessential tourist experience while the Potamedhu View Point offers you glorious vistas of the city and the surrounding greenery. A Shikara ride in Kundala Lake will be a serene end to your Munnar holiday.

From thinking what to do in Club Mahindra Munnar for 3 days to enjoying adventure and indulgence, it will be an unforgettable journey.

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