Want to leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind? Do you wish you could switch off your phone for that much-needed digital detox and experience nature in all its glory? Are you prepared to get mesmerised by a staggering variety of birds while riding on the back of gentle giants? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then it is time for you to explore the wilderness of Kanha in Madhya Pradesh.

The Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha National Park is renowned as the abode of the Royal Bengal tiger. Interestingly, the forests of Kanha inspired Rudyard Kipling to write “The Jungle Book”! Let us look at 8 adventurous things to do in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh.

1. Wildlife Safari

2. Elephant Safari

3. Kanha Museum

4. Night Safari

5. Nature Trails for Nature Lovers

6. Trekking

7. Village Visit

8. Camping

1. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari

Kanha is well-known for its exciting wildlife safaris. You can book the safari tickets online or check with the Club Mahindra Resort reception desk about the booking of tickets. You can rely on Club Mahindra to help you deal with the booking charges, park rates and guide fees etc. Just check out the Club Mahindra Reviews online to find out about the experiences of our happy guests! Also, remember to check the rules for entering select areas. The national park of Kanha has areas restricted to visitors. The government of Madhya Pradesh follows strict rules while allowing the wildlife safari at the national park. The Kanha Tiger Reserve has four zones, namely, Kisli, Kanha, Mukki, and Sarhi. The safari is only open from 1st October to 30th June and is closed on Wednesday evenings. The wildlife safari is conducted on a jeep, and the timings are as follows.


Morning Safari

Afternoon Safari

16th October to 15th February

Daybreak to 11:00 AM

02:00 PM to Sunset

16th February to 15th April

Daybreak to 11:00 AM

03:00 PM to Sunset

16th April to 30th June

Daybreak to 10:00 AM

03:30 PM to Sunset

However, it is a good idea to check the timings before you embark on the wild safari.

Located in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh, the famed land of tigers, Kanha Kisli National Park is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The Kanha Tiger Reserve is home to 60 Royal Bengal tigers, and there is a sizeable population of leopards as well. You will find rare animals like Indian wild dog, swamp deer, Indian bison, barasingha, and sloth bear. Do note that feeding any animal is restricted here. Also, do not disturb the animals or try to seek their attention. The idea behind visiting the national park is to observe the wild animals in their natural habitat quietly.

The national park is spread across an area of 940 square kilometres and is one of the largest in Central India. It stretches till the neighbouring Phench Sanctuary, which has an area of 110 square kilometres. Together, Kanha and Pench form the Kanha Tiger Reserve. Kanha Tiger Reserve is the exclusive territory of the Royal Bengal tiger. The tall and thick forest full of sal trees, the bamboo plants with grassy patches and the gorge of Kanha make it one of the most breathtakingly beautiful forests. Animals like spotted deer or chital, sambar deer, and wild boar are the prey of the tigers.

Kanha National Park is also famous for a fantastic variety of deer like Barasingha, swamp deer, spotted deer, sambar, and blackbuck. The majestic Barasingha is a sight to behold. This deer stands tall with its beautiful 12-tined massive head of antlers. You and your family will be thrilled to spot other rare animal species like the black-faced gray langur, sambar deer, and the spotted deer. Kanha National Park is a wonderland of birds too. It is known for a variety of birds such as the plum-headed parakeet, Indian roller, and yellow-wattled lapwing.

2. Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari

A paradise of mesmerising flora and fauna, Kanha National Park is one of the topmost tourist attractions in Madhya Pradesh. The magical Satpura range of mountains is home to rich flora and fauna. It is a region that is perfect for all types of adventurous tours through the wilderness. You and your family will be thrilled to witness the great array of wild animals, plants, birds, reptiles, and trees including rare and beautiful flowers.

It is indeed a fantastic opportunity to observe the untouched beauty of Kanha National Park on the back of an elephant. Exploring the sprawling and expansive national reserve of the Royal Bengal tiger makes for an unforgettable experience. Taking a ride on the back of affectionate and gentle elephants promises to be a royal experience that will create the most beautiful memories for you and your loved ones. The panoramic view is utterly mesmerising.

An elephant ride here is safe and is one of the most fun-filled things to do in Madhya Pradesh. The comfortable and enjoyable elephant safari takes the visitors into areas where a jeep cannot reach. The Madhya Pradesh government organises a special programme for the visitors called the Tiger Show Programme. This is done after the group has sighted a tiger- they are then taken close to the tiger for 10-15 minutes before they return. You and your family can enjoy the thrill of this unique experience if you go for the morning safari. Make sure that you book elephant safaris at least a month in advance and also seek official permission in writing from the Field Director of the park.

3. Kanha Museum

Kanha Museum

Kanha is synonymous with its vibrant flora, fauna and culture. One of the most enjoyable activities that you can plan while at Kanha is a visit to the Museum of Life and Art. This one-of-a-kind museum is set amidst the mesmerising variety of flora and fauna of the Kanha national park. It exhibits the beautiful indigenous art of the people of Madhya Pradesh, whose stunning and rare artworks get much-needed recognition at this museum. Visitors at Kanha make it a point to pay a visit to this museum as it is one of the best things to do in Kanha. The appreciation and patronage received by the tourists encourage the artisans to continue their initiative.

The museum uses natural lighting during the day time and also relies on solar power. One of the most exclusive things to do in Madhya Pradesh is to explore this museum. The museum is a fantastic example of environmentally sustainable initiatives that preserve the indigenous art and culture. The indigenous art forms depict the vivid aspects of wilderness and the human experience. The strikingly attractive artwork in vivid colours immediately captures your attention. The indigenous artists create the totem poles, artefacts of bamboo, sculptures of wood and terracotta, and murals that are displayed at the museum.

The exquisite Gond paintings are a form of artwork originating from the Gond tribe in Madhya Pradesh. These paintings are famous worldwide, and each painting displays masterful artistry replete with intricate details. The bright colours used in the paintings enliven the motifs of trees, animals, flowers, persons, houses, and forces of nature. The harmonious coexistence of the tribal people with the wildlife is depicted in the Gond paintings. The majestic tiger is a prominent feature in many paintings of the Bhil and Gond tribe.

The tribals worship the tiger and consider the majestic animal the guardian of the forest. Many paintings also feature the snake as a symbol of mother earth. Bada Deo, Marahi Devi, and Phulvari Devi are the Gods and Goddesses of the tribal people and are painted in vivid colours. Some of the most memorable things to do in Kanha is looking at the mesmerising artwork in this museum.

You don’t have to worry about your kids being bored at this museum, either. If they’re not particularly fond of looking at artworks, there’s a section that has the skeleton of various animals and reptiles that will surely fascinate them. If you visit this tourist place in Kanha during the evening, you can also treat your children to the popular light and sound show that they will surely love!

4. Night Safari

Night Safari

One of the most fun-filled, exciting and adventurous things to do at Kanha is planning a night safari. A night safari at the Kanha National Park is arranged in the Khatia buffer zone. It is a great activity you can experience with your family and friends.

Make sure you have knowledgeable guides and the necessary permissions before setting out on a night safari. As a matter of precaution, flashlights and any other kind of lights are not allowed to be used during the safari. The night safari helps you witness the wilderness after the sun goes down. At times, the natural moonlight brings out some interesting details of the life of the nocturnal creatures. It is recommended you listen to your guide carefully and understand the exciting aspects of wildlife in the dark. Children enjoy the thrilling and educational experience of the night safari. This is usually conducted from 7 PM to 10 PM, and tickets are available only at the park gate. You can book the tickets on the day you want to go for the safari, but it is advisable to call a day ahead and check their availability.

5. Nature Trails for Nature Lovers

Nature trails

The nature trails at Kanha National Park attract scores of nature lovers. It one of the most thrilling things to do in Kanha and is an excellent option if you want to explore the forests and wildlife on foot. You will be guided by a wildlife expert who will offer some fantastic information about the wild animals, flora, insects and birds as you walk through the jungle. You will be instructed to not create any disturbance and not leave the company of your group and your guide.

Nature trails are organised in the Khatia zone of the park. It is an exciting and informative activity that you must plan with your loved ones, and just two hours of exploring nature will leave you rejuvenated. It is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Madhya Pradesh.

Kanha National Park is also home to an incredible variety of species such as the Royal Bengal tiger, chital, leopard, barking deer, sambar, langur, sloth bear, gaur, chousingha, Indian jackal, and the jungle cat.

Kanha National Park is home to the state animal of Madhya Pradesh, the hard-ground barasingha, or the ‘Gem of Kanha’. Through consistent conservation efforts, it has been taken off the endangered animals list. While here, you will see the bushy-tailed dholes as well. You will also see the gorgeous blackbucks that have recently been reintroduced here.

Kanha also hosts around 300 species of breathtakingly beautiful resident as well as migratory birds. You will spot birds like cattle egrets, lesser adjutant stork, white-eyed buzzard, lesser whistling teal, little grebes, steppe eagle, Indian roller, bee-eaters, Indian paradise flycatcher, Indian grey hornbill, black ibis, drongos, common teal, peafowl, kingfishers and the crested serpent eagle among others.

You can also spot reptiles such as the Indian krait, python, Russell’s viper, the Indian monitor and the common skink. The deciduous forest attracts a lot of botanists throughout the year who study some of the unique and beautiful trees like sal, lendia, mahua, saja, tendu, dhawa, bamboo and palash. Kanha is also home to the sendhoor tree and kulu tree.

6. Trekking


Along with its collection of animals, Kanha is also home to a wide variety of trees and birds. Some popular trees that can be found here include the Mahua, Sal, Bamboo, Indian Ghost Tree (Kullu), Lendia, Aonla, Palas, and others. Some commonly found birds of Kanha are the Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Jungle Babbler, Eurasian Blackbird, and others. There are also a number of trails for trekking here. As you go trekking with your kids, be sure to spot some of these. To enhance this experience, the Club Mahindra Kanha resort offers the services of naturalist.

7. Village Visit

Village Visit

The villages in India are full of rich and vibrant culture. There are almost 155 villages located in the national park’s buffer zone. The houses here are decorated with beautiful tribal paintings that make for good photographs. It is also a good place to teach your children about village life and the local culture of the area. The Club Mahindra resort in Kanha offers guide for this purpose.

8. Camping


Get closer to nature as you and your family spend a night camping under the stars. Kanha is a great choice for camping out in the wilderness. Sing songs around the fire or tell each other interesting stories. After dinner, huddle up together in your tent. Here is a detailed Kanha tourism guide to know more about things to do & places to visit in Kanha during family vacation.

Best Time to Visit Kanha

The best time to visit Kanha are the months from October to June. Many national parks in central India remain closed during the holidays for Diwali and Holi. For tiger lovers, summertime is the best period to visit the Kanha National Park.

How to Reach Kanha

The nearest airport to Kanha is at Jabalpur which is 160km away. The nearest railway stations are at Jabalpur and Gondia (145km). By road, the national park is about a five-hour drive away from Raipur and around six hours away from Nagpur.

Where to Stay in Kanha, Madhya Pradesh 

As you can see, there are innumerable things to do in Kanha! On your trip, stay at the Club Mahindra Kanha Resort. The resort offers comfortable and spacious rooms with a host of modern amenities. The plush resort in Kanha has an in-house restaurant where you and your family can relish the delectable local cuisine of Madhya Pradesh. The delicious affair will satisfy your cravings for fresh and organic food when holidaying in this beautiful state. Plan your adventure trip to Kanha to enjoy the incredible wildlife and abundant flora. You can also read Club Mahindra reviews online to read the opinions of various guests before you make a booking.

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