Travellers – one small word, three syllables to describe every single person who crosses boundaries, who discovers something new, who wants to see a different side of the sun setting on a different horizon. How can one small word encapsulate every being who travels? Look at your own friends and family. You have every kind of traveller in the group. There’s the one that loves the quiet. The one that seeks beauty in nature. The one who doesn’t want to leave the hotel (and worships room service). There’s the adventure seeking. The glamourous traveller. The pilgrim in search of answers. The historian in search of stories. Every traveller has their eye on a different holiday.

At Club Mahindra, we know that travellers can’t be trapped under one homogenous word. Nor do we believe you should experience just one way to holiday. That’s the difference between resorts and hotels. We aim to offer you a whole treasure chest of delights, with the same high standards of care, comfort and safety that you’re looking for.

So, what kind of traveller are you? And which of our resorts in India, holds the key to unlocking your preferred holiday experience?


Heritage Resort in Udaipur Gomti River Dwarka, Gujarat

The Luxury Traveller

You look for the good things in life, don’t you? And why not? A holiday should be about getting what you want. You’ll find it at the heritage resort of Club Mahindra Udaipur. In a city built for kings, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t experience a taste of that royalty. Old world beauty meets modern conveniences at this resort, where the architecture is reminiscent of the old palaces but you also have a swimming pool, bar and spa to unwind. Spacious rooms, royal Rajasthani thalis and the beautiful, shimmering view of Udaipur outside your window.  Let Club Mahindra Udaipur, Rajasthan pamper you on your next break.

The Pilgrim

You don’t just travel to see a new place. You travel with a purpose. Whether it is a question for the universe, a deeply personal journey or a spiritual quest – you seek to find the truth. You need solace, a location of great purpose and quiet, to journey externally and deep inside yourself. So, why not head to Club Mahindra Dwarka, Gujarat. Located at the banks of the peaceful Gomti river – a tributary of the great Ganges, this resort is the ideal place to introspect and reflect. Meet fellow pilgrims, stroll across Dwarka’s pretty beaches, hear the chime and gong of temple bells in the distance. All this, while enjoying the comfort of our rooms, delicious local food and all the amenities you need. Soothe your mind and questing souls with us.

The Nature Enthusiast

You’re happiest outside, no doubt about that. The trees whisper their secrets to you, the birds chirp with you, the scenery leaves you in awe. At Club Mahindra, we believe in letting your nature-loving soul soak in all the delights of the world, before returning to a safe and comfortable space. At Club Mahindra Kanha, Madhya Pradesh and Club Mahindra Gir, Gujarat  you get a chance to explore some of the most beautiful and exciting jungles of India. Go bird watching, cycling, take long walks or climb into a jeep and drive into the forest to discover its secrets. Hiding in Gir’s jungles are wild beasts, jackals, leopards, sambar, chinkara, a variety of birds and the King of jungle – the Asiatic Lion. At Kanha, swap the majesty of the lion for the magnificence of the fiery tiger. When you’re done outside, head back to our beautiful resorts for delicious food, a welcoming bed (after a long day of trekking) and beautiful views from your room.

Kanha Tiger Reserve, Madhya Pradesh Family Beach Vacation

The Beach Bum

Sometimes, all you need to be happy is the sun, the sand and the sea. Isn’t it convenient, then, that our resorts in Puducherry and Cherai are situated right next to their respective beaches? At Club Mahindra Cherai, Kerala, you can choose to sit back and soak in the sun, or take on the waves by indulging in some exciting surfing. At Club Mahindra Puducherry, why not bring the whole family out for an energetic game of beach volleyball or enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach with your spouse? And when you bid goodbye to the waves, stroll back to our resorts for some incredible local cuisine. End your special golden day at the beach, with a walk around the lush property of our resort in Club Mahindra Puducherry, or soak your sun-warmed limbs in the lovely jacuzzi at Club Mahindra Cherai, Kerala.

The Workaholic

You’ve got your tickets in one hand and a briefcase in the other. You’re the traveller who wants the best of both worlds – the convenience to work and the comfort to play. Well, Club Mahindra resorts offer you just that. Our excellent Wi-Fi lets you work to your heart’s content, while our resort activities allow you to take a break, stretch your legs and spend time with your family. Who says you can’t have your cake, and eat it too?

The Organised Traveller

You like all your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed. Everything must be planned and in place. You do your research – amenities, rooms, hotel safety etc. We understand, which is why you can reach out to us for any queries. Looking to hear what other guests have to say? We have a whole host of Club Mahindra reviews on our website. Wondering how the resort is handling the recent crisis? Our health and safety protocols are available online – in detail, and we have partnered with Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing and inspection to ensure that at Club Mahindra, we offer nothing but safe resorts. Want to plan your activities in advance? Our Club Mahindra app allows you to do that. It also lets you pay online and check-in via your smartphone. You’ll have your entire holiday in place, before you visit us.

Like we said, every traveller has their own dream, their own hope and their own vision of their holiday. At Club Mahindra, we hope to make your dream holiday come true.



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