National parks have an unmatched charm of their own. You can hardly compare the experience of visiting a national park with anything else that you see around as a tourist. The Kanha National Park elevates this experience to an altogether new level. It is one of the most popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

The Kanha National Park is one of the largest in India. It also boasts of the highest tiger density among all the national parks in the country. Indeed, it is one of those national parks where you can catch glimpses of the imposing Royal Bengal Tiger. Seen enough of the forest? Spend some time in Raneh Falls and Bamni Dadar and enjoy nature. There is a lot to explore and enjoy near Kanha National Park.

Whether you love being immersed in natural surroundings, photographing wildlife in its natural cover or soaking in the historical significance of tourist destinations, you can satiate your soul here. Kanha in Madhya Pradesh is packed with attractions that impress all and sundry. There are many resorts in Kanha too. Though the Kanha National Park enthralls the minds of visitors, there are a lot of other things that you can see, experience and enjoy here.

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Below are places to visit in Kanha during family vacation

  • Kanha National Park
  • Kanha Museum
  • Mandla
  • Kawardha Palace
  • Amarkantak
  • Jabalpur
  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Bamni Dadar
  • Panchmari
  • Panna National Park

1. Kanha National Park 

Kanha National park

The Kanha National Park, a part of the Project Tiger initiative of the Government of India, is spread over an area of 940 square kilometres. It is one of the largest parks in India and has a sizeable population of the majestic royal Bengal tigers. The park has become the epitome of conservation of nature through the authorities’ untiring effort at saving the Barasingha deer from extinction. This is also why it is one of the best managed national parks of Asia.

The award-winning documentary 'Land of the Tigers' by National Geographic Channel was also shot here. Although it is famous for its Royal Bengal tiger population, it also hosts several wild dogs, leopards, Barasingha, blackbuck, chital, sambar and other animals. If you are in Kanha, a safari is a must-do activity here. It will surely leave you thrilled and enthralled.

The park is also famous for its plants and trees. There are more than 70 species of trees and 200 species of plants in the park. The symphony of colours orchestrated by different species of flowers is an added attraction here. The blend of trees like sal, kullu, saja, tendu, bamboo, dhawa, mahua, achar, bija, aonla etc. make a green canopy over vast areas of the forest. The forest is so big that it can be divided into two parts - the lowland forest and the highland forests.

A visit to Kanha National Park is at its most beautiful from October to April when you have a high chance of sighting some big cats and other animals.

2. Kanha Museum

Kanha Museum

Visiting the Kanha Museum is an integral part of an excursion to Kanha National Park. It is a significant tourist attraction in the Kanha National Park. The museum is managed by the Forest Department. Here, you can get ample information about the park and its animals. It is a large museum exhibiting skeletons of various reptiles, carnivores, and other animals. You can also get some interesting insights into animals and their behaviour. If you are interested in the history of this place, you can get it here quite comprehensively. There are specimens, charts, models and photographs that offer a detailed insight into the food pyramid prevalent in this forest. The sound show held in the museum in the evenings can be an enchanting experience too.

3. Mandla

Located at a distance of about 35 kilometres from the Kanha National Park, Mandla is known for its forts, temples and bounties of nature. It is one of the most popular tourist places near Kanha National Park. It is a town located on the banks of Narmada River.

However, it is more than just a town by the riverside; it is surrounded by the river on three sides. That imparts the town with ample natural beauty. The catchment area of the river and its tributaries abound in forest cover accentuate the beauty of the place. What makes it an enthralling destination though is not just the forest cover or the river; it is the ensemble of all these along with the historical forts and temples.

The famous fort in Mandla was built during the reign of the Gond Kingdom. The fort is surrounded by the Narmada River on three sides at a strategic location. You can feel the medieval vibe of the monument as you enter it.

There is also a hot water spring in Mandla, at a distance of about 20 kilometres from the town. The sulphur-rich and hot water of this spring is said to be beneficial for skin diseases. There is also a beautiful lake nearby.

At a distance of about 5 kilometres from Mandla town lies Sahastradhara. The significance of this place lies in the fact that here the Narmada splits into several grey and white streams and flows through the limestone and basalt rocks creating a symphony of colours. It is an incredible experience to watch these coloured streams drifting and bouncing along. There is also an old temple here dedicated to Lord Shiva.

4. Kawardha Palace

At Raipur in Chattisgarh, at a distance of about 91 kilometres from the Kanha National Park, you can find the majestic Kawardha Palace. This sprawling monument of absolute luxury is spread over an area of 11 acres surrounded by a green canopy. The palace is built with imported Italian marble and stone. The splendid façade of this imposing and sprawling two-storied palace is visible from a distance. However, it is not just the palace, but also the ambience around the palace that makes this place such an enchanting destination. You can get a panoramic view of the Maikal Hill Range from here.

What is truly exciting is that you can stay in this beautiful palace as it has been converted into a heritage hotel. So, if the expenses are not much of a concern, make sure to spend at least a night here. You can soak in a lifetime of experience of the royal life. You can enjoy all the luxuries that you would expect of a modern hotel. The royal patronage accentuates that experience. There is also an evening bar here which doubles up as a library.

5. Amarkantak


At a distance of about 159 kilometres from Kanha National Park lies Amarkantak, one of the most significant places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. It is a place with abundant natural heritage where you can find a variety of plants with medicinal properties and experience many more exciting activities.

It is famous as the origin of three rivers – Narmada, Johila and Sone. The Dudh Dhara Waterfalls is another charming attraction of Amarkantak. The waterfall gets its name from the foaming water that resembles milk. There is an ancient Lord Shiva temple here the locals refer to as Pataleshwar Mahadev Temple, which is believed to be established during the reign of the Kalchuri Dynasty. The Narmada Udgam Temple celebrates the origin of the river Narmada. The temples display attractive architectural nuances.

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6. Jabalpur


Approximately 164 kilometres from Kanha National Park, you will find Jabalpur, often referred to as the soul of Madhya Pradesh and one of the most popular places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

It is a city that boasts of marble mountains. On a moonlit night, the changing colours of the imposing marble mountains and the crisscrossing Narmada River can cast a magical spell on visitors. It is indeed an exciting and enriching experience.

However, it is not just the marble mountains that make Jabalpur an exciting destination to visit. The Madan Mahal Fort, Dhuandhar Waterfalls, Dumna, Bhedaghat etc. are some of the other enchanting places that tourists love visiting when in the city.

Amarnath also has an abundance of spiritual attractions. This includes the thousand-year-old Chausath Yogini Temple, the Gwarighat Gurudwara on the bank of the river, the Kanchnar Temple housing a 76-feet tall statue of Lord Shiva and more.

Dhuandhar Falls is one of the most popular places in Jabalpur. This cascading and misty waterfall offers a bewitching sight to behold. The site also boasts of some historic forts and museums like the Madan Mahal Fort, Rani Durgawati Museum etc. It is the ensemble of all these sights and experiences that make Jabalpur, the third largest city in Madhya Pradesh, an enchanting place to visit.

7. Bandhavgarh National Park 

Bandhavgarh National Park

Around 215 kilometres from Kanha National Forest is another beautiful natural spot – the Bandhavgarh National Park. Your experience of the flora and fauna of Madhya Pradesh will be incomplete without a visit to this park. It is one of the most exciting places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

The forest is spread over an area of 105 kilometres, and while taking a tour of the jungle in a jeep or on an elephant, you might even encounter some majestic Royal Bengal tigers. The roar of this big, majestic cat will give you goosebumps. There is a wide variety of flora and fauna in the park spread across its different topographical niches. This brilliant combination of topography and flora attracts visitors in large numbers to the park. The place also offers some opportunities for shopping in the Bandhavgarh market. Apart from that, you can trek to the Bandhavgarh Fort, do some sightseeing at the Bamera Dam, and also seek blessings of Devi Jwalamukhi at the Jwalamukhi Temple.

8. Bamni Dadar

Bamni Dadar, which is about 275 kilometres from Kanha National Forest is a bewitching sunset point. In fact, the place is known as the best sunset point in Kanha. It is located at one of the highest positions in the plateau and offers a stunning view of the forest.

The Bamni Dadar is one of the most scenic places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. Watching the sun setting in the horizon and getting under the canopy of trees is an enchanting experience. There is a place here that is known as the take-off region. During the Raj, the British used to fly their aircraft from here for a bird-eye view of the Kanha National Park. Standing on top of the plateau, you may also catch glimpses of spotted deer, barking deer, Indian bison etc.

9. Panchmari


A tour of Madhya Pradesh and Kanha is incomplete without visiting Panchmarhi, a hill station near Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh. Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Satpura’, Pachmarhi is nestled in the lap of the Satpura mountain range.

This vibrant, naturally endowed nook of nature offers everything that a weary city dweller can ask for. It is one of the most enchanting places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. The area is surrounded by the splendid beautiful Satpura mountain ranges, scenic waterfalls and spots, rock paintings, and ancient Buddhist-era caves. It is indeed the solitaire of Madhya Pradesh delightfully perched on the lap of Satpura hills radiating an aura that is unique to it.

10. Panna National Park

Bamni Dadar

Even after an exhaustive tour of Kanha National Park, you cannot get enough of Madhya Pradesh. Wildlife is innate to this state; you need to continue exploring. Panna National Park, located at a distance of 315 kilometres from Kanha National Park, is rich in wildlife much akin to Kanha. It hosts some of the most diverse species of wildlife like leopards, tigers, wolves, sloth bears, antelopes, hyenas etc.

Panna is known as Tiger Land. There also are several reptiles and various plants and trees that bestow the ideal wildlife vibe. The forest also boasts of over 200 species of migratory birds. In essence, the Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most beautiful jungles you can visit.

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