Goa is known for its pristine beaches. Home to about 35+ beaches, Goa offers tourists from all over the country a place to unwind, explore and do much more. However, many may assume that beaches are the only thing Goa is known for. That is a big myth. Ask seasoned and repeat travellers here, and they'll tell you there is lots more in Goa than just the paradisiacal beaches. Let’s look at 5 hidden places in Goa that you must explore. 

  • Explore the Portuguese Cultural Heritage with Goa Churches

Once (not so long ago), a Portuguese colony, Goa, carries a rich history of Christianity. The city is adorned with beautiful churches all across the city and around. And these are not just religious destinations for the local Christians. These architectural marvels are also known for their beauty and artwork. In fact, some of the churches are also UN World Heritage sites. While most of the popular churches in North Goa, you can also find some noteworthy churches in South Goa. 

If you’re looking to explore the city's churches, here are a few suggestions.

  • Basilica of Bom Jesus
  • Se Cathedral
  • St. Cajetan Church
  • Immaculate Conception Church

The best time to visit the churches is during the holy feast as you get to explore the local culture up and close. 

  • The Forts Protecting the City of Goa

While the Portuguese ruled Goa for 450 years, various battles were fought between the Maratha empire and the Portuguese during this period. These forts built by the Portuguese rulers are a reminiscence of the many battles fought in the era. While these forts are historical monuments, they also offer breath-taking panoramic views of the city and the sea line. Some of the most famous forts in Goa are-

  • Aguada Fort
  • Chapora Fort
  • Corjuem Fort
  • Sinquerim Fort
  • Terekhol Fort
  • Betul Fort

Don’t forget to carry your DSLR or Smartphone with a good camera for taking those stunning pictures for your social media accounts. 

  • Take a Refreshing Dip in the Waterfalls of Goa

Located in the Western Ghats, Goa is also home to some of the best waterfalls in the country. You can witness some of the tallest waterfalls in the country here. While gushing streams of water will surely rejuvenate you, the picturesque view will blow you away. The best time to visit the waterfalls is during the monsoons when the streams are in full glory. Note that most waterfalls here require you to hike or trek for about an hour or less from the nearby local villages. So, wear appropriate attire and don’t forget to apply mosquito repellents before embarking on your journey. Some of the most famous waterfalls in Goa are:

  • Dudhsagar Waterfall
  • Netravali Waterfall
  • Harvalem Waterfall
  • Bamanbudo Waterfall
  • Kuske Waterfall


  • Explore the Wildlife in the Sanctuaries of Goa

If you want to visit ​​offbeat places in Goa, visiting the wildlife sanctuaries is highly recommended. From the famous Indian Cobra to Tigers, Wild Boars, Panthers, Indian Bison and even various bird species, these sanctuaries are known for their rich flora and fauna. The dense forests, muddy trails, and abundant wildlife will teleport you to a different universe. Some of these sanctuaries are also known for their jungle safaris and guided tours. Here are some of the popular wildlife sanctuaries of Goa.

  • Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Molem Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mahaveer Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

  • Eateries in Goa for Culinary Delight

From Portuguese cuisines to influences of Maharashtra and Karnataka, Goa offers a huge variety of foods to try. Some of the must-try foods include Pork Vindaloo, Crab Xacuti, Poee, and Goan fish curry are a must. And yes, don't forget to refresh yourself with a chilling Kokum. While famous beaches like the Anjuna beach have many eateries, you can find some great hidden eateries in the interiors. Ask the locals and seasoned tourists here to reach these secret places in Goa. 

They say you haven’t fully explored a destination if you haven’t seen the hidden gems. If you’re planning to visit Goa, hidden places like these should definitely be on your list. And if you’re worried about your stay, we got you covered. Club Mahindra Acacia Palms, Club Mahindra Emerald Palms, Club Mahindra Varca, or Club Mahindra Assonara can be perfect for your stay.

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