A day of new beginnings, Ugadi is celebrated as New Year’s Day in the Indian states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. A joyous celebration like Ugadi is a great excuse for a quick getaway with the family. This list of weekend getaways from Bengaluru and Hyderabad is brimming with inspiration and is the perfect place to start your Ugadi holiday planning.

Whether you want to soak up the beach sun while drinking fresh coconut water, or are dreaming of a holiday where your family can bond over fun-filled adventures, Club Mahindra’s list of weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad has you covered.

Soothing weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad for Ugadi 

 Getaways from Bengaluru

  1. Madikeri: the perfect place to quench your wanderlust

At Madikeri, the Western Ghats open their arms and give you a giant hug! Whether it is riding through thrilling jungle trails or bathing elephants in their natural habitat, a trip to Madikeri cannot be missed on this list of weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The best way to engage all your senses during your exploration of Madikeri is by choosing Club Mahindra Madikeri, Coorg, Karnataka. From practicing yoga in the forest to taking ATV rides through coffee plantations, and enjoying aqua aerobics with the family, this Ugadi getaway at our resort will be an adventure of a lifetime.

  1. Hampi: turn the pages of history

With its undulant terrain that has boulders strewn across it like giant chest pieces, the landscape that Hampi offers is one of the most unique in India. Hampi is a mini universe in itself. While ancient monoliths, temples and ruins are the most beguiling features of this destination, Hampi is way more than meets the eye.

At Vijayshree Resort & Heritage Village, Hampi, Karnataka, the ultimate Ugadi vacation awaits you. Whether it is performing suryanamaskar on a giant boulder or relishing the yummy festive treats our chefs conjure up for you, Hampi with Club Mahindra will truly enchant you.

  1. Mysore: old capital with new tricks up its sleeves

Once the capital of Karnataka, Mysore today offers a mixed bag of experiences to its visitors. Here, one can pamper oneself with the greatest luxuries, go down memory lane through the alleys of heritage buildings and palaces, and seek comfort and blessings from the gods revered in its many temples.

Speaking of comfort and luxury, one cannot leave out Club Mahindra. Spend your Ugadi getaway at Golden Landmark, Mysore, Karnataka, and indulge yourself with spa treatments and gourmet dining.

Getaways from Hyderabad

  1. Ooty: emerald landscapes and azure skies

When planning weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad, the all-time Queen of Hill Stations, Ooty, cannot be forgotten.

At Club Mahindra Danish Villa, Ooty, Tamil Nadu, you can hear the hills call your name and the birds sing just for you. Do you fancy a quaint walk through lush green vistas? Or are you in the mood for a bike ride through twisting mountain trails? No matter the mood, Club Mahindra will stir up a party!

  1. Yercaud: a feast for your eyes and tummy

For those looking for a quiet weekend getaway for Ugadi, Yercaud has surprises hidden in its folds. The Queen of the Eastern Ghats charms you with a plethora of shimmering lakes, parks in full bloom, and teak forests that fill your senses with a warm glow.

Lake Forest, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, a Club Mahindra affiliate resort, is a much-adored holiday retreat in India buzzing with activities and culinary delights. Imagine returning from an intense trek through the jungles and being welcomed by local flavours cooked by some of the best chefs in the country. Unmissable is the word!

  1. Puducherry: the Mini France of India

Where each building is a piece of art, Puducherry must definitely be on everyone’s list of weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad. Here, the colonial architectural designs are sharply contrasted by bohemian and chic fashion on the street. When in Puducherry, your camera must always be ready to click!

To make the most of your weekend getaway, put up at Club Mahindra Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. If you want to awaken the inner child within, then this resort has everything in its repertoire to help you out. A massage at Svaastha Spa will transport you to Bali or Sweden in no time, while our gourmet dining offerings will leave you yearning for more.

 A list of weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad should not only offer you fascinating outdoor activities, but also ensure that your stay is as delightful. That’s where we come in! Choosing Club Mahindra for your weekend getaways from Bangalore and Hyderabad is all the guarantee you need for a pleasurable vacation with family. Check out our many resorts across South India here.  

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