Travelling with a toddler is a special experience in many ways. The beautiful pictures you may click during your holiday with the little one in your arms will make for the best memories of a lifetime. Also, when you travel with your child, they get exposure to new sights, sounds and faces, which helps inculcate a sense of adventure in them. It also, in a way, prepares them to become adaptable to new environments from an early age. 

If you plan a vacation with a toddler, you must be aptly prepared for different situations to keep your little happy and comfortable throughout the trip. When your toddler is happy, you can enjoy the journey and have a pleasant experience. 

If you have no prior experience travelling with a child, and are looking for tips for travelling with kids, we have your back. We list some of the best tried and tested tips that will surely make your vacation relaxing and fun for you and your toddler. 

  • Travel light
  • Have a fixed plan
  • Carry all the essentials
  • Be Alert always
  • Enjoy regardless
  • Get Club Mahindra Resort Escapes Membership

Travel Light 

Travel Light

One of the best tips for travelling with a toddler is to carry light. While you may have to carry your toddler all the time, the last thing you would want on your trip is carrying excessive baggage and struggling to manage both. So, leave out the unnecessary items and take only the absolute essentials. 

For example, if your baby is using diapers, you can carry the necessary supplies for 1-2 days while you are on the move, rest you can purchase more when you arrive at your destination. Remember, many everyday-use items like slippers, towels, and toiletries are available at your place of stay, especially if you are staying at the Club Mahindra Resorts. So, you can leave such items and lighten the baggage. 

Have a Fixed Plan

While travelling with kids, it is best to make a daily plan and try sticking to it. You can prepare your itinerary smartly in a way that the best experiences of the best places to visit at your destination are scheduled close to your baby's sleeping time. 

If your child is cranky due to sleepiness or hunger, you may miss out on getting a good experience of seeing the most scenic locale. So, have a fixed plan to have the best experience. 

Carry the Baby Essentials

Carry the baby essentials

While travelling with kids, ensure you carry all the baby essentials with you, especially while you are on the move. If you are travelling a long distance by train or flight, ensure that you have stocked up enough finger food for the baby to tackle their hunger pangs. This will ensure that the toddler remains in a cheerful mode and does not throw tantrums. 

Be Alert Always

Be Alert Always

While travelling with your toddler, you must always be on your toes and keep an eye on your little bundle of joy. You must be aware of their safety as toddlers have a tendency to wander off, and this can be a nightmare if you are in an unknown and unfamiliar place. 

Enjoy Regardless 

Enjoy regardless

The main idea of going on a family holiday is to have fun, spend quality time with your loved ones, and return feeling refreshed with loads of happy memories. So, make sure that you plan all the tricky details well beforehand so that you can be 'in the moment' and give your child the necessary attention while having fun of your own.

Get a Resort Escapes Membership offered by Club Mahindra

Club Mahindra, one of India's leading hospitality brands, offers many memberships that make travelling fun and memorable for all. One such membership plan tailor-made for travel enthusiasts with a toddler is the Resort Escapes plan

It is a unique one-year membership plan that allows you to take seven nights and eight days of holiday once a year. You can either use all the days in a single holiday or split them into two holidays at any time of the year at your convenience. 

With the membership, you can stay at 35+ premium resorts across India and access 300+ partner hotels. Thus, no matter wherever you go, you can be sure to enjoy comfortable accommodation with spacious rooms featuring modern amenities. This is a basic requirement, as your little one would have plenty of space to wander around freely and be playful. 

Besides, the membership allows you to enjoy 1000+ unique experiences specially designed for you and your family members. These experiences allow you to bond with your family members while having fun. Not to mention, wherever you stay, the CM resorts have special activities for kids that keep them busy, allows them to explore their creative mind and at the same time have fun.

During your stay at the premium resorts in Indiaoffered by Club Mahindra, you can be sure to have great fun and enjoy new experiences alone and with your child. So, now that you are aware of the various tips to travel with your toddler, use them to your advantage and have a happy vacation!

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