Pachmarhi, often known as the "Queen of the Satpura Range," is located at an elevation of 1,067 metres. It is the most popular hill station in Madhya Pradesh, and it is a treasure trove of rich history and natural beauty. Pachmarhi is a calm oasis in the middle of Madhya Pradesh, which is otherwise hot and humid. No surprise, Captain James Forsyth of the Bengal Lancers quickly recognised Pachmarhi's beauty and natural charm when he came across it in 1862 on his way to Jhansi. Like Darjeeling, Kurseong and Ooty, Pachmarhi was later established by the British as a cantonment area and summer getaway for the central provinces.

Pachmarhi hill station has something for everyone, from spiritual locations to gushing waterfalls and panoramic vantage points. The hill station in Madhya Pradesh is thronged by people mainly during March to June, and is a tourists' delight.

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Which are the top places to visit in Pachmarhi? 

Below are the list of Pachmarhi tourist spots:


Dhoopgarh is the highest point in Madhya Pradesh's Satpura range. Being the tallest mountain in Madhya Pradesh, it provides outstanding views of the entire town of Pachmarhi and the neighbouring lower Satpura and Vindhya ranges. The only way to get to Dhoopgarh is to hire a jeep and then trek; nevertheless, the path might be difficult because it passes through valleys and waterfalls.

Pandava Caves:

Pandava Caves is a group of Buddhist Temples carved into the rock, studded with gardens, columns and pilasters. According to legend, these temples were offered to the five Pandavas as a refuge during their exile, hence the name Pandava Caves. It has now been designated as a protected monument, and visitors come from India to explore the beauty.

Bee Falls

Bee Falls is one of Pachmarhi's most marvellous waterfalls. The Bee Falls, also known as Jamuna Prapat, cascades down from a height of about 35 metres and is notable for providing water to the entire town of Pachmarhi. Additionally, it is a popular picnic spot for both locals and tourists and is a popular swimming spot too.

Mahadeo Hills

Mahadeo Hills, located in the northern Satpura Range, is a massive sandstone hill surrounded by forests and valleys. It is also notable for having a few natural caverns and an ancient Shiva temple. If you are searching for a peaceful and lively location to unwind, then Mahadeo Hills is the place to go.

Duchess Falls 

Dukes Falls, one of Pachmarhi's most magnificent cascades, is located in the majestic Satpura Mountain. It is also called 'Jalwataran' because it rushes down in three levels with a rhythmic sound. Duchess Falls also offers a magnificent 4 km hike through the hills' rocks and stones to the base of the first cascade, where splashes and mists greet you.

Handi Khoh

Handi Khoh is one of Central India's most stunning ravines, with a 300-foot cliff in the centre of a lush forest. The location has a legendary heritage and is thought to be connected to Lord Shiva. The canyon, known for its quaint tranquillity and old-world charm, currently serves as a natural habitat for various flower species. It is a peaceful spot where you may get a close encounter with nature. In addition, this location is well-known for trekking, hiking, photography and horseback riding.

Jata Shankar Caves

Jata Shankar is a natural cave and a revered shrine in the middle of a deep valley with massive stones perched above. Stalagmites, which are respected as naturally produced lingams, may be found in the cave. The cave is a prominent pilgrimage destination and serves as a shrine to Lord Shiva.

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What is the best time to visit Pachmarhi?

Summer is the best time to visit Pachmarhi hill station, especially between April and June, when you can avoid the dry heat of the plains. Temperatures hover between 22°C and 35°C throughout this time and are apt for getting out and about in nature.

Pachmarhi transforms into a paradise during the Monsoon. Allow yourself to get swept away by nature's beauty and the whirling mists. The hill station in MP receives moderate rainfall during July, August and September, and the weather becomes pleasant. Pachmarhi comes to life in unexpected ways, and the plethora of waterfalls and gorgeous sites will take your breath away.

Winters in Panchmari might be a little harsh, with temperatures plummeting to nearly 4 degrees Celsius. The weather is mild to cool throughout this time, and the scenery is breathtaking.

How to reach Pachmarhi?

By Air: Panchmarhi MP is not served by any direct flights. Pachmarhi's nearest airport is Raja Bhoj Airport, which is around 202 km away. After landing, you can take a taxi or use the local bus service, which runs regularly.

By Train: The nearest station to Pachmarhi is the Pipariya Railway Station. Many prominent Indian cities have direct trains to Pipariya, making it convenient to visit Pachmarhi.

By Road: Panchmarhi has a regular bus service to and from the city. Buses run every day from locations like Bhopal, Itarsi and Chhindwara. For the same route, one can also opt for shared taxis or cabs.

Pachmarhi is a fantastic place for visitors who want to bathe in the pure air, free of pollution and dust and unwind into a retreat because it is located away from the hustle and bustle of the urban hubs.

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