The splendid beauty of this tiny state that border Nepal is sure to leave every visitor mesmerised. Seated in the Himalayas, Sikkim is home to as many high peaks as there are deep valleys, lakes and serene landscapes to explore. With its enchanting scenic beauty, your to-do list of things to do in Sikkim will fill up in no time with exciting activities.

Sikkim has witness multiple cultures blossom in the state over centuries. Whether it is the imprint of Buddhism from neighbouring Tibet or the influences of Hindu culture coming from Bengal and Nepal. The state has a lot to offer when one thinks of cultural, historical, and religious places to visit in Sikkim. Known for its tiny yet diverse population, the people are the life of the state adding their own cultural and traditional beauty to the place. The mystic charm of this place is the reason why Sikkim tourism has always flourished as their cuisines and scenic living is rooted in legends and history.

Best Time to Visit Sikkim

To truly enjoy the picturesque landscapes that the tiny state of India has to offer, the best time to visit Sikkim is in the summers. Summers in Sikkim are unlike the ones we experience in the cities of the plains of the rest of India. Beautifully seated in the Himalayas, Sikkim’s weather in the summer is pleasant and a refreshing change for those living by the sea or landlocked parts of India. All the way from April to June, clear skies await you as you plan out your things to do in Sikkim. With the winter gone, the forests bloom and the waterfalls are clear and serene; the local town is bustling with life and experiences. Sikkim resorts offer a unique view of the Himalayan peaks along with various activities to keep you engaged on your trip right from river rafting to paragliding above the snow-covered hills. Summertime in Sikkim is a treat for anyone looking for a sabbatical from the city life for a time of peace or adventure.

Rumtek Monastery Sikkim Goecha La Trek Sikkim

Places to Visit in Sikkim

#1 Rumtek Monastery

Close to the capital city of Gangtok, the Rumtek Monastery sits on the top of the hill, an important landmark for Buddhism in India. A Tibetan-style monastery, the place houses a temple and a school, along with other setups for monks and their learnings. Adorned with murals, statues and sacred artefacts of the faith, the prayer hall of the Rumtek Monastery is a sight to behold. Just 25 kms from Gangtok, it is a short and delightful trip up to the colourful monastery where one can spend the night in the guest house. Ensure that you make to for this among your places to visit in Sikkim.

#2 Yumthang Valley of Flowers

North East India is known for its breath-taking views and mesmerizing landscapes. Sikkim lives up to this expectation of views that feel like paintings. The Yumthang Valley is in North Sikkim which makes it a bumpy ride but the countless waterfalls on the way and the mighty Teesta river will keep you excited through the journey. With the Himalayas all around this valley and the flowing Teesta river, it has several hot springs and lush green meadows. Away from the hustle of the city and the noise, one will always find the calming, soothing hands of nature in this place. To see the valley in full bloom, the best time to visit Sikkim is between April and May. While the trip is long from Gangtok, the sight to behold is truly worth it!

#3 Lake Tsongmo

One of the prides of Sikkim tourism, the Lake Tsongmo or locally known as the Changu Lake remains snow covered for most of the year except during the best time to visit Sikkim – the summer. It is a bustling local hub from May to August with stalls of the famous Sikkim tea and delicacies of the state, as well as stalls for those who want to shop souvenirs and other local handicrafts. The lake that is situated at a 12,000 ft altitude nestled between rugged mountains on the side is 35 kms away from the capital city. While Indians require an inner line permit to visit the lake, it is a view one must not miss out while in the state. For a stunning view of the lake, hikes up to the nearest peak are allowed and elevate the experience of this scenic natural beauty.

#4 Goecha La

One cannot visit a state in the Himalayan range and miss out a trek with breath-taking views from their list of things to do in Sikkim. The Goecha La trek is a treat not just for trekking enthusiasts but anyone who wishes to behold the sight of the snow-covered Himalayan peak. Taking you through a trail full of diverse flora and fauna, this trek is like the coveted front row seat tickets to the beauty of the mighty Himalayan range. It is believed by seasoned trekkers and tourists that it is one of the best treks through the mountain range one can take. Right from the blooming Kanchenjunga National Park in Sikkim to the highest altitude of the trek, one comes in touch with nature in a way that is unforgettable. Away from the comforts of the luxurious and welcoming Sikkim resorts, the campsites along the way to the peak give you a truly memorable time and is truly a worthy mention in the places to visit in Sikkim list. Watch out for the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjunga that will leave you speechless and in awe of the might of nature.


The road through Zuluk Sikkim Lake Gurudongmar Sikkim

#5 Yuksom

The base camp for the many treks in Sikkim, Yuksom is also known as the gateway to Kanchenjunga. The small, bustling town is a centre for culture and history in its own unique way. An ancient capital of Sikkim, it houses several Buddhist monasteries and has great religious significance as its name means ‘the meeting of the three lamas’. Among the variety of things to do in Sikkim, the Yuksom has its own list of places to visit in Sikkim. Right from the Tashiding Monastery that has been carefully rebuilt every after earthquake to the Dudbi Monastery that is filled with beautiful Buddhist carvings and symbols, they all fill you in awe of the culture of the place. Scenic views await you at Khecheopalri Lake that is at the height of 6000 ft and one the largest lakes in the state. Apart from being home to several shrines and religious landmarks, Yuksom also falls in the Kanchenjunga National Park that has over 500 types of flora and fauna.

#6 Lachung

This quaint village in Sikkim is also known as the most picturesque village of Sikkim. Keeping in mind that the best time to visit Sikkim is the summers, this village is accessible from April to June. Heavy rains during the monsoon and heavy snowfall during winter, make summer an ideal time for you to make a trip to get a view of the landscape. A tourist favourite, this village gets its name from the river Lachung Chu that flows through it, adding to the serene beauty of the place. While the travel to the village in not an easy one, the towering mountains in the surrounding, the countless waterfalls and fruit orchards that fill the village are worth the trip.

#7 Zuluk

While you need a special are permit to visit Zuluk, it is truly one of the best places to visit in Sikkim. It is on a breath-taking height of 10,000 ft. It is not as popular as the other peaks in the state, and therefore, not a very bustling tourist location. It falls on the ancient Silk Route through which India and China traded. The most enchanting thing about Zuluk is the view that it gives you of the Kanchenjunga peak. You can make it for the sunrise or the sunset, and the snow capped peaks will have a charm of its own. The best time to visit Sikkim’s Zuluk is during August and September when the summer has caused the beautiful bloom of flowers in the valley.

#8 Gurudongmar Lake

This is one of the highest located freshwater lakes in the world should feature on your places to visit in Sikkim list without a doubt. It also known as the Tso Lhsmo Lake and is considered as sacred by the locals. The legendary belies it that even in the harshest winters, a part of the lake blessed by Guru Padmasambhava never freezes, making it holy water. The journey to the lake can be difficult as it is at a height of 17,800 ft, dropping oxygen levels below normal. One requires a special permit to visit the lake because of its proximity to the Indo-China border. The best time to visit the lake is in October, November and in April.

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A visit to the tiny state of Sikkim has plenty of things to do that make it an ideal vacation from the chaos of the city. Its serenity coupled with beautiful landscapes filled with rivers, mountains and flowers will leave you mesmerized. Whether you plan for a peaceful time visiting monasteries and sitting by the lake or plan an adventure trip with river rafting and rock climbing, Club Mahindra Sikkim Resorts have you covered. Right from helping you plan your schedule to giving you the best taste of the culture and delicacies of the local cuisine, Club Mahindra ensure that your stay is a memorable one! 

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