Easter, one of the most widely celebrated holidays in the world, is just around the corner. While many of us associate Easter with bunnies, eggs, and chocolates, this holiday has a deep religious and cultural significance that varies from country to country. From egg hunts to religious processions and traditional feasts, Easter is celebrated in unique and fascinating ways all around the world. 

This year, the festival falls on 9th April and people around the world are gearing up for the festivities. Here’s a guide on Easter traditions around the world, which will tell you about the customs, traditions, and delicacies that make this holiday so special. So, whether you're a seasoned traveler or simply curious about Easter celebrations around the world, continue to read to discover the diverse and delightful ways in which people celebrate this joyful holiday!

Easter Celebration Around the World

  • Europe

Easter is celebrated in various ways throughout Europe, with each country and region having its unique customs and traditions. If you're looking for some exciting Easter holiday destinations, consider exploring some of the historic cities of Europe.

One of the most common Easter traditions in Europe is decorating Easter eggs. These eggs are often dyed in bright colors or painted with traditional designs.

In some European countries, Easter is marked by the ringing of church bells. In France, for example, church bells remain silent from Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday morning, when they ring joyfully to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In many countries, Easter is also marked by special food and treats. In Italy, the festival is a time for feasting on lamb, artichokes, and traditional Easter bread, like the Colomba Pasquale.

Easter is also a time for religious observances in many parts of Europe. In Spain, processions occur throughout the Holy Week, culminating with the "La Madrugá" procession in Seville on Good Friday.

Easter in Europe is a time for religious observances, feasting on traditional food, and participating in unique customs and traditions that vary from country to country. Here are some interesting destinations for Holidays in Europe. 

  • Greece

In Greece, Easter is known as Pascha and is celebrated with great pomp. The festivities begin with the Holy Week, which is a time for prayer and reflection. On Easter Sunday, people attend church services and then enjoy a traditional feast of lamb or goat, which is roasted on a spit. In many parts of Greece, people also play a game called tsougrisma, where they crack red-dyed eggs against each other, with the person left with the unbroken egg being declared the winner. 

  • Spain

During this time in Spain, different ceremonies are done in almost every part of the country. There are colourful parades and music. The sound of drums fills the air as men in hoods take religious https://www.clubmahindra.com/blog/images and roam on the streets, and people in skeleton costumes perform bizarre dance numbers that will leave you spellbound. 

Holy Week in Spain is also a time of joy, celebration, and delicious food. On Easter Sunday, the Godfather gives his godchild a cake called La Mona de Pascua, covered in candy and other tasty delights. And let's not forget the Torrijas, a popular Easter dish in Spain; these are bread slices that have been soaked in milk, sugar, and eggs and then fried in olive oil until they are just right. This tasty treat is served with wine, syrup, honey, sugar, or cinnamon.  

  • Finland

In Finland, Easter is a time of joy and renewal, marking the end of the long, dark winter months and the arrival of spring. Many of the country's Easter traditions reflect this theme of rebirth and rejuvenation.

One of the most common Finnish Easter traditions is the decoration of birch branches with colourful feathers and other ornaments. These decorated branches are then displayed in homes and public spaces, symbolizing the arrival of new life and growth.

Families gather to enjoy a traditional Easter meal, which typically features lamb or ham as the main course, accompanied by potatoes and various vegetables. Many Finnish households also prepare a special dessert called Mämmi, a sweet rye pudding served with cream and sugar.

Children in Finland also participate in a fun Easter tradition called Virpominen’ which involves dressing up in costumes and going door-to-door with decorated branches to wish neighbours a happy Easter. In exchange, they receive candy or other small treats.  

  • France

Have you heard of the French legend about Easter chocolates? It is said that children don't receive them from the Easter bunny but from flying church bells! These bells fly to Rome from Good Friday to Easter Sunday to fetch the treats.

As you travel through France, you'll discover unique Easter customs. In Alsace, markets are full of adorable fluffy animals like rabbits, goats, and ducks for children to pet. On Easter Monday morning, each family breaks their eggs at home and brings them to the main street, where they will be used to make a huge Easter omelet that will feed more than 1,000 people. 

  • India

Easter celebration in India is a time to unite in celebration and enjoy traditional food and festivities. In some parts of India, such as in the state of Goa, which has a strong Portuguese influence, Easter is marked by elaborate processions and festivities. On Good Friday, people participate in somber processions, carrying a cross through the streets and re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On Easter Sunday, there are joyful processions featuring colorful floats and music.

In Nagaland, Easter is celebrated with traditional songs, dances, and feasting. People dress in their best attire, and homes and churches are decorated with flowers and candles. Many also attend special Easter church services, which often include hymns, prayers, and sermons focusing on the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In terms of food, the Easter celebration in India is marked by traditional dishes such as Sorpotel in Goa, a spicy meat dish, and appam and stew in Kerala, a fluffy rice pancake served with a coconut-based vegetable stew.

  • USA

Easter is celebrated in many different ways throughout the United States, with customs and traditions that vary from region to region. One of the most popular Easter traditions in the United States is the Easter egg hunt. Children search for hidden eggs, often filled with candy or small toys, in homes, backyards, and public parks. Many communities also host large-scale Easter egg hunts, where children can participate in fun activities and games.

Easter in the United States is marked by traditional dishes such as baked ham, lamb, or turkey, along with sides like mashed potatoes, green beans, and deviled eggs. Desserts such as hot cross buns and Easter-themed cakes and cookies are also popular.

Other Easter activities in the United States include parades, carnivals, and fairs, which often feature festive decorations, games, and rides. Some communities also hold Easter bonnet contests, where participants wear elaborately decorated hats and compete for prizes.

From the colorful processions in Spain to the giant omelet in France, and the egg decorating traditions in Eastern Europe, Easter is truly a time of joy and renewal. Through these unique customs and traditions, we are reminded of the hope and optimism that Easter brings and the importance of celebrating together with loved ones, even if it's in our own unique ways this year. So, whether you're feasting on delicious Easter treats or participating in religious ceremonies, we hope we have given you a glimpse of the beautiful and diverse ways in which Easter is celebrated around the world. Happy Easter!


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