Best Weekend Getaways Near Pune During Monsoon

If you have been long awaiting to go on a holiday in Maharashtra, with the monsoon season just around the corner, now would be a great time to visit Pune. There are plenty of awesome weekend getaways near Pune that are sure to give you an enriching monsoon holiday experience and memories that you would cherish for the rest of your lives. 

But before we list down the best weekend getaways near Pune during monsoon, we think it is paramount for you to know about this great city, its rich history and culture. 

About Pune City 

Pune, the second most popular city in Maharashtra after the ‘maximum city,’ is known by many monikers, including ‘Oxford of the East’. A historic and iconic city, Pune has been the base for the great Maratha Empire. Over the years, the city has developed into one of the most modern cities not just in Maharashtra state but also in India and has rightfully earned a metropolis status. 

Often referred to as the twin city of Mumbai, Pune is home to some of the most iconic monuments in the state, including forts built by the Maratha emperors. Besides the man-made wonders, you can also find plenty of natural beauty in Pune. As a tourist in Pune during monsoon, you would have your hands and hearts full visiting the various popular tourist spots. The getaways near Pune are a never-ending list, and no matter the type of tourist you are, you would surely find a place that suits your needs beyond your expectations. 

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Best Weekend Getaways Near Pune

1. Thoseghar Waterfalls

Distance from Pune – 135 km (approx.)

Popular attractions nearby – Kaas Plateau, Sajjangad Fort, Chalkewadi

One of India’s largest waterfalls, Thoseghar falls is located in Thoseghar village in Satara district. It is formed by many small streams that flow from Mahabaleshwar, and it consists of several falls and gushes down from a height of about 15 to 200 metres. There is a viewing gallery near the falls, and you can enjoy the beautiful view of the milky white water cascading down and the beautiful backdrop, replete with lush greenery.

So, if you are looking to go on a short trip near Pune, Thoseghar falls is an excellent spot, especially if you are a nature lover or an avid birdwatcher. Several local and migratory, including some of the rare and exotic bird species fly across the waterfalls, and seeing the colourful birds against the green cliffs is a wonderful sight! 

2. Karnala

Distance from Pune – 124 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Prabalgad Fort, Kalavantin Peak, Bot Lake

Monsoon season calls for a family holiday to embrace nature and feel connected to the natural surroundings. Besides, going out in the rain is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. If you are looking for quick weekend getaways from Pune, Karnala is a great choice. 

The drive from Pune to Karnala takes a couple of hours, and the journey through the hills is great fun and enthralling just as much as your final destination is. Once you reach Karnala, you can go on a trek to the beautiful Karnala fort. The trail to the top of the fort takes you on an exciting journey through the lush green forest of the Karnala Bird Sanctuary, which is home to several hundred species of birds. 

The trekking trail to the top of the fort is easy, yet fun and exciting, especially if it is raining. The rains present a challenge as you have to walk up the slope and the terrain is rocky. Once you reach the top of the fort, you are greeted by the most stunning panoramic views of the forest below and the hills in the distance that are decorated with many falls. 

3. Sinhagad Fort

Distance from Pune – 38 km (approx.) 

Other attractions nearby – Karla Caves, Visapur Fort, Shaniwar Wada

Singhagad is one of the best places near Pune for a weekend trip with family for more than one reason. Firstly, it is one of the most iconic forts in the country that is steeped in rich history. Secondly, the fort located on the Sahyadri Hills is an architectural wonder and reflects the brilliant work of the Maratha craftsmen. Third, the fort has been the site of many battles, most notably the Battle of Sinhagad in 1670. 

If you are a trekking enthusiast, you would definitely love visiting this fort, especially during the rainy season. The trail to the top is of intermediate level. But if you brave through the rains and make your way to the top, the scenic view will wear off all your tiredness instantly and fill your heart with peace and calm. 

4. Kolad

Distance from Pune – 120 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Kuda Caves, Ghosala Fort, Bhira Dam

When you talk about Maharashtra tourism, you may think of the popular places like Lonavala, Nashik, Mahabaleshwar, etc. But one of the hidden gems in this beautiful state is Kolad. A tiny and quaint hamlet located in the Raigad district, Kolad is endowed with bountiful natural beauty. 

Over the years, Kolad has attracted the attention of tourists from all the country and has gained a reputation for being one of the best places in India for white water rafting. So, if you are looking for weekend gateways from Pune during monsoon, Kolad would be an excellent spot to go to and enjoy the thrill of rafting. 

The river rafting is conducted over the Kundalika River that flows through the region, and during the rainy season as the river fills up to the brim, rafting becomes a popular attraction here, bringing hardcore adventure junkies from far and wide. 

Apart from river rafting, you must visit Kolad to revel in its natural beauty. It has plenty of cascading waterfalls, green meadows and of course the great Sahyadri mountain ranges that has plenty of trekking trails. The natural beauty of the place blooms during the monsoon season and since it has become a hub for adventure sports, it has earned the moniker, ‘Rishikesh of Maharashtra.’ 

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5. Alibaug

Distance from Pune – 145 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Murud-Janjira Fort, Kashid Beach, Harihareshwar 

Alibaug is a popular tourist place in Maharashtra. A peaceful coastal town, it is the go-to place for Mumbai and Pune residents to enjoy a peaceful holiday by the beach. So, if you are looking for a short trip near Pune or want to spend an elaborate holiday with your family while enjoying the rain, Alibaug is a great choice. 

Located in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, Alibaug has pristine beaches, and historical forts and caves. Besides, it offers you a chance to indulge in various activities. Whether you want to escape the city life, busy schedule and relax or want to have some fun, Alibaug will never let you down. 

Where to stay in Alibaug?

You can have a wonderful holiday experience in Alibaug by booking your stay at Club Mahindra Alibaug, one of the most premium resorts near Pune. This resort has a reputation for being one of the best family resorts in the area and boasts premium amenities that make your stay comfortable beyond your imagination and memorable! 

6. Mahabaleshwar

Distance from Pune – 120 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Pawna Lake, Panchgani, Igatpuri

Known as ‘the Queen of Hill Stations’ and ‘Land of Strawberries,’ this beautiful hill town boasts pleasant weather throughout the year and plenty of natural beauty. 

While you can visit this wonderful paradise anytime of the year, the monsoon makes Mahabaleshwar even more endearing and alluring. The arrival of the rains makes the environment here even more lively and turns the entire mountains and hills into a green oasis. 

A picture-perfect town, replete with surreal waterfalls, picturesque rivers, historical forts, ancient temples, and plenty of viewpoints, Mahabaleshwar is one of the best weekend getaways near Pune during monsoon. You can be sure to have a great time as there are plenty of things to do and many beautiful places to explore in and around the town. 

During monsoon, the greenery all around makes the town look like a fairy tale town, making it the best place to go for a relaxing holiday in the laps of nature. 

Where to stay in Mahabaleshwar?

Although Mahabaleshwar is a small town, there are many places to visit and explore here, and you may need at least 3-4 days to visit all these places. You can have the best holiday experience in Mahabaleshwar by staying in one of the most premium resorts in Mahabaleshwar offered by Club Mahindra, i.e., Club Mahindra Saj or Club Mahindra Sherwood. 

Both the resorts offer wonderful amenities and spacious rooms that make your stay comfortable and relaxing. Also, during your stay here, you get to enjoy the best dining experience and a taste of the authentic local cuisine. 

7. Panchgani

Distance from Pune – 99 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug, Igatpuri

If there is one word that describes Panchgani, it is Picturesque! A beautiful hill town located near Mahabaleshwar in Satara district, Panchgani is one of the many gems of the Sahyadri Mountain ranges. The beautiful peaks, gorgeous lakes, and alluring landscapes, makes it one of the best places to visit during monsoon near Pune. 

The short drive from Pune to Panchgani makes it an ideal place for a weekend holiday for a one-day picnic in the laps of nature. During monsoon, the entire region is covered in different shades of green you can imagine, and the refreshing showers make the landscape lively and charming than they are during the rest of the year. 

Also, during your holiday, you would have plenty of things to do that would keep your spirits up, we bet. From going on a nature walk to trekking and riding horse on the tableland, there is no dearth of fun opportunities. The cool weather and the pleasant climate in the region during the rainy season make your holiday even better!

8. Matheran

Distance from Pune – 125 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Shrivardhan Beach, Mahabaleshwar, Bhandardara

Another hill station, Matheran is one of the most picturesque weekend getaways near Pune. A monsoon-heaven, this beautiful town is located on the slopes of the Mighty Western Ghats and is known for its pollution-free and noise-free environment. Yes, this is one of the few hill stations in India where no vehicles are allowed in the main town. So, rest assured, you can have all the peace and calmness you are looking for in a holiday destination. 

Not to mention, Matheran is also endowed with plenty of natural beauty and scenic landscapes. From lush green meadows to mighty peaks kissing the clouds and majestic valleys, there are many viewpoints scattered around that allow you to marvel in nature.

9. Saputara

Distance from Pune – 297 km (approx.) 

Popular attractions nearby – Hatgadh Fort, Purna Sanctuary, Pandava Gufa, Waghai Botanical Garden

Located in Dang district, Saputara is a wonderful hill station that is known for its year-long greenery. The places receive plenty of tourists from all over Gujarat and Maharashtra due to its proximity to Pune and Mumbai. 

Many people go on a weekend holiday to Saputara to escape the city heat and chaos and when it rains, plenty of nature lovers and photography enthusiasts throng the region to revel in its natural beauty and capture the stunning sights. From wildlife to religious sites, and waterfalls, there are many places to visit in Saputara. 

One of the best things about Saputara that make it one of the best weekend getaways near Pune is that it caters to all types of tourists and people of all ages. There is no way anyone in your family will feel bored, the fresh air and the natural sights will fill your heart with utmost joy and make you feel at ease. 

Where to stay in Saputara?

You can enjoy a wonderful weekend holiday experience in Saputara by booking your stay at Club Mahindra Hatgad, one of the most premium resorts in the region. It’s convenient proximity to Saputara allows you to explore the beautiful attractions in the region without any hassles. Also, it is a perfect haven where you and your family can relax, unwind and play. 

With so many places to visit near Pune, you may feel spoilt for choice, right? But what is the fun without having to make a choice. So, choose your destination, get your booking done and enjoy a delightful holiday. A monsoon family holiday awaits you!

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