Nature takes on an ethereal quality in beautiful Sikkim. The wide-open spaces and the soaring mountains add an adventurous quality to your holidays. Some of the best things to do in Sikkim are extreme opposites. The monasteries that dot the mountains offer serene avenues of meditation and contemplation, while the awesome array of exciting adventure activities gets your adrenaline pumping.

Sikkim tourism ensures that you have a memorable vacation. All the places to visit in Sikkim have a magical beauty that enthrals the beholder. Winter is the best time to visit Sikkim if the cold doesn’t bother you. But if you want to enjoy all the adventure activities on offer here, summer is the best time to visit Sikkim. Here are five unique adventures you must try when in Sikkim.

1. River Rafting on Teesta River

Teesta is a vivacious river that flows though almost all of Sikkim. River rafting on the Teesta is among the most highly recommended things to do in Sikkim. Bubbling with effervescent energy, it has varying levels of rapids on offer. It is an adventurous part of Sikkim tourism that will make you feel alive, albeit under expert professional supervision. Far away from the resorts in Sikkim, the Teesta rushes through scenic locales. The scenery zooms past as you gather speed.

The rapids will keep you busy, but you can admire the scenery in the breaks between rapids. A typical ride on the Teesta lasts anywhere between 1 to 3 hours and takes you through a series of 4 to 5 rapids along the way. The best circuit is the one that starts from Makha Town. It is 11 kilometres long. It is a fun activity for beginners as well as the thrill seekers in search of their next adrenaline rush.

2. Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

The third-highest mountain in the world dominates the skyline. Rising more than 8,000 metres high, it is unconquerable by anyone other than expert mountaineers. But its base camp is one of the most thrilling places to visit in Sikkim. It is a challenging trek that passes through some spectacular sights along the way. Spanning multiple days, the trek starts at Yuksom and takes you through Bakhim. The stunning sights along the way are awe-inspiring in their beauty, especially Rathong River.

Explore the landscape that teems with rare birds, evergreen ferns and exotic flora and fauna. Spend the nights under a starry sky. Though camping won’t be as comfortable as the resorts in Sikkim it will certainly be a memorable outing. The bright river of the Milky Way Galaxy flowing across the vast, limitless sky is one of the highlights of Sikkim tourism. Reaching the base camp of Kanchenjunga will give you a sense of being a part of something grand.

3. Cycling on the Silk Route

If the question of how to reach Sikkim worried you before your holiday, just imagine how people travelled in the old days. At a time when there were no cars or any form of mechanized transport, the Silk Route enabled trade between distant countries and carried intrepid travellers a long way across the continent. The centuries-old Silk Route still exists and passes through India. The week-long tour gives you a taste of travel as it happened in the olden days.

Such bicycle tours are well-managed by professional tour organisers who have the experience and the expertise to make it a fun and safe experience for you. They will provide you with the necessary gear, including bicycles and other essentials. You will be on the road for six days during which you will eat campfire meals and camp under the stars. If you are worried about missing the restaurants in Sikkim, you won’t. This is an unforgettable part of Sikkim tourism.

4. Caving in the North Lha-Ryi-Ning Phu

From the wide-open expanses of clear blue sky your next adventure of Sikkim tourism will take you into the spiritual womb of the North Lha-Ryi-Ning Phu. This is a spiritually important place of worship for the locals who also call it the ‘Cave of God’. Underground caving is a relatively unexplored adventure activity in India. This is your chance to experience something new and exciting. The North Lha-Ryi-Ning Phu is one of the four major holy caves in the region.

But it is considered to be the holiest among them. It is a complex of seven caves, each one dedicated to a different God or Goddess. Add that element of spiritualism to your caving expedition, and you get a unique adventure that you may never get to experience again, unless you come back for more. As with everything else in Sikkim tourism, your caving expedition will be an experience you will remember for a lifetime. Go forth fearlessly and explore!

5. Yak Safari

We have saved the most fun experience for the last. Riding this hairy beast of the Himalayas is the culmination of everything that makes your holiday to Sikkim a quirky adventure. Their great bulk belies their gentle nature making them the perfect vehicles to explore the scenic environs of the Tsomgo Lake. If you ever wondered how to reach Sikkim, have you thought how the yaks got here? Sikkim tourism is a treasure trove of such unconventional experiences. Cherish them.

The Yak Safari can take you to different places around Lake Tsomgo. One of the biggest attractions along the way is the food stalls that serve up steaming-hot fare to fuel your explorations. These delicious offerings can easily compete with any of the restaurants in Sikkim with their delicious taste. We recommend the spicy momos and masala Maggi to satiate your pangs of hunger. It is a unique experience to explore the beauty of Sikkim from atop the huge beast.

Sikkim tourism is a bagful of joy that will enthral you with its stupendous beauty, unexplored mysteries, and exciting escapades. Pack your bags and book your Club Mahindra holiday to explore adventure.

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