India is currently in Week 2 of the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, and most people are finding the going tough by staying home all day

The Coronavirus disease has confined all of us to our homes. India is currently in Week 2 of the 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, and most people are finding the going tough by staying home all day. Thus, they turn to their mobile phones to connect with the world and keep themselves occupied. But looking at the same old apps is really boring. Here are our recommendations for apps to download and keep yourself busy at home during the Covid-19 lockdown:

#1 Google Opinion Rewards.

Google Opinion Rewards

This is an amazing app to while away the time and make money answering questions. The Google Opinion Rewards app gives you store credit when you answer surveys. Surveys are sent once a week, or twice, depending on the app’s pre-decided ‘viral’ times of the year. Don’t worry – you don’t have to answer questions on history or math. The questions are based on places and things you have seen or know about. It is a good way to build credit, which you can then use to purchase films, e-books and paid apps.

#2 Fite


This one is like Netflix for curated MMA, boxing and wrestling content. You can watch the combat sport of your choice with this app. Pick from All Elite Wrestling, UFC, Muay Thai championships and so much more. Even the top wrestling and boxing matches around the world are available on this free app. But you must order each event that you wish to watch and there is often a ‘queue’ for big ticket events.

#3 Ablo


Social distancing and home quarantining during these Covid-19 outbreak is necessary – but it is tough for outgoing extroverts to stay confined to the house for days on end. You have WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, but you wish to connect with new people. Ablo helps you do just that – connect with people like yourself from around the world, without worrying about communicating with those who don’t speak the same language as you do. The app offers real time translation in both video and text calls. The app allows multiple chats, and you can even compete against other for in-app challenges.

#4 Nwsty


There is so much news floating around you, and so little time to absorb it all. Wading through a lot of WhatsApp forwards masquerading as news is also tough. But why miss out from important happenings from around the world? Nwsty is a news app that works on the principle of speed reading – you get about 10 important daily headlines and a synopsis of the news to go with it. So you don’t spend too much time reading the news, nor do you have to look at different news apps for your daily fix of information.

#5 Soundcloud


You probably already have music app like Amazon Music or Spotify on your phone. But what do you do when you wish to listen to little-known artistes, or tracks that are not available on mainstream music apps? You download Soundcloud, of course. This app does not have ads and there are no subscription fees either. It has all the new music, primarily from the West, and you can listen to all its offerings (except for pro versions) for free. Apart from music, there are many interesting podcasts on here as well.

We recommend reading up on the Coronavirus preventive measures every day to stay updated about the virus, number of new cases, and how you can stay safe at home.

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