When you have a 300-mile-long coastline, boasting about beaches is normal. However, the humble state of Odisha in eastern India, is too self-assured to want to brag. The beautiful state is home to many sun-kissed beaches courtesy of the waters of the Bay of Bengal meeting the Indian coastline. 

In a country where beaches are much sought-after as a holiday destination- whether as a weekend getaway or a long, lazy winter holiday, the beaches in Odisha have somehow managed to remain off the tourist map…until now! Here, you can catch a glimpse of the best beaches in Odisha, so that when your holiday needs demand a beach destination, you know exactly where to go!

 Puri Beach, Puri.

You know a town is special when Lord Jagannath and The Holy Guru Granth Sahib sit side-by-side to bless devotees. Forming the eastern boundary of the pilgrim town, the golden beach of Puri is the perfect getaway for solo travellers, couples, and families. Head to the beach at the break of dawn to experience true peace, or indulge in some local shopping at the many stalls that line the path outside the beach after morning. You can spend anywhere between a couple of hours to a whole day at Puri beach. There are restaurants, food stalls, a beach market, and gorgeous sand to lay down on when you feel the need to just be. 

Check out the dates for the annual Puri Beach Festival where you can see different classical and folk-art performances, beautiful sand art displays, and people performing popular and traditional beach sports like malkhamb, kabaddi, and volleyball. 

Chandrabhaga Beach, Konark. 

You may have heard of Konark as the home of the 13th century Sun Temple. Maybe after visiting the Temple and marvelling at its Kalinga architecture, you can head to the Chandrabhaga beach for a stunning sunset which can be made even more special by taking a boat out to the horizon. While a postcard worthy sunset is something you can catch every day at the beach, you can also aim to visit Chandrabhaga during the International Sand Art Festival. Like its sibling Puri Beach, Chandrabhaga also plays host to talented sand artists from across the world.

Gopalpur, Ganjam district.

One of the most serene and cleanest beaches in the country, Gopalpur Sea Beach is where a solo traveller looking for transcendental insights or a family looking for a quiet picnic can head to. Spend some quality time with Nature as you witness the sunrise and sunset unfold in different hues. The unhurried nature of the beach compels you to relax and let that breath out. The coconut and casuarina-laden beach is nothing if not about staying present. Head out into the nearby town if you wish to witness remnants of a bygone era- old decrepit buildings will greet you with stories of the past, and if you ask the right questions to the right locals, you will also get to hear stories about the town’s role during the First World War.

Chandipur Beach, Balasore district. 

Have you ever walked on a sea bed during the day, and seen the same ground that you walked on taken up by the sea within a few hours? That's what you can do at Chandipur Beach where the water recedes up to 7kms from the shore on some days. The biodiversity of the beach will amaze you; take the time to spot the endangered horse shoe crabs, sea urchins, and star fish. Word of caution: heed the advice of the locals who will inform you of the returning tide; you wouldn’t want your beach adventure to include ‘got caught up in the tide’, would you?

Paradip Beach, Jagatsinghpur district.

Another famous beach in Odisha, Paradip Beach is located 125kms from the capital city, Bhubaneswar. Paradip is a crucial port city with azure waters running alongside yellow stretches of sand. This beach has a fun element that few other beaches can boast of- a view of mighty ships anchored just off the shore. 

Talasari Beach, Baleswar district.

For the discerning traveller who has chosen to visit the extremely tranquil Talasari instead of any other popular beaches, a row of palm trees and casuarinas stand tall in greeting. If you want something “livelier” to greet you, be ready to say “hello” to red crabs! Once you have had your fill of the peaceful beach, it is recommended that you head out to Bichitrapur, a mangrove wetland not more than 10kms away from the beach. you can search for other famous resorts in the east to enjoy your stay in bounty.

If you are a beach enthusiast, you need to visit at least one beach in Odisha so that you can proudly say that you are aware of India’s ‘Best Kept Secret’.

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