One of the fondest memories of anyone’s childhood is family dinners. Thinking about families sitting down and sharing a meal together, inspires a warm feeling.

Fish Curry

One of the fondest memories of anyone’s childhood is family dinners. Thinking about families sitting down and sharing a meal together, inspires a warm feeling. With several digital distractions today, family dinners seem to be lost in devices, and family dinners seem to have faded in the routine.

Food is what brings the family together and holidays are the best time to disconnect from your devices and connect with your family. Revive this warm tradition and reconnect with your family on your next family holiday. Explore different cultures and discover new flavours, together. Here is some food for thought:

Soak in the flavour of aromatic Himalayan herbs - Club Mahindra Kandaghat, near Shimla

Reflecting the serenity and magnificent simplicity of the mountain region, the local cuisine of Himachal is simple yet rich in flavours and aromatic herbs. From mouth-watering meats to delicately flavoured veggies, the cuisine prepared by the chefs at the Kandaghat resort, take great pride in their preparations.

The two hot favourites in the main course are, Fish Curry made from the locally caught river fish and Chicken Anaardana, which is preparation made of desiccated pomegranate seed. A local dish you must try is Sidu, which is made from wheat flour, yoghurt, and butter as an accompaniment. If you really want to try something exotic, try the Patande, a sweet pancake with caramelized apples or other seasonal fruit. All preparations are made from the natural flavours and herbs native to the region.

Himachal Thali

Indulge in the whole package – Himachali Thali - Club Mahindra, White Meadows, Manali

From the mountain air, the scenery, to the food, everything about Manali spells freshness. The local cuisine in Manali is as colourful as the culture and landscape. Every ingredient used in the specialities prepared at the resort are locally grown in the vegetable and herb gardens. Dairy products, which are a main ingredient in the cuisine, are also locally sourced from a thriving industry in the town.

The Himachali Thali is the best way to enjoy the whole package and get a taste of different local flavours. The local river trout is an all-time favourite with the resort guests. If you are a vegetarian, you can try the Gahat ke Parathe (pancakes made from wheat and millet dough stuffed with the local lentil). The Parathe are an accompaniment to another mouth-watering dish – Alu ka Jhol – a dish made from potatoes.

Adding the final touches to your palate, the dessert is a real treat made from khoya or condensed milk, and jaggery, delicately garnished with saffron.

Chole Curry

Think yoghurt, think Himachal - Club Mahindra, Pristine Peaks Naldehra, Shimla

Whether in meats, veggies, or soup, yoghurt is used in almost every dish in Himachal. At the resort, traditional Himachal dishes are interspersed with the regular menu, giving you a variety of cuisine to choose from.

Some of the dishes you must try include, Khatta Ghosht, lamb meat cooked in yoghurt, flavoured with Indian spices. Madra, a popular vegan dish made of chickpeas. To wash this down, you can have Khoru, spiced buttermilk soup.

If you really want to explore your palate, you can try other dishes like Aloo Puri, puffs with potato, and Chha Gosht, a meat dish. For those with a sweet tooth, you can try the local desserts such as Meetha Bhat and Akotri.

Pahadi Dishes

 Relish local ‘pahadi’ cuisine - Club Mahindra, Mussoorie

Uttarakhand has simple yet delicious ‘pahadi’ dishes with local, Gharwali flavours. Some of the more popular Gharwali dishes served at the resort include Phanu, a soupy dish made from mixed lentils flavoured with local spices. Kulath, is another popular lentil-based dish that has many health benefits including antioxidant properties. The lentil, also known as horse gram, is used in many Ayurvedic medicine prescriptions.

Another popular ‘pahadi’ dish is Kafuli, a healthy stew prepared from spinach and fenugreek with rice or wheat flour, added to make a thick gravy. To finish your meal with a local sweet dish, try Gulgula, Arsa, or Singori.

Spice it up with ‘Ghar ka Chulla’ - Club Mahindra Binsar Valley, Near Almora

A good way to spend quality time with your family is a cosy night under the mountain night sky, with the warmth of crackling wood, and the aroma of grilled kebabs. The ‘Ghar ka Chulla’ at Club Mahindra in Binsar, is an experience your entire family will cherish. Try out the Kumaoni Thali, it will give you taste of the local flavour, from creamy lentil dishes, fluffy parathas, tender meat preparations, and other Kumaoni food.

The mountainous region of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh is simple yet intense, which is reflected in the local Gharwali and Kumaoni cuisine. On your next family holiday, you can soak in the local culture, indulge in the rich cuisine, explore pine-scented forests, enjoy magnificent views of the Himalayas, and cherish an experience of quality time together.

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