Srinagar, also known as the summer capital of India, is the largest city that is located in Jammu and Kashmir. The name of the city has been derived from two Sanskrit works namely “sri” which means sun and “Nagar” which means city. It is located near the Kashmir valley on the banks of the Jhelum River. The city is known for its flora and fauna along with the waterfronts and the beautiful houseboats it has. No wonder for it is also known as the paradise of Earth. Further, the traditional handicrafts and dried fruits available in Srinagar are also a unique attraction. Srinagar is a city with pleasant climate, and the best time to visit Srinagar would be anytime between the months of April to October. The flowers of the city blossom during these months, making the place haven-like for all its residents, tourists and visitors. Besides, these months are when there are various amazing activities that one can do and get new experiences from.

The city being located amidst forests, mountains and lakes, there are so many places to visit in Srinagar that are astounding and can make you feel like you are in utopia. The city lies on an elevation of 5,200 feet on the banks of Jhelum River, making the weather of the city so pleasant and cool to enjoy.

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How to Reach Srinagar and Where to Stay

Srinagar has a flight trip from Delhi, and also direct flights are available from places including Bangalore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Amritsar, Mumbai and Chandigarh.  From the airport there is a bus service provided by Jammu and Kashmir Road Transport Corporation.

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Places to Visit in Srinagar

The Srinagar travel guide is extensive and beautiful because of the number of places to visit in Srinagar. There are various places to visit in Srinagar to enjoy your vacation. They include the following:

1. Dal Lake

Dal Lake

The Dal lake which is over 26sq. Km. is one of the biggest attractions in the city which is so calm, beautiful and serene. It is also rightly known as the jewel of Srinangar.

2. Mughal Gardens

Mughal Gardens

The garden was built during the Mughal era and its brilliant architecture enthralls the sight of all those who view it. The most beautiful part of this garden, though, is the water fountains. The place is dream-like to stand in and view.

3. Shalimar Bagh

Shalimar Bagh

The garden of Shalimar Bagh was also made during the Mughal era. Mughal emperor Jahangir laid down this beautiful garden with his tastefulness for the way the garden must look. Till today, it is one of the important tourist attractions in the city.

4. Nishant Bagh

Nishant Bagh

The garden of Nishant Bagh was laid down in 1633, and is also known as the Garden of Joy. The beauty of the garden is difficult to be defined in words for it safeguards rare flowering plants, 12 terraces, long avenues of Chinar and Cypress trees, and various mind boggling fountains.

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5. Hazratbal Shrine

Hazratbal Shrine

Mosque of Hazratbal is located on the western shore of the Dal Lake. The mosque is considered to be sacred and is one of the places of worship of those who follow the Islamic religion. The sacredness of the mosque is due to the belief that one of Prophet Muhammad’s heirs title Moi-e-Muqqadas’s artefact is safeguarded there. The artefact is not displayed to the public except on special occasions. The beauty of the mosque can be better enjoyed while its white-marbled reflection falls on the waters of Dal Lake making the place seem so ethereal.

6. Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden

The view of the garden is majestic with the Zabarwan Hills in its background, and with beautiful Tulip flowers flowing through the lands of the place. The beauty of the flowers in different colours makes every tourist to want to stay there forever and just gaze at the flowers.

7. Char Chinar

The place is also known as the island in the city that marks Dal Lake. The Chinar trees portray beauty in a way that only the viewers can feel, but cannot express in words.

8. Shankaracharya Temple

The temple is not only a spiritual place to make wishes and pray for, but is also a splendid place which is roughly 1100 feet on the south-east of the city. The view from the temple shows mountains of Pir Panjal range, and the valley.

9. Wular Lake

Wular Lake

Another beautiful lake that is the Wular Lake is India’s largest freshwater lake which also serves as a natural reservoir for the River Jhelum. The lake is a podium to gaze at special species of beautiful birds which indeed is a treat to the eyes.

10. Baramulla

The place is close to Srinagar, and is attractor for its greenery. The green surrounding is spectacular for all those who view the place.

11. Yusmarg

The hill station in Jammu and Kashmir is so peaceful and calm as the numbers of people that visit the place are less. The place is away from all the stress and tiresome work that anyone might have. Sitting there to just watch the view feels like a technique of meditation.

12. Jasmia Masjid, Srinagar

Jasmia Masjid, Srinagar

The Masjid is one of the most sought after places to visit in Srinagar . It is ancient and the biggest mosques in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The mosque is so calm and peaceful to sit, pray and meditate.

13. Challi Point

The place is a point with Dal Lake on its background where tourists often visit to sit and have conversations while being surrounded by the lake.

14. Nehru Garden

The garden has the best view of the Dal Lake. It is a place to relax or to just chill and have fun.

15. Pari Mahal

The place is also known as house of fairies. The place is also surrounded by a huge beautiful garden and was initially e a Buddhist monastery. Further on, it started serving as a school of astrology that was promoted by the eldest son of Shah Jahan Dara shikoh.

16. Chashm-E-Shahi

The garden is filled with fountains all around in this famous for the natural spring that occurs in the place.

17. Nagin Lake

Nagin Lake

The lake is located about 6 kilometre from the city of Srinagar. It is also known as jewel in the ring and it is thinly separated from the dal Lake.

18. Chinar Park

The place is filled with old Chinar trees flowers and many musical fountains that attract tourists and visitors from various places. The place is also a good picnic spot you’re your friends or family. There are also various cultural programs and swings that make the park so unique.

19. Dachigam National Park

The meaning of name the park Dachigam is 10 villages. The national park was initially constructed for providing drinking water supply of the town; however, today it is a home tour number of wildlife species.

20. Khaqah of Shah Hamdan:

The place is built on the banks of Jhelum river, and is known for the activity that takes place on the death anniversary of Mir Syed Ali Hamdani.

21. Anantnag

The place is also known as the capital of commerce of Jammu and Kashmir, and consists of wonderful places of worship of both Islamic people and the Hindus.

22. Charar-i-Sharif

The Islamic holy place is a dedication to Hazrat Sheikh nor-ud din Wali which is about 30km away from the city of Srinagar. He is known to be the first in the valley to follow the path of non-violence, vegetarianism, and to propagate communal peace.

23. Sri Pratap Singh Museum

The museum is home to historical terracotta that are centuries old. There is a Buddhist site at the terracotta which is also believed to be ancient.

24. Kheer Bhawani Temple

The temple is dedicated to Goddess Paravathi, and is situated in a village known as Tul Mulla that is near Srinagar.

25. Badamwari Garden

The garden is beautiful serene surrounding that helps soothe minds. It is located over the hills of Koh-e-Maran with splendid-looking bushes and shrubbery.

26. Apple Orchards

The place filled with green orchards and rivers is remarkable for the beauty it showcases.

27. Chatti Padshahi Gurudwara

The place is probably the largest gurudwara of the Sikhs in Kashmir. The holy place also offers accommodation facilities and food for its worshippers and visitors.

28. Burzhama Ruins

The excavation site is an important archaeological place that consists of various evidences relating to settlements about centuries ago. The evidences include skeleton remains and pottery artifacts.

29. Makhdoom Sahib Shrine

The Islamic holy place of worship dedicated to a Sufi saint Sheikh Hamza Makhdoom or Makhdoom Saheb. The structure is constructed in the style followed by the Mughals, and it rests on plenty of pillars constructed therein.

30. Kathi Darwaza

The place is the main entrance gate to the Hari Prabat Fort in the city of Srinagar. The gate was constructed by the Mughals and has minute inscriptions relating to the Mughals and Persians.

Things to do in Srinagar

Apart from the beautiful places to visit in Srinagar, there are also various activities that visitors may undertake to do in the paradise-like city. Few of them are as follows:

1. Boating


The boating experience at Srinagar in the Dal Lake or the Wular Lake would be a memorable one given the peace and serenity that one can feel while in the middle of the waters. Further, the beauty of viewing some amazing places from the Lakes of Srinagar like Char Chinar is marvellous.

2. Spending time in the Shikaras


Shikaras are houseboats where one can stay and enjoy the view of the Dal Lake. Staying amidst waters in a houseboat is a great way of enjoying the beauty of nature, and to experience tranquillity.

3. Trout Fishing

Fish Trout

Trout fishing is one of the most amazing activities in Srinagar which you can experience if you visit the city between t he months of April and September.

4. Trekking


Trekking is one of the most exciting and adventurous activities to do either when you are with your family, friends or even alone. Beyond the beauties that Srinagar portrays; there also various places in the Kashmir Valley where you can trek and have some fun. Two famous places to trek in Srinagar include the Shankaracharya Hill and Hari Prabat.

5. Skiing


Visitors who visit Srinagar between November and March could get an opportunity to try skiing. Skiing is an amazing experience that is fun-filled and enjoyable.

6. Paragliding


Yet another adventure sport activity that one needs to experience while visiting the city of Srinagar is paragliding. Given the view of the city and its beauty, one can enjoy its view to the fullest while paragliding.

7. Experiencing New Cuisines

Kashmir Cuisines

What is the fun about visiting a new place without getting a taste of its food and culture! One must taste the various kinds of dishes and the local cuisine of Srinagar at popular places in the city. The restaurants in Srinagar will help you in savoring the diet of Srinagar

8. Shopping


There are beautiful things available for purchase in the city of Srinagar. There are various amazing-looking jewelry, watches and clocks, items of pottery and a lot of other stuffs that you can buy for your friends, family or for yourself as a souvenir to your visit. Few places to shop include Badshah Chowk, Polo view market, Lal Chowk, etc.

9. Bird watching

bird watching

The Manasabal lake is a home to various special species of birds that you can get to watch when you are in Srinagar. Experiencing beauty also includes experiencing such beautiful views through activities like bird-watching.

10. Horse-riding

horse riding

Horse-riding is another adventure activity that one can engage in while on a visit to the city of Srinagar.

11. Rafting

water rafting

Water rafting and enjoying through the water ride is another spectacular experience in the city. Sonmarg which is also known as the Meadow of Gold is one such places which is famous for water rafting.

12. Worship and Engage in Spirituality


The city is not only known for its beauty but also for its various shrine including both Hindu and Islamic that are ancient and so calm to engage in spirituality or for worshipping. While in Srinagar, one must visit the various shrines to not only appreciate its beauty, but to also understand the interesting history behind each of such ancient shrines.

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Srinagar is a perfect holiday or vacation spot for you to enjoy. There are so many different places to visit in Srinagar, cuisines to taste, and activities to do. Srinagar tourism is an enjoyable and fun experience for all. The experience in Srinagar, according to all who have visited the city, is memorable and unforgettable. The places to visit in Srinagar include green gardens and beautiful lakes, making you get in touch with the delight and magnificence of nature.

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