We all know that Gujarat is the place to go if you want to see the mighty Asiatic lion in its natural habitat. Or if we want to get a glimpse of the remnants of the historic Indus Valley civilisation. The ‘Jewel of Western India’, Gujarat is known for many things- right from its cuisine and culture to its role in the freedom struggle. However, today we are going to look at one specific thing that makes Gujarat a desirable holiday destination for all kinds of travellers- waterfalls.

Continue reading to go on a journey of discovering the best waterfalls in Gujarat:

  • Gira Waterfalls, Saputara

This is how a traveller’s typical interaction with the seasonal waterfall starts- you start walking towards the waterfall, at first not being able to see it because it is hidden by the trees. As you follow the sound of the waterfall meeting the plunge pool, you reach a clearing, and there stands in front of you- the Gira Waterfalls of Saputara. With a natural 30m drop, the waterfall flows into the Ambica River.

Best time to visit: June to January is the best time to visit Gira as the monsoons ensure that you have a dramatic view of hundreds of litres of water gushing over the edge every second, and multiple cascading waterfalls to greet you!

  • Girmal Waterfalls, Girmal

A 100-foot drop that leads to fog-like phenomenon, view of the verdant Dang Forest, beautiful picnic spots- this is what the highest waterfall in Gujarat has to offer tourists and travellers who are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life in the search for peace…and it is not just the waterfall that’s worth driving down to Girmal village for- the dense foliage around makes for a great photography experience as well!

Best time to visit: Monsoons are a great time to visit the falls with a good chance of catching a rainbow as well. If not during monsoon, you can visit the place till December to catch a sizeable waterfall. 

  • Chimer Falls, Songadh

 Another gem of the Dang Forest, the Chimer Falls stand as tall as their sibling, Girmal Falls. After a short walk through some farms, you can reach the serene waterbody from the main road. Locally known as Chichkund Waterfall, Chimer has been able to stay away from commercialisation. This means that even during peak tourist season, you could just as easily be reading a book sitting near the waterfall and you won’t be disturbed much. Except for someone who may come up to you and wonder why you aren’t focusing on the beautiful waterfall!

Best time to visit: Monsoons are the best time to catch these waterfalls in all their glory.

  • Shiv Ghat, Ahwa

A visit to the Shiv Ghat waterfall can be quite a spiritual experience for you. You can choose to pay your obeisance to Lord Shiva at the temple located right next to the waterfall, or simply dip your feet in the small plunge pool that sits adjacent to the temple. What makes the Shiv Ghat a great tourist destination is its accessibility- there are direct buses available from major cities like Ahmedabad and Jamnagar.

Best time to visit: Anytime during June to January is a good time to visit Shiv Ghat.

  • Barda Waterfall, Chankhal

A 12-step fall located 10kms from Ahwa, the Barda Waterfall can be reached after a short trek. Surrounded by massive trees, a visit to the falls is not just about witnessing passing water; take in the view of the waterfall as it sits in the middle of a forest, with birds chirping nearby. Empty your mind as you mindfully observe the flow of the fall, and move to its calming rhythm.

Best time to visit: Monsoon is the best time to visit Barda Waterfalls as the gushing water is what makes it so spectacular. 

  • Ninai Waterfalls, Dediapada

A hidden gem inside one of the richest natural ecosystems in Gujarat, Ninai Waterfalls is the best waterfall in Gujarat for someone who is looking for a mix of adventure, peace, and family time. Part of the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Ninai Waterfalls can be reached after a short walk from the park entrance, and a 150-step descent. If you want a different perspective of this stunning element of Nature, then take the narrow trail that leads to the top of the waterfall. 

Pro tip: check out a stay at Club Mahindra Netrang resort which can act as your base for exploring the whole area, and be a comforting accommodation to come back to after a day of fun at the waterfall!

Best time to visit: Post monsoon is the best time to visit Ninai as the strength of the waterfall is most optimal and it is safer to go near the water. However, avoid going during the summer as they waterfall runs the risk of drying out.

So, next time the phrase ‘waterfall Gujarat’ comes to your mind, you know where to begin your holiday planning from, right?

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