When the first light appears, the whole world changes. The sky turns soft colours like pink and gold. Trees look like dark shadows reaching out. It's like the world is stretching after a long sleep. The air feels fresh and full of possibilities. Birds join in, singing a cheerful tune.

It's a simple, beautiful start to a brand-new day, reminding us that beginnings are special and full of promise.

This is why experiencing a sunrise at the dawn of a fresh year is so special. And not just a New Year sunrise seen from anywhere in India. The first sunrise in India on the first day of the year 2024.
Yes, you read that right.

We are talking about the first sunrise of 2024 in India, which you can experience only in the Dong Valley in Arunachal Pradesh. It is a pristine expanse of lush greenery and vibrant landscapes, nestled in the north-eastern part of India.

Read on to know about the best sunrise in India and how you can experience the first sunrise of 2024.

Dong Valley - Your destination for the first sunrise in India

Dong Valley in Arunachal Pradesh is where India, China, and Myanmar meet. In this valley, there's a village called Dong Village, which is the easternmost in India. 

What makes it unique is that it's the place to see the first sunrise in India, happening as early as 4 am. While the rest of India is still asleep, Dong Village is bathed in the beautiful colours of the rising sun.

The village itself is small, with only a few houses and a handful of families. 

As the sun's rays touch the Dong Plateau, it creates a magical scene that you won't find elsewhere. The pure beauty of Dong Valley, with its peaceful landscapes and early morning charm, makes it a special place for anyone who loves nature's wonders.

How to Reach Dong Valley

Dong is in Arunachal Pradesh, near China. It's one of India's most isolated villages, but that's what makes it charming.

Here’s how you can reach Dong to see the first sunrise in India

By Air:

The most efficient way to reach Tezu is by air. Travellers can book a flight to Dibrugarh, a city with an airport that connects to various major cities. Upon landing in Dibrugarh, the journey to Tezu can be continued by hiring a cab or taking a bus to Dong. This provides a swift and convenient option for those who prefer air travel.

By Train:

For those who prefer rail travel, the nearest railway station to Dong is Tinsukia Station, located approximately 120 km away. From Tinsukia, travellers can hire a taxi or board a bus to reach Tezu. Although the train journey may take longer compared to air travel, it offers an alternative for individuals who enjoy the scenic beauty of the landscape and a more leisurely pace.

By Road:

Tezu is well-connected to major cities in Arunachal Pradesh through National Highway 52 (NH 52). Buses ply regularly on this route, providing a reliable option for those who prefer road travel. Cities like Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, and Guwahati have direct bus services to Tezu, making it accessible for travellers from different parts of the region. The road journey also allows for stops along the way to explore the surroundings and appreciate the local culture.

Trek to Catch the First Sunrise in India

To see the first sunlight in India, you need to trek 8 km because Dong isn't reachable by road. Set your alarm for 1 am, start your hike by 2 am, and endure a challenging 90-minute trek to Dong Village after a 20-minute drive from Walong.

Crossing Thrilling Hanging Bridge

Trekking with your local guide through challenging terrain, surrounded by the sounds of wildlife, crossing a thrilling hanging bridge adds excitement to your journey. The challenging terrain keeps you engaged, and the anticipation heightens as you approach a thrilling hanging bridge, introducing an exhilarating element to your expedition.

The experience of crossing the hanging bridge in the midst of the natural surroundings is not just a physical feat but also a sensory adventure. The creaking sounds, the sway of the bridge, and the panoramic views contribute to a moment of both challenge and awe.

Witness History

In the valley, while eagerly waiting for the sunrise, you'll come across something special—a bunker from the 1962 Indo-China War.

This bunker holds historical significance, taking you back to a crucial time in the area's past. Exploring it gives you a tangible connection to the region's history, offering insights into the challenges faced during that period.

Amidst the natural beauty of the landscape, the bunker stands as a silent reminder of the past, adding a unique and historical dimension to your trekking experience.

Dong Valley – Where the First Sunrise in India can be experienced

Witness the sun breaking through the clouds, driving out darkness. As the sun rises, watch the landscape light up with red-orange hues on the snow-covered peaks.

While we would encourage you to take pictures and capture the moment, spend time to experience the moment live as well. The memory of Dong's sunrise will stay with you forever. 

There’s more!

After you have experienced 2024’s first sunrise, you can still enjoy more of what Dong has to offer.  

  • Namti Plains War Memorial 

In Dong Valley, the Namti Plains War Memorial honours brave Indian soldiers who fought during the 1962 Chinese invasion at the Tiger’s Mouth. Despite challenges, soldiers from Sikh, Kumaoni, Gorkha, and Dogra regiments stood together for 22 days, and the memorial in Namti pays tribute to their sacrifices. 

  • Walong War Memorial 

Situated by the Lohit River, the Walong War Memorial remembers soldiers who gave their lives for the country. The memorial features statues of these heroes and is surrounded by a forest teeming with diverse birds and animals. 

  • Tilam 

Close to the Dong trek starting point, Tilam is a natural hot water spring. One of the country's three hot springs, Tilam is perfect for a winter visit, believed to have healing properties for allergies or skin ailments.

Witness the magic of the first sunrise of 2024 in India at Dong Valley, Arunachal Pradesh. The small village, surrounded by lush landscapes, offers a unique and historical experience. Cross thrilling hanging bridges and encounter nature's challenges.

Start your New Year with a one-of-a-kind experience!

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